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Naagarjun 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankchurn/Rajveer brainwashes Noorie against Arjun that he is not the same like he looks. Noorie leaves. Mohini comes and praises him that he did good job. Rajveer says soon he will develop somuch hatred in Noorie’s mind for Arjun that she will become his enemy.

Arjun goes to kitchen in the morning and calls maa. Yashoda asks if he needs something. He says sorry. She asks him for what. She says she knows for yesterday’s misbehavior, she knows he cannot misbehave with her, it was not him yesterday and he does not know why he misbehaved like that. She asks what happened yesterday. He says he does not want them to be in trouble and him become burden on them. She says she is his mother and asks again what happened. He shouts angrily nothing happened, then calms down and

apologizes again. She insists again. He shouts again and leaves. Tina enters and he pushes her and leaves. Tina asks Yashoda what happened, she can tell her.

Arjun with Tina then meets Aslam and tells him about fire spitting monster Agneye and Tara. Aslam says he must have dreamt and even Tina saw fire spitting monster. Tina says she saw Arjun between fire but did not see any monster. Aslam says Arjun heis dreaming, thats all. Arjun says even Rajveer showed him future and he is worried about Noorie. Aslaam says what will Noorie do, she is helpless and does not have any option than marrying Rajveer, at least he had option of telling Noorie how much he loves her. Arjun asks why did he say Noorie is helpless and shouts. Aslam tells what Noorie told. Arjun shouts Noorie is in trouble and pushes Aslam. Tina stops him and says she will listen to him. He gets Noorie’s message and leaves.

Arjun meets Noorie and says he wants to tell her about Shankchurn and his mom. Shankcurn comes and asks what he wants to say. Noorie asks him if he met dad on amavasya night. Arjun says yes, but truth is different, he will tell in detail. She shouts to tell yes or no, thats all. He says yes. She shouts even then he came and asked her about papa. Arjun tries to speak, but Shankchurn warns him from behind. Noorie shouts her papa had problem with him, so he killed papa. Arjun says this is not truth and she cannot allege him. She shouts he made her orphan, even he will lose his dear ones, Rajveer has proof against him, even then he kept quiet. Rajveer says he wanted Arjun to come and tell truth to Noorie. Noorie shouts he will not, he is orphan and does not know family values, his adopted parents will be in a shock if they will know their son is a murderer. He says she thinks he is world’s most bad man. She says yes and snatches locket from his neck and says like she lost everything, even he will lose everthing and will hate himself. Arjun sadly sees her leaving with Shakchurn. Arjun looks at locket on floor and reminisces Noorie’s words.

At night, Shankchurn comes to Noorie’s room, finds her sleeping, sleeps next to her, clicks selfie and sends it to Arjun. Arjun at home still looks at locket and reminisces Noorie’s words. He receives Rajveer’s message and thinks though Noorie does not believe him or not, he will protect her.

Precap: Arjun tells Aslam that Noorie’s life is in danger, they have to make her elope at any cost. Shankchurn tells Mohini and Nagmaya that to win over Arjun, they have powerful weapon Noorie. Arjun reaches there and hears Nagmaya telling Shankchurn and Mohini apart from 3 of them, there one more snake here.

Update Credit to: MA

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