Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan


Its all start from Rishikesh , A place from where sacred River Ganga Falls through Rishikesh .
This place symbolisis the relation between Lord shiva and Ganga. A pure relation.
In this sacred place a new story starts of our magical couple .
(Lets reach radhika House come my girlees. )
A middle class family , Radhika mishra a free spirit girl. Full of energy.
Radhika mother (mala mishra) shout radhika where r u ?
Come here fast . Take aarti first . She goes to his husband Dilip Mishra(radhika’s Dad) gives him aarti and then comes to his son ankush making him awake . You are never going to change , always sleeping. How many times I need to tell u my son (Jo sota hai wo khota hai , jo jaagat hai wo paawat hai) come on now wake up. She wake him up and blesses him .
Then she goes to His father in Law Room (Radhika Dadaji-The coolest dadaji ever one have in the world)
Papaji take this aarti : and she touches his feet. By finishing her sentence : Have prashad.
Well our dadaji is so clever he is saying her that you do not respect me at all . You give ur father in law only one ladoo. I am leaving this home. She saying Sorry papaji , I can’t give u one more. Doctor advise u to not take too much sweet. Then he said : its ok. Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh my stomach . I think its paining she gets nervous . What happened papaji: give me my medicines in that box. She rushes to take that box and then in the mid time he take 2 to 3 ladoos and hide inside his blanket. Ohhhhhhhhhhh our clever but sweet dadaji. She come with medicines and says have this you feel better. He takes and said u don’t worry . I will be fine by taking this and told her to go now you have lots of work to do.
Then mala says: Papaji where is radhika I find her everywhere in the house.
He sweetly replies Panchi ud gayeee.
And sang Panchee banu udti phiroo mast gagan me
Aaj mai aazad hu duniyaan ke chaman me and laugh a big huge laugh
Hee hee heee
She says I never understand you both , I better find her outside , doesn’t leave her today, who goes at this time without telling us anything. This girl will surely take my breath one day.
Then in rush radhika dadaji her savior goes outside , and calls babloo a small kid playing outside.
Go hurry up , and find radhika and tell her to come soon dadaji is waiting for her.
Babloo: why I do this ?I have a lot of work.
Ok I will give you 2 big ladoos what say ?
Babloo : 3
Dadaji : 1
Babloo Ok 2 is done .
He goes shouting radhika didiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
And here start entry of our girl Radhika mishra
A happy girl. A free spirit bird .
In the ground with full of grass . Heavy wind blows . and Seems like even god also waiting for this moment and its start raining slowly and then fastly.
And Three girls are talking with each other . Come on its raining we all have to reach home fast.
Or else we are getting suffered , sick and Doesn’t want that situation for sure.
2 of them rush to run . And one girl left here. She feels the air . The cool breeze touch her soft face .
Slowly slowly her face shown. She is wearing a White crop top with a white lehangaa with dupatta with anklets in her both feet.
Her long shiny hair falls on her face . She close her eyes. The water of the rain drops fell on her beautiful face give a huge smile on her face, a cute smile with a dimple shows on her one cheek.
A smile that comes straight from heart when experienced such a serene nature.
Brown Hazel eyes. A cute nose with a symmetrical face. She has a fair complexion with a minimal makeup. One drop fall on her luscious lips that makes one fall for her so easily. She has a very well tonned figure with a small waist and long legs . Totally perfect figure that makes her more beautiful.
From Far away she heard a voice of peacock , one of the 3 girl shout see radhika , anshika there is a peacock dancing there.
They all are going to see that atmosphere. This is not less than a heaven like scene.
Radhika holds the hand of the two and they start dancing with each other with a heavy rain the 3 girls are fully drenched with water.
And then they 3 are start dancing and singing altogether.
Dil ye bechain ve , Raste pe nain ve
Dil ye bechain ve, Raste pe nain ve
Jindri behaal hain sur hai na tal hai
Aaja saawaria aaa aa aa aa ,
Taal se taal mila ho oooo, Taal se taal mila

Dil ye bechain ve , Raste pe nain ve
Dil ye bechain ve, Raste pe nain ve
Jindri behaal hain sur hai na tal hai
Aaja saawaria aaa aa aa aa ,
Taal se taal mila ho oooo, Taal se taal mila

Saavan ne aaj to mujhko bhigo diya ,
Haye meri laaj ne mujhko dubo diya
Aisee lagi jhadi sochoo mai ye khadi
Kyaa maine kho diya kya maine kho diya
Chup kyun hai bolt u sang mere dol tu
Meri chaal se chaal mila
Taal se taal mila , O Taal se taal mila

Near by that place a Road is shown A highway on the bridge , From where a Car pass , A Black Mercedes.
Someone shout from inside . Stop the car .
Driver says : But sir, this plays not safe , Here so many car theft,
He cut his convo in the midst and said again by shouting I said stop the car.
And the car stops. He come outside the car.

Want to know who is he (he is our beloved arjun Mehra –The dark Prince)
Dark brown eyes that makes one week at the knees. Heart of a lion and soul of an angel. Tall handsome muscular with slim symmetrical face. Smaller face, Black hair, Musculine body. His perfect looks what makes him more self confident.
Any girl would be eaily fall for him. But what he heard a voice. A voice that straight touches his heart. His heart what he hide with having so many walls . Just like someone breaks all the walls in between and touches his soul.
What was that voice . Where it comes from . He ask from the driver.
Driver says I doesn’t Heard sir.
He goes and walk a little and from far away he see Her(our radhika).
Then bg plays.
Taal se taal mila Hoooo
Taal se taal milaa hoooo.
Arjun Forgot He is drench in fully in rain . His black suit Black T-shirt, with black Blazerand a Denim Tight fitted Jeans Fully drench In water.
Radhika face hide now in between as The two girl Take that dupatta of her and Wear that dupatta like a veil on her.
They 3 are dancing in their own world seems like but arjun is mesmerized what he sees what he heard he tried harder to see the girl in veil . But Can’t be able to see her face.
And his heart Sings
Want to listen:::::::::::::::
Maana anjaan hu main tere waste
Maana anjaan hai tu mere waste
Maana anjaan hai tu mere waste
Maana anjaan hu mai tere waste
Mai tujhko jaan loon
Tu mujhko jaan le
AA dil ke paas aa is dil ke raste

JO tera haal hai , wo mera haal hai
Iss haal se haal milaa ooooo
Taal se taal mila ho, taal se taal mila
Rads and others are dancing in their own they didn’t notice arjun and nothing

Dil ye bechain we , raste pe nain we
Jindri behaal hai ,sur hai naa taal hai
Aaja saawariaa aaa aa aa aaa
Taal se taaal milaa hooooo taal se taaal milaa
Soon Arjun driver says Sir, there is a urgent call from Him.
He says Cn’t pick now. Driver says Sir, Please look at the number . Arjun sees a name on his phone screen. And then just like he comes from every dream and comes to reality and then in a rush says lets go we don’t have much time.
He sit in the car and go.
And from far aways Babloo comes with shouting Radhika didi::::
Radhika says what happened my dear. Why are you shouting
He says dadaji is sending me to take u to ur house come fast.
She tell her friends I need to go home now Meet u tomorrow. She hugged them both and go with babloo.
So my all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees how is it , doesn’t know at all it may be bad , worse , neutral, just write because of urs all love and inspiration that want s me to write.
Luv u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Please tell me what u felt. As the reason for write this is just to make u all smile . A big smile on ur beautiful faces that comes straight from ur heart.
Luv u all my deaireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Credit to: Nisha

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  1. it is awesome story nisha and ur way of discription is awesome i loved it….but i have a request please update it regularly and long….pleaseeee….love this story dear… u nisha dear….keep it up…..tight hug to u……

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  7. Nisha atlast u made it. What a rocking entry. Awesome description. 1St epi and intro of radz and arjun. Thats cool. Song was mesmerizing. No words r coming right now. But it was awesome. Lots of love. Write it daily. Title is too good. I loved the title too.

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  11. Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees check this song.

    YOu know what makes me add this song for our beloved radhika

    The purity of this song and The purity of Rishikesh . Relation between Lord shiv and Ganga

    And I want to start a pure relation between ardhika Just like Ganga ka pani. Pure , Sacred.

    And moreover the music given in this song is Na Na na den Mr A R Rehmaan First ever song given Composed by Him . The music is superb Awesome track if u forget the lyrics for one time.

    YOu can’t be able to neglect the music The sole of this song.

    Check this out my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Dil ye bechain ve, raste pe nain ve

    Luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  12. Its awsome dr:-)

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    I like it yaar
    You wrote this in your style
    Lyrics and songs
    Good good
    Keep it up yaar continue writing

  17. Hey my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees how r u all.

    first thing comes first.

    Hey my loveeeeeeeeeeees thank u so much for all urs love.

    Here each and every word thanks for that my dearieeeeeeeees by heart.

    Valli My lovieee Luv u sooo much . Tight hugs to u.I try to update long dear
    So many hugs for u luv u.

    Hey anu , even I will also try to make it different , coz there are so many story starting on routing basis. Try harder by my side dear to not hurt any one emotions coz u all are my sweethearts. Rehna to hume tumhare hi dil me hai

    Hey hayathi even me too eager to see ardhika face to face lets see try to do it as jet speed . Luv u soooooooo much to u my loiveeee

    Well deepthi luv u sooooooooo much dear for giving ur opinion as what ur manmarziyaan in it . Suggestion taken dear Luv u sooooooo much

    Thanx kirti iss naadan dil ki manmarziyaan ko jeene ke liye I luv urs tooooo dear . And lots of hugs for u Always loving u .

    Hey manha my sweetheart . LUv u sooooooooooooooooo much Thanx for loving the title too.
    Dear For u above I post the audio song also. Which make the feel add hudred more times.

    If u heard d song once it will make u dance and feel the nature by yourself

    Thank u rasha, Really loved u dear. Try to make a film of mind by adding songs in it . Lets see what comes in next. Luv u lots my lovieeee

    Hey devi , Luv ur name dear first A pure and cute name that makes one loved u more. Dear want to hear what ur heart says will u share it for us. ur friends a little more want to know ur feelings write what ur heart says.

    hey nats , awwwwwwwwwwwww dear my princess aree hum to tum pe pehle hi mar chuke the jaan ke khushi hui tum bhi humare pyaar me mar mite.

    Chalo saath me heaven ki raah chalte hai what say dear LOts of tight hugs for u for giving me such a heart warming welcome. Luv u dea.r

    Hey liya , ur name has such elegance in it . Luved it dear. Thanx u sooo much for giving me ur beautiful words . And want to know eagerly ur beautiful thoughts also.
    Want to know what ur heart felt and what u write with ur beautiful elegant soft hands. Would u tell us or won’t??????

    Hey my ameena, Luv u sooooooooooomuch dear , as you loved it . I write coz of givngi u happinesss dear.Lots of hugs dear from my side.

    Hey harani, wooooooooooooo w dear u caught 2 things very right , the serene nature, yes I want to make it sacred pure love story and thank u so much for ur beautiful words dear.
    YOu take my heart today . Ab to bina dil ke hi kaaam chalana padegaa . Luv u dear.
    U take my heart and now give u a warm tight hug and lots of kisses Luv u dear . Keep smilings

    Yahin to hai naadan dil ki manmarziyaan naa jaane kya kya karwaate hai

    Bethe bithaii naa jaane before 2 day some insect bit me and I start writing an experiment.

    Well with an another name . Coz when I realized it what happened to me than I changed my name and give it who am I

    I am searching myself , by writing this . Some of my dearieeeeeeeeees has caught me red handed and tell me i have to write a story anyhow. And inspire me toooooooo much

    Iss kaa nateeja naadan di ki manmarziyaaan likhwaan hi daalee naadan dilo ki dastaan

    I am not here to writing actually a story episode wise. but here to give smile on all ur beautiful faces try to give u smile always my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Mere dil ka tukda ho itna to karna hi padegaaaaaaaaaaa

    Always smiling Always writing Always commenting my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.s

    1. Hi nisha dear… can i call u nishu?is it ok for u buddy…. plzzz update fast plzzzz dr

    2. Superrrrr

  18. Luv u nandhini,

    yes Can’t get rid of songs As I loved to add songs in it.
    Luv u dear Lots of huggs for u Always LOving u dear. Keep trying to give loads of smiles on each and every beautiful heart. and beautiful face. Luv u dear.

    1. Actually nisha i watched the video song yesterday in t.v. so i enjoyed the fullest imagining our radz in that song. U r truly awesome dear. Update it fast.waiting with hundred eyes. Bahut hogaya na. Aise hi apne songs ka aur ab to story ka bhi jadu chalate rehna. Tons and tons of love and appreciation too.

  19. hello nisha ma’am…
    you are just awesome..
    what a fabulous narration…madly in love with your story..please continue…want to see how the story unfolds…in the future…
    all the very best..

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    awesome story!!!! it is fresh and something different story track of our mmz, love it.
    also wonderful songs selection dear !!!!!!
    plzz next episode update soon… eagerly waiting . love you nishh♡♥♥♥

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      One lovee?

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  24. It WS nice I loved it. Hi guyzzz I am new here

    1. My name is Aditi too

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  27. Hey lavanya , Dear u have a very beautiful name lavanya means grace and beauty used for feminine. Just like ur beautiful comments . And yes dear we are friends . Mam ki koi jagah nahi hai. I am your nisha or nishu or anything which makes u comfortable calling dear Luv ur thoughts by heart luv u equally.

    Hey daizy , a quirky yet a stylish name chosen by you , just like ur comment quick and sharp yet make a mark here of ur existence independently Loved it . Love u dear to the core of my heart.

    Thanx tanya for saying it fabulous as I think I am a learner here. Learning and searching myself Who Am I ????????Love u soooooooooooo much dear.

    Hey roma dear me too see the same seen by myself while writing it. Loved u my lovieeeeeee you win it imagining by with me. Lots of hugs to u.

    Hey aditi , welcome dear , loved u sooo much and want to know more about ur thoughts just like ur beautiful name means limitless, boundless, freedom
    Want to know your beautiful free spirit thoughts ,. Luv u dear soooooooooooo much

    Hey aastha, luv u dear, ur name is sacred and pure , luv to know more about ur beautiful thoughts. Hey aastha apne batein share karogee apne doston ke saath .
    Luv u dear Lotsof love.

    Hey Zara my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much love to u .

    Kaahaan kaahaan nahi dhundaa tumhe , tumhara naam har baar comment me add kiya where r u tak kaha . but tum nahi aayee.

    At last apne didaar to diye , Shukrallaah. Thank u dear. Luveeeeeeeeeeeeeeed u to the core . Milti raha karo acha lagta hai.

    Hey thena, thanx u dear, Choti si koshish hai dekhe kaha tak jaaatee hai. Luv u my sweetheart.
    Always luving u soooooooooooooooooo much.

    And so much luv u all the silent readers who read it . Yaaron I know u all love silently to read but agar apna pyaar comment pe batogee to hum bhar bhar ke pyaar denge .

    Aayeee aapkaaa intezaar hai. Luv u all.


  28. Hey Nisha tight hug for u dearie, sorry for giving late commands yaar…. So tight in college symposium lots of work Dr…

    It’s awesome Dr, and it’s also very unique yaar,,, ur sense of style wow wow great Dr,,, and also song ideas toooo wonderful year…. Eagerly waiting for our ardhika meeting…. Love u buddy….

  29. Hello!! Love your writing

  30. Hey my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 2 aditi here.

    welcome my 2 lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Seems like lots of limitless thoughts are flying in naadan dil ki manmarziyaaan . Common flying in the air of writing and shower your beautiful yet free spirt thoughts. Luv u 2 angels ( aditi and aditi)

    Hey deepa luv u sooooooooooo much dear. Its just a small try to make u all feel good . Release ur every tension. And make u feel good. Good luck for college have fun my lovie.

    Welcome anna Thanx for loving my writing my dear. I loved ur name and ur sweet and naural but straight comes to ur heart comment .

    MY try to just make all u happy gives u all smiles. and release all ur tensions when u r visiting here. Luv u anna . Luv u all.

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    Arjun Ko jaaniye . Aaj ki taaza khabar. ONly on naadan dil ki manmarziyaaa

    Aaj ka samachaar samapt hua Dhanyawaad Phir milenge chalte chalte

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    and yes thnx for remembering me.
    love you my sweetiee.

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