Naadan dil (ragsanlak) epi 1

Hello, thank you everyone for your amazing support. mk I cant promise to give three updates a week but I will definitely try .so here goes..

A long road was shown in the evening time .a car comes with steady speed.
A handsome young man was driving it .he was wearing goggles he just takes them off his eyes were depicting his stress. Obviously he has been driving from Kolkata to Mumbai . he looks to his side .a beautiful girl of 20 was sitting next to him her angelic face was definition to innocence.she is none other than our ragini .she was sleeping peacefully with her head rested on the window panel of the car.
She was also looking very tired due to journey.Laksh smiles at her.
They were on their way to start their new life. Raglak are in relationship for over a year now. Ragini left her family to stay with laksh .laksh got a job in Mumbai and it was a very good opportunity for him to grow and ragini did not want to stay away from him.there is another reason for this.she belonged to an orthodox family and always wanted to live on her own.Her sister Kavya (Played by Jennifer winget ) Gadodia has left the house long back to live on her terms and ragini always wanted to be like her sister ,happy and independent.
Her phone started ringing,and she woke up like snow white who woke from deep sleep.she attends the call..It was Kavya’s call
Ragini: hello di.
Kavya: hai baccha so how is it with you boyfriend.

Everyone at ragini’s house thought she is going to Mumbai to study one knows that she is in love with laksh except for Kavya.
Ragini: di. Everything is good we are still on the way.
Kavya: really you should be home by now.By the way its very costly there in Mumbai .where you are staying.Do you need money?
Ragini: don’t worry.we will be staying in laksh’s friends house.
Kavya: laksh’s friend ? What is his name? does he look good?
Ragini looked at laksh and he questioned her through eyes.
Ragini held her phone in her hand.
Ragini: laksh what is your friend’s name?
Laksh smiles and muttered
Laksh: sanskar.

Unknowingly a small smile crept on ragini’s face due to this name.she was not aware of it.
before ragini could answer
Kavya: wow sanskar its such a cute name.hope he is hot
ragini: di?
Kavya: what ragu imagine na.if he is good looking and me and him together and we four staying together.
Ragini: shut up di…
Kavya: what? Hey don’t tell me his name itself swept you off your feet.
Ragini: no matter what no one can give me those feelings except for laksh
Kavya laughed
Kavya: I was kidding baccha take care and call me when you reach.
Ragini: ok di love you.bye.
Ragini looked at laksh who was driving.
Ragini(in mind): hmm sanskar …SANSKAR. What a traditional name .laksh said he is his cousin cum he good hearted like laksh. laksh said he is a this why I am feeling uneasy when di said she she might fall in love with him.?ofcourse these rockstars have all sort of bad habits.well these rockstars have ample number of girlfriends.he must be good looking he good looking? .well whatever he is he will be just my roommate.
Ragini: laksh why cant we stay somewhere else?

Laksh: no ragu we are just settling we cant afford Mumbai prices .If you are worried about sanskar, don’t worry he comes home late night and in morning he is usually asleep. so no worries. waise he is really good.
Ragini smiled nervously.
Ragini: are we going home anytime sooner now its almost night now.
Obviously she was tired(it is definitely long drive from Kolkata to mumbai)
Laksh smiled at her.
Laksh: we are not going home we are going to the pub.
Ragini shrinked her eyes in confusion.
Laksh: to sanskar.he has the keys.
Ragini nods in understanding but unknown to her she was feeling real weird about meeting him.
At Pheonix pub(the name I invented) it was quite unusual site for ragini to find the pub so crowded that too with many girls.all of them not more than her age.
Laksh noticed her expression
Laksh: this is sanskar’s charm, all these girls are crazy about him..he is really a good singer.
Ragini nods.
They enter the pub.
Laksh: ragini just wait here I will be right back.
Ragini: ok.

She was feeling nervous.she looked around for an empty chair and moved towards it . but due to the crowd she collided with a person and the drinks that she carried fell all over the waitress.for namesake she was waitress but her elegance and beauty was beyond comparision.but its Mumbai boss it can do anything.
Ragini: I am so sorry.
Waitress: Its okay.this usually happens
She said with a smile.
Ragini: what?
Waitress: yes these fans of flickers usually do this .
Ragini: flickers?
Waitress: our music band.
Ragini understood she was talking about sanskar and his group and she was no ways interested to listen about him.
Waitress: are you new here?
Ragini: how do you know.
waitress: well almost everyone in the city knows flickers and you don’t that means either you are deaf or you are don’t seem deaf so you are new.
Ragini lied this easy going girl .
Ragini: nice meeting you.
Waitress: me too what would you like to have.
Ragini: orange juice? I am over there.
She points to the chair.waitress nods with smile.
Ragini moves towards the chair.
She sits there nervously.
A girl: oh man I wish he comes soon.

Another girl: seriously I will definitely take his auto graph.
Girl: seriously hope he looks at us today.
Ragini nodded her head with disbelief .
Man: can I sit here.
Ragini looks at him.
He was astonishingly handsome and too hot.
Ragini nods.
He : Hai.
Ragini: hello.
He: I am sahil.(played by sahil of swaragini)
He forwards his hand.
Ragini shakes her hand.
Sahil: you are beautiful.
Ragini was feeling uncomfortable suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.
She was scared but to her relief it was laksh.
Laksh: got the keys ragu. Are u okay?
Ragini nods her head taking deep breath
Laksh was with someone a guy of 25 years old.
Ragini: sanskar?
Sahil laughed..
Sahil: sanskar and him… don’t joke baby..

That man punched sahil in the stomach.
Laksh laughed.ragini did not understand them well this person was really hot and handsome and yet this sahil was making fun of him
Laksh: ragini this is sahil and this is arjun(kushal Tondon).they belong to the way flickers are..
Ragini : Music band where sanskar works.
Laksh: how you know.
Ragini: someone told me.
Arjun: nice to meet you ragini.laksh told us everything.dont worry you will find best colleges in Mumbai.
Ragini smiled.
She liked arjun immediately unlike sahil.he was over friendly.
Waitress came there.
Waitress: here goes your orange juice.
Ragini smiled at her.

Waitress turned red at the sight of arjun and surprisingly he was more red.
Sahil: offo these love birds.seriuosly maya you should have found someone better than him.
He says lifting his collar revealing the waitress to be maya(played by Jennifer winget).
Maya:I do have good choice sahil.but I think you do need polishing for your mirror.
Sahil’s smile faded.
Ragini laughed out loud.
Sahil hugged her . and released her as she stopped laughing.
Sahil: funny right ?
And ragini’s anger rose to peaks at sahil..did she say she didn’t like him well now she hates him.Maya gave understanding look to her.
Laksh understood what is coming.
Laksh: ragu you must be tired .lets go.
Arjun: laksh wait our performance will start soon.its been lately you haven’t heard us.
Laksh looked at ragini..

Ragini who understood that laksh wanted to stay compiled.
Laksh smiled and sat next to ragini while maya resumed her duty and arjun and sahil went hurried though the crowd..
Laksh: be ready. Now sanskar mania starts.
Ragini(in mind): who is this sanskar why everyone is so crazy about him.and am I so eager to meet him.he’s got a band.well arjun is so nice but I hate this sahil.what did he call me.. baby.He will definitely kill him oneday.

Suddenly the noise went down.everone became quiet.everyone stood up as the band came on to the stage.and ragini was unable to see anyone.all the girls were jumping in excitement and ragini looked at maya .
Maya smiled at her and clled her towards her.
Ragini whispered to laksh and moved to maya.
She heard the most mesmerizing voice which calmed everything..

Manzilein Ruswa Hai
Khoya Hai Raasta

Ragini stooped on her heels as .this voice was reaching to the core of her heart.she didn’t want to take step as if that would stop the voice from was the most s*xiest voice yet it had the most heaviest pain within it.and that pain was somehow killing her.
She tried to look at him but because of the crowd she couldn’t see him.
Aaye Le Jaaye
Itni Si Iltejaa
Ye Meri Zamanat Hai
Tu Meri Amaanat Hai Haan…

She moved towards maya to have glance at him .maya pointed her finger at him to show him..ragini saw him and her heart stopped beating for a second .she was looking directly at the greek god for a second but with a mike.he was looking burning hot in black shirt black jeans.inspite of being ac ragini felt the sweat.he was none other than our sanskar.

Apne Karam Ki Kar Adayein
Kar De Idhar Bhi Tu Nigaahein

His eyes swept across the pub and finally landed on ragini and as if time stopped both forgot the moment and kept staring at eachother. It was as if they break it they will lose their breath for ever.
The sound of the audience brought them out of trance and sanskar resumed his song

Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Ro Raha Hoon Main
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Kyun Ro Raha Hun Main

Even ragini looked at laksh guiltily and started feeling the song.
Ragini(in mind): what is wrong with you ragini he caught you staring at him..God please don’t let him to be sanskar..but his voice is so good but why do I feel that he is in pain.his voice depicts his misery.I wish he is happy.

Epi ends

Precap: ragsan introduction and sanlak bond..

So guys how is it??… in most of the ff’s swara and ragini are shown selfless, good, very mature and blah blah..and usually sanlak are shown with negativity and then they turn positive for their lady love but in this ff I will be showing ragini stupid, she will be damn indecisive and takes decision without thinking about consequences .dont hate me guys even I am a crazy fan of teja.guys this does happen in real life that we are in realationship with some one but end up falling for someone else and I say it’s the feelings that are responsible and really I don’t want to potray ragini as mahan .I want her to make mistakes .so in this ff she will be like that.I hope I am making it upto your expectations.
Hope you like this.

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  1. Amazing shri diii!!!!! Wht a start!! I’m so excited for ragsan meeting amd how they’ll fall in Love!!!!! pls update the next part soon!! Love you!! ? ? ? ?

  2. Amazing concept….Infact i like that you wanted Ragini to be human and not some devi…thats the reason I loved her character in the original serial too bcoz it was real…..Human tends to make mistake and learn from it to make their life better so for me its okay if you show Ragini a bit immature….. Keep going…..I will wait for your FF. But just one request make it ragsan not raglak……

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so.much it’s ragsan only I made changes and said it was ragsan but I don’t Know why it didn’t show

  3. Asw

    Different concepts nice ? if two Jenifer winget role play kavya, Maya keep going

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Asw I am sorry but I forgot to remove it Kavya is played by kavya of swaragini..i forgot to change name

  4. Aditi.Ayansh

    awesome start Shri di..but both maya and kavya are played by the same person ?

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      and of course di..i am very happy to see a new Ragini 🙂

  5. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…
    ya ofcourse dear everyone are human…human made mistakes and they rectify that…it’s nature…no one can change that…so only I love ragu in sr…tkcr dear…

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    Awessome episode loved it

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    sorry dear but kavya too played by jennifer winget n maya too…. how is it possible…..??? otherwise part was awesome…. loved it….

  11. Superb waiting for our RAGSAN

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    too good….totally a different and interesting plot..loved it seeing ahead to read the next……update soon love u…..ummah…!!!!

  13. I loved it di
    Wow ………………… update soon
    I cn already imagine ragsan staring at each other

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  15. Amazing concept Shri dear, loved this ragini’s character

  16. Sargam

    awesome…..loved it…..when ragsan saw each other….aww it was really cute…..but you said kavya and maya both played by jennifer … guess some error……sahil seems really chipku…erhhh….and i am really glad you are making her a human,a simple girl who does mistakes.not those mahan atmas….well lets not talk about it….eagerly waiting for their intro to eo and sanlak bond.

  17. Superb sis.Plssss iss ff mei Swara na ho

    1. Shrilatha

      I am sorry Anisha hogi WI par ab nahi.later that also negative.and the person.hating her the.most will be sanky

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