Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan (Episode-8) Manmarziyaan arjun aur radhika ke dil ka Rishta

Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Here I am again , Today episode is a dedication for ishq ka deewanapan,arjun aur radhika ke naadan dilo ki manmarziyaan, Today episode is also a dedication for Mansi My dearest friend and for her dear one well she can understand it well.
Let’s go where we left. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
Here Rads is left for Hospital. And there arjun is now in stable condition sitting in the hospital bed in a confusion .
Having a Diary in his hand
And writing on it.
She is here . You are here.
I feel you . Your pain . Your wince your love your touch.
This cannot be an illusion . Its real U are real .
They all lie , I know , don’t know intentionally or they don’t know But how ??
You are there with me. I feel the warmness in my hand . I hold your hand . Your hand in my hand.
How can it will be an illusion. You are there , you save my life. And you are here, with me in this hospital near by me you are there. I feel u, ur presence near by me. How can it will be a illusion.
All this thinkings moving in arjun heart and in between Neil came here.
The door Open a little.
Hey dude ,
Neil said.: Thank God you are fine.
Arjun slid his face a little. And close his diary immediately . And came into his senses. And hide his diary below the pillow.
Neil: Came near by arjun and hug him. Thank god you are ok. I am so worried when I received call from your phone that you are in hospital.
What my phone and he start check here and there.
Then a nurse came in and ask , Sir , how r u. Are you feeling ok now. And she give him his phone . Sir, this is your phone , We call your dear one after seeing your condition at night.
Neil: What condition , he questioned to nurse.
She is going to tell him, but arjun cut her in the midst.
Arjun: I am feeling fine now, you may go .
Neil: But hey. Stop. And she left. What happened last night neil questioned to arjun.
Nothing to worry. He take his phone and gone outside.
He immediately call to his family and start talking to them in corridor.
He is on phone now talking to his dadi maa.
Hey my princess how r u?
I am fine my son.
How r u? Did you get the Gangajal. Arjun wait for a second and take a relief that neil doesn’t inform his family about the accident. And Saying by Nodded Thank’ s Dude in whispering tone. And Neil shown a thumps up. By saying its ok dude.
And he start talking about other family members.
In the midst of the convo between them Head nurse came from behind arjun back .
And she didn’t realize that arjun put a Bluetooth on his ear and talking to his family. He just heard what they said at that time.
Head nurse: Son , I am very happy to see that U are fine here. Standing on ur own feet.Did you remember what happened last night , your accident.
Arjun on phone: his back on nurse front. And he said yes, I remember. ( actually his dadi maa says Eat the food on time or else you remember your dadi reach anywhere for u)
Head Nurse: Last night when you are came here you are in very critical condition. If You are alive today that is just because of your wife. She doesn’t care about herself not for a second. All the night she caresses you. She donate blood for u. I don’t see this kind of love in my entire life.
You are very lucky to have her in ur life. She says with a wide smile.
And arjun turns to her immediately . And she said with a wide smile God Bless You Son.
Arjun in confussion , said Thank you. And she left. Arjun saw her with lots of confussions but ignored about that because he is on call and concentrate on the call and ask about others.
He cut the call. And then came to the room again . Neil left for signing the papers .
Hey dude I am coming need to clear all the formalities of your discharge. Arjun came near the window and the song begins……………………………..
(Whistle…♪♫) thinking about the moments what he spent each and every her eyes her first touch , and close his eyes and take a deep breath and the song begins……………..

Mujhse hi aaj mujhko mila de
Dekhoon aadaton mein, tu hai ki nahi
Har saans se pooch ke bataa de
Inke faaslon mein, tu hai ki nahi (x2)
And then neil came , dude all the formalities are complete now. We can go now back to our home. Hey where are you I am talking to u neil said.
Arjun : Nothing , Lets go talk in a low tone.

They left from the Lift.
And then at the same time , Radhika came to the hospital,
Auto person,: Madam, 200 rs, Radhika put a not of Rs 500 , and he said I don’t have a change she is smiling in her heart very much excited and said take it don’t need the change today. Baba, Pray for someone long life that’s it. This money is get worthy then and he gives he put his hand on her head . My blessings are with u dear. U get every happinesss in ur life.

And she left from there came into the hospital. Straight come to Arjun’s room lift is busy and she is such excited she doesn’t care take the stairs and start running.
By thinking
What does he say when he see me , What does he ask , What does he think. So many thoughts are rolling in her mind and she runs with lots of smiles.
She reached the same floor where arjun stand , he is stand on the left side in front of the lift and radhika is on the right side on the stairs on the opposite side didn’t notice him and run to the room which is on the right side. And came in but getting shocked and plays……………………
Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..
Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi

Arjun suddenly before came into the lift he turns to the left side once as he felt somebody is here, as he feel her presence there, his heart beat faster he see left and right to get a single glimpse of her and neil said, Dude is everything fine , we are getting late.
And he said : yes , and gone with a lost hope.

Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi…

(Whistle…♪♫)Rads reaction: No, no, no, no, no, this can’t be happened , he can’t left, her tears rolled out one by one, her smile vanished from her lips , her eyes lost its spark in a second and in a shock she came outside the room, and walking to the left side.

She came near by the lift and touch the same wall where arjun stand while thinking of her and she felt something rubbing the wall thinking about his presence about him.

Arjun is thinking about her and came out of the lift and start going from the main gate but he stop in the midst and reach to the reception counter and ask a last time a last hope , she is here,
There is a lady of 25 around age standing there in white dress (Formal) on the reception counter and he ask Listed to me mam, while she talk on the phone,

And In the irritated voice when she doesn’t heard he said I am talking to you Mam, Please listen to me he take the phone receiver and shut it on the phone.
Nurse Receptionist: What are you doing sir, I am doing my job , this is also important, Leave it Tell me what do you need.
Arjun: A girl around 5 feet 6 inch brown eyes long black hair, came here with me last night. I admit in this hospital. She came with me. You have a register whoever came he or she will have to sign the papers I need to check my papers . She is with me , she gave any info, and neil came what happened dude, arjun ignored his voice and start telling her , give me the register. She gave him the register and start talking on phone again.
Arjun take the register in a hurry and find out the name one name in which his whole life exists , Please please your name will be here, neil asks who’s name Who , arjun he ask.
This time arjun said to him, her she is with me last night . Neil: you are with a girl last night so that is the reason you don’t want me to come. He ask in a naughty tone but arjun ignored and he
Find his name at last but
Arjun: What the hell ?What the hell it is where is the name of the visitor. The page is blank and totally ruined by something. He asked what happened why there is not any name on this page . She tell that It is because of u sir,
Arjun : because of me ?
Nurse : yes sir, Last night when you are not in ur senses then u just moving here and there said she is here, and neil is amazed to hear this , so that is the reason they called me at night and get amazed to see who the hell the girl she is he get excited about her.

Nurse: the nurse who is running after you , you pushed her and she fall down on the counter and the tea fall on the register and the page get spoiled. It happens because of you . Sorry Sir, Now can I do My work now. She said in an irritated tone.
And arjun doesn’t react anything and turn and put his hand hard on the counter and grinned his teeth and said its all my fault , how can I do this. And he left from there and stand outside the hospital gate.
Neil: I will come in a minute by taking the jeep from the parking and he nodded
He cross his arms and close his eyes and take a deep breath and plays……..
Daudte hain khwaab jinpe rasta woh tu lage
Neend se jo aankh ka hai waasta woh tu lage
Tu badalta waqt koi khushnuma sa pal mera
Tu woh lamha jo na thehre aane waala kal mera

And Radhika came to the reception area and start going with lots of disappointment and dissatisfaction ,
At least he wait for me , at least I met him once having so much thoughts in her mind and the head nurse stop her ,
Stop dear, Stop Stop Stop.
She stop then , Dear is everything is alright between two of u. Radhika is confused when she heard this.
What I don’t understand what you are trying to said.
I am saying dear, he left this for you , ( Fb shows than when arjun is leaving from there he left a chit for her , by saying to the receptionist that if the girl came here asking about me please give this to her . Please this is a request, the head nurse heard all this , she immediately took the chit and running to understand the full matter but he left then and the nurse need to go for her duty after that )

Radhika hold that chit and check that It is the number of Arjun with his name , His contact no. Radhika got a wide smile on her face when she said he said that he want us to give this to the girl who is here with him. And rads get teary eyed when she heard that. And hugged the nurse and said he remember , he remember all that , he remember me. And the nurse said , I think he is here just a few minutes before he left , one or two minute.and rads doesn’t heard after that and she run fast to reach him to get to see him once
And the song plays………………………
Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..
Tu hai ki nahin

Rads came outside the hospital on the road, when arjun is standing on the left side.and she try to find here and there, please please please meet me once , please wait ,,,, And plays….
Tu hai ki nahin

Arjun is standing in the thought seeing here and there and says just came once to see me , meet me once and plays……………….
Tu hai ke nahin

Neil’s car came there and said sit dude we are getting late and arjun sit in the jeep in the back seat . His heart beat faster as he feel her presence here but can’t be able to see her and plays……………….

Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..
Tu hai ki nahin

Arjun left from there with neil and the song plays………………..

Tu hai ki nahin…
Tu hai ki nahin…
Tu hai ki nahin…………….

(Whistle…♪♫) then arjun sitting on the back open his diary and start making something
Start making eyes
The eyes that made him deewana
The eyes which he never forget
The eyes in which he forget himself

He start making a scratch her forehead her hair her eyes but he can’t be able to make the whole picture
And start caresses it with his hands
You are there
I feel your presence
I feel your heartbeat
I feel your sense each and every breath
I feel your hand in my hand
I feel your pain your tear your wince

I don’t care if somebody says you are there are you are not
But I know you are there, my heart knows you are there and gone in the memories of their first meet and when she took his head into her thighs in the accident site. And plays……………………
In labon pe jo hansi hai inki tu hi hai wajah
Bin tere me kuch nahi hun mera hona bewajah
Dhoop teri na pade to dhundhla sa main lagun
Aake saanse de mujhe tu taaki zinda me rahun
Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas…

Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi… (x2)

(Whistle…♪♫)and then he will reach to a decision , yes , you are there, I know, and he said to neil, Stop the Car.
Neil: what dude; What happened.
I said stop the car.

And he suddenly get out of the jeep and come near by the jungle on a height . cool breeze passes from there . Nobody there all alone area .
And he said yes you are there.

Neil: who I am asking you . He said in a serious tone as he need to know what is the thing what makes him that much pain.
Arjun: Telling him with teary eyes. She is there. He Shows the picture to him. It is a half picture what I described.

Neil: She , who is she, that girl , you are talking about that in hospital.

Arjun: yes, She is the one , he come near by neil and said excitingly by holding both of his shoulders she saved my life, I see her in rishikesh , and in the very first meet she made me a deewana .

I fall for her. I am in love with her. I need her. MY every breath , my heart barely need her.

She is important for me.

But neil cut him in the midst, but the receptionist said that nobody is there,

Arjun: NO neil , trust me she is there, She is there with me whole time , don’t know ( he make a punch in the car) when I get conscious where she left. May be something happened.

He smiled heavily , so much for more than 5 minutes.

Neil: what happened dude, Are you ok. Ok Ok , I believe that she is here with you.

Then arjun came in a serious tone a spark came into his eyes and he said ,

He start playing his game again, ( by making his one hand in the air signing on the sky) he play his dirty game again with me
But I didn’t make him win this time.

This time I turn the table on my side.

He do the same in past. Win the game at that time,. But not now , this time, I didn’t make him win . He hold the diary open the page of her picture and said with a soft tone , I will get her. I can’t lose her. I will get her anyhow and make her mine forever and ever and ever.

Neil hugs him and said Ok dude you are riding high on this love business. Woooooooohoo I am very happy for u. I am with u we both find her from her rat hole and she will be yours then what do you said oooooooooooh forever and ever and ever actually I need to write these words It really works on my new girlfriend. And arjun punches on his stomach and they both laughs and they left from there then

And the scene shift to Radhika standing outside the hospital watching here and there , want to see him once please wait for me , please please please and look here and there with a teary eyes and with a smile and plays………….

Yun to solah saavan aaye gaye
Gaur nahi kiya humne
Bheega man ka aangan is martaba
Kya jaane kya kiya tumne

And then suddenly sam came here on her scooty, and see rads running here and there and made her stop

Stop stop stop.
Where are you running,
Do you meet your ranjhana or not
And Rads hugged her tightly Oh Sammy and hold her shoulders and made her swirl move around and said.

He remember me , he remember each and everything, He left this no, for me , Nurse said he is outside , I need to find him.
Sammy : Oh no no no my dall I check the whole area I came from here nobody is here this place is all alone

But not to worry You have the letter written by blood she said with a huge smile and said come on we need to go , uncle aunty is asking about her princess.

But I need to call him.

Sammy: Oh now don’t be so impatient you have the no. He is not running now. First need to reach home.
And they both sat on the scooty
Cool winds blow all over on radhika face . Sam talked with her but she doesn’t listen her . She is her own world her eyes sparks and she see again and again the no. she stand on the scooty by holding sam shoulders and feel the air , feel the air of love and plays……………

Dil mein jaagi..
Ishq waali manmarziyan, manmarziyan
Zid ki maari (yun to solah)
Bholi bhaali (saavan)
Mannmarziyan (aaye gaye)

Rads open her eyes then and see some street kids playing on the street trying to make a house she said stop stop stop samy.
And run towards them

And she make the house for them each and every card one by one and make the whole house of cards and every kid start clap for rads and they all hugged her tightly and rads smile and Sammy take a picture of that magical moment

And then the rain starts one drop then another drop rads stand on her feet and moving round and round and round open both of her hands facing the sky and feel each and every drop of rain and then round faster and faster with a wide smile on her face having a feeling of falling in love for the very first time.

Pehle pyaar ka nasha.

She push Sammy with her and cross her hands with her and make her round with her Sammy is also smiling heavily as she never see radhika that much happy and excited in both of her always samm is the one who is over excited and enthusiastic but she says my chaashni gone full deewani today and they both get drench in water fully they clothes wet but they didn’t care they both enjoy the moment and they leave each other hand and moving round in herselves . Rads thinking each and every moment with arjun with a wide smile and plays…………..

And the song plays………………….
Abb talak se
Kuchh alag si manmarziyan.. Manmarziyaan..
Hum zameen pe (bheega man ka)
Toh falak se (aangan)
Manmarziyan (iss martaba)
Man marziyaan…
And then rads open her eyes and hold sammy’s hand and push her to make a play with her and remember the old moments.

The game is Stapu( 5 blocks and you have to pass a piece of rock from your feet an old game )

Sammy get in shock once in rain . Rads nodded yes, Now, Come on Sammy and all the kids also shouting yes yes yes and jumping. ………..

And they both plays Rads smiling and jumping one by one playing with such enthusiasm as she get all the happiness today
A feeling what she never felt a feel touch her once and made her forget about herself.

Feeling of love
Feeling of the first touch of love
Feeling of the first time falling in love and the song plays………….

Sikkon jaise
Hai uchhaali
Manmarziyan, manmarziyaan
Zidd ki maare (yun to solah)
Bholi bhaali (saavan)
Manmarziyaan, manmarziyaan (aaye gaye)

Sammy shout come on rads that ‘s it I think I am mad but you are the goddess of madness come aunty uncle will kill me today
And they both sit on the scooty and say bye to all the childrens bye bye bye and left.

Rads and samm reach to rads house and came in

Rads mom came out and said where are you both , You both make me dead a day

Look at your condition. You both are mad . and take both in. and said Thank god your dad is out of town today. They will scold you both . Sammy said. Thank god aunty uncle is not there. I am staying here today and sit on the sofa and each finger chips on the plate (Garmagarm bhajia) and dadaji give her a sign to give him one bhajia and she denied once but on his insistence she give him one .
Uhhhh but only one dadu, take it , and said with a smile anything for my sweet dadu. And start laughing.

Dadaji: Aaj meri choti thodi badli badli si lag rahi hai, lagta hai bearish ne use deewana kar diyaa, samm laugh burst out and said secretly to him Dadu Baarish ne nahi and said pyaar ne and he smiles harder and see her again with pleasant eyes.

Rads lost in her thoughts. And take one hand of her mom hold her hand and make her move around and start dancing with her like madly ( we all dance when we get mad and extreme happy ) and her mom said radhu radhu chod mujhe I need to make bhajiya for all of you the food is on gas it got burnt.

But she didn’t care she didn’t heard what she said , but just dancing with her and hold Sammy hand also and they 3 are dancing there madly
And the song plays……………………………

Be-adab si
Par gazab si
Manmarziyan, manmarziyan

Hosh khoya
Par sambhali manmarziyan (yun to solah)
Manmarziyaan (saavn)

And come near by dadaji hold her from his back and hugged her tightly. And said dadaji I love you. And dadaji said ohhhhhh my choti finally feel the love and she said yes dadaji yes, and he caresses her head giving lots of blessings to her and the song plays…………….

Zidd ki maari (aaye gaye)
Bhooli bhaali manmarziyan, manmarziyan
Manmarziyan, manmarziyan

Hey dearieeeeeeeeeees ……………………….

Toh dekha aapne
Yeh naadan dilo ki manmarziyaan aapsee kya kya karwaati hai
Kabi rulaati hai
Kabhi hasaati hai
Baarish ki ek boon ek jaadoo saa kar jaati hai
Who ishq ki pehli boond ka nasha chod jaati hai
Kabhi jhagarti hai , toh kabhi muskati hai
Chote bache ki hasi ki tarah apne nishan chod jaati hai
Garmee ki pehli dhoop , sardi ki pehli subah ban jaati hai
Yeh naadan dilo ki manmarziyaan humse kya kya karwaati hai

Mere jaisee manmarziyaan reader and lover ko story likhwaa dalti hai
Aap sab manmarziyaan lover ko story read karwa dalti hai
Aap sabke dilo ko dhadakne par majboor kartee hai yeh naadan dilo ki manmarziyaan manmarziyaan.

Yes my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Love u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll so much.

That’s it for today dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

This episode is just not for only aradhika but a dedication for all manmarziyaan lovers and especially for mansi, my sweetheart deary and for his dear one by me .

When I heard this song. I felt like flying in the air and lost myself its magical the song manmarziyaan.

Makes you remember the serial and the chords of manmarziyaan.

Love u alllllllllllllllllllllll sooooooooooooooooo much.

Kindly tell me once when I need to stop I just stop my madness or what can I say my sillyness here.

Its my love for u all that makes me to write or else meri yeh jurrat kaha ki mai write karoon. I am not be able to write at all.

One more request to all manmarziyaan lovers mansi a manmarziyaan lover has also start a story Yehi toh pyaar hai, based on Young fresh love I give you the link go there its an amazing story totally worthy to read and enjoy and share ur manmarziyaan with her also. She is your dearyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo Love u mansi Love u all.
Love u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll again sooooooooooooooo much’
Always smile and live ur manmarziyaan always throughout the life.:0

Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees here is the link of my mansi story awesome story all episodes Yehi toh pyaar hai
Give it a shot an awesome story with yourng characters and fantabulous fun loving characters

And here is the link of naadan dil ki manmarziyaan all episodes

and the song for today my dearieeeeeeeeeeeees
Tu hai ke nahi
Tu hai ke nahi
manmarziyaan song listen to the song you never regret to listening it once and twice and read the story to get each and every feeling fully to lost yourself in ur manmarziyaan

Credit to: Nisha


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    Hum intezaar karenge

    So nisha dear my musical friend…karwao intezaar, hum bhi haar nahi maanenge aur besabri se wait karenge uss qayaamat ka jab ye dewaneee aur Dewaana milenge, face to face (dhamaaka hona chahiye)… don’t take me wrong, just go as you planned for you story…I’m loving it to the core of my heart….
    Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart…eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up buddyyy…muaaaaahhhhhh

  12. Roma

    Hi dearrrr nisha, my sweeeeeet musical friend, forgot to mention that I loved the thumbnail picture of Monica sehgal very very very much…she has such a heavenly,pure,angelic smile…and you found a perfect image and all the songs for this update, love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug my sweeeeeet musical friend, muaaaaahhhhhh

  13. Roma

    One song is coming on my mind for radhika realizes her her love for arjun…from movie, 1942 a love story

    Dil ne kaha chupke se
    Ye kya hua chupke se

    Kyun naye lag rahe
    Hain ye dharti gagan
    Maine poonchha to
    Boli ye pagli pavan

    Pyaar hua chupke se
    Ye kya hua chupke se

    Love you loads sweetie and eagerly waiting for the next episode…

  14. nisha

    hey mansi , I did all this because I want to do it.

    You know Its taking so much guts to write story out of manmarziyaan , manmarziyaan is such a brand having its own viewers and so many readers who loved story branded manmarziyaan.

    But you write a young story , and beleived me its worthable to read again and again.

    I really want friends to read good stuff good writings. and yes your story is also a love story of mahi and sammy its totally cute.

    and yes , one more thing my dear, I write this episode because of the readers but more than that because of you.

    Mann ki Manmarziyaan , Manmarziyoon ka Mann
    Aisa hi hai kuch Mansi Ka Mann

    You understand it well dear What I say in this .

    The manmarziyaan song is for your Mann ki Manmarziyaan .

    Dedicate it to your dear one and you don’t know what magic begins then Anything could happened.

    Hey hey hey your cheeks are getting pink Stop blushing koi dekh lega toh kya sochegaa. Abhi se blushing blushing.

    Love u dear Always smiling and always writing. Luv u sooooooooooooooooooooo much.

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    Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess its all uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffff

    maar daala,

    Tas what is this update

    Main 2 minutes tak sochtee rahee ki what is this update. what are you asking . Ufffff the update story is that bad or worse . Doesn’t understand but maafi huzuur maafi koshish karenege aage se kaneez se aisee gustakhi naa ho

    Luv u taez first time read ur name with ur comment Maar daala dear Always smile once a friend always a friend.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my hayathi my loiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee My patience are also tested yaar , Uffffffffffffffffffffffff ye arjun deewana hua jaa raha hai radhikaa bhi deewani hui jaa rahi hai but kyaa hogaa aage even I am also thinking the same my lovieeeeeeeeeeee luv u soooooooooooooooooooo much hayathi dear. Once a friend always a friend.

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much ritu and brityy I have no words to say thank you to you twooo. Love u soooooooooooooooooooo much so many hugs for both of you Lovu genuinely . once a friend always a friend.

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much devi love u sooooooooooo much dear. How r u . How ‘s ur life going dear. I know you talk a little but really interesting to talk to u my sweetheart friend.

    Luv u sooooooooooooooo much always smiling dear . Once a friend always a friend.

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    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much vivi luv u dear soooooooooooooooo much

    Always have faith in aradhika love . I even luv soooooooooooooo much this pair I am a fan of aradhika first. dear .

    But its a story let the story go on its own ride and take the every taste of it. Then you will get a very tasty dish beleived me. And yes aradhika is my sweetheart couple too. Don’t worry I take care of both of them. Love u dear.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Mansi , Call me pagli shagli aur whatever makes u happy dear, I am nisha , nishu , pagli shagli or whatever you call dear I am all yours . Love u sooooooooooooo much always smiling my lovely friend. And waiting for your next episode too yehi toh pyaar hai. Hey dearieeeeeeeeeeees you too read the name yehi toh pyaar hai.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my sweetoo aaliyaa dear, Luv u sooooooooooooooooo much your love is such a truth I also read all your comments its actually reflects your fun loving personality you and mansi sis connection. and read on all pges serisously awesome
    Fida kar diyaa yaar.

    Would you be my friend dear , Luv u soooooooooooooooooooo much.

    And yes , ARadhika is made for each other dear, Have faith in Aradhika dear. read the parts its a story , so it has all taste , I am sure you will like it all.

    Aradhika is my sweetheart couple too, I also take care of them dear . Love u soooooooooooooo much.

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much harani , anwesha Love u my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees soooooooooooooooo much surely they will meet. ok

    Love u soooooooooooooooooo much keep smiling once a friend alwaya a friend . do take care of yourself also my both sweet dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

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    hareem oh my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wooooooooooooooooooo you are really awesome what can I say you too keep smiling always my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeee, Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sWeet of you. Love u always. Lots of hugs for u.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my dear Snehahari, Woooooooooooow first what a nice name I read ur name first time but it make me love more sneha and hari , hari is also used for kanha god krishna , woooooooooooooooooooow really its my pleasure to know about the reason for picking this name sneha and also a pleasure to be a friend of u . Luv u soooooooooooooooo much always , so tell me please would u be my friend. Luv u .

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow daizy tum bhi filmy hum bhi filmy kya jodi hai nazar naa lage dear, me too like films . And yes loving u soooooooooooooooooooo much what a commment seriously I seriously got a wide smile when see such creative words keep talking in that creativity loving it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and also loves u equally once a friend always a friend keep smiling.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my kirti love u sooooooooooooooooo much dear, Don’t worry aradhika ko sambhaal ke rakhaa hai jaldi hi milenge.

  18. nisha

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my roma woooooooooooooooooooooooow dear Loved u soooooooooooo much and ur songs equally wooooooooooooooooooooow you are soooooooooooooo much creative and talented. Loved ur writings and ye kya hua chupke se its my favourite film too extremely romantic.
    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much roma always smile dear once a friend always a friend.

    Oh my manha me too mad yaar . Hum toh tumhare pyaar mein paagal hai jaanemann. dear Always loving u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much lots of hugs dear keep smiling always.

    oh my ameena i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much YOu remember pankhudi toooooooooooooooooooooooo dear in the beloww I give the link of the pick of pankhudi and nillu dear. I love u soooooooooo much I make each and every character with sooooooooooooo much love . I have sooooooooooooooooooo much love for u all. always loving u dear. once a friend always a friend. keep smiling dear lots of hugs and kisses for u sweetoo.

  19. nisha

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my deaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    this is the song for u all yeh dil sun raha hai tere dil ki zubaan such a fantabulous song I want to dedicate for each and everyone here always loving u alll soooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Yeh dil sun raha hai tere dil ki zubaan
    Yeh dil sun raha hai tere dil ki zubaan
    Aye mere humsafar main yahan tu vahan
    Yeh dil sun raha hai tere dil ki zubaan

    Meri sada mein bole tu ye koi kya jaane
    Meri sada mein bole tu ye koi kya jaane
    Geet mein hai saaz mein hai tu hi tu naghma kahan
    Yeh dil sun raha hai tere dil ki zubaan
    Aye mere hum neshi, mein waha, tu jaha
    Yeh dil sun raha hai tere dil ki zubaan

    Darde mohabbat ke siva main bhi kya tu bhi kya
    Darde mohabbat ke siva main bhi kya tu bhi kya
    Yeh zameen hum aasmaan hum ab humein jaana kahan
    Jaana kahan
    Ab humein jaana kahan
    Jaana kahan

    • Hareem

      Heyyyyyyy Nisha myyyyyy musical frnd…
      Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for such a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

      Loved it dear….keep SMILING alwaaaaays.
      a sweeeeeeeeet hug for u …myyyyy sweeeeeetieeeeee

      Love u loads….

    • Hareem

      Hiiiiiii my cutieeeeeeee pieeeeeee
      I went through the above link ….really like personality of pankhudi( vrushika ) …
      Thanku for suggesting vrushika as Pankhdi as it will make us easier to understand a new character in ur story…

  20. Hey nishu so mere bareme itni saare chise lik di !! Hey I m really blushing but fortunately no1 is around me !!

    Hey really mere bareme tume kuch patha na hothe hue bi tume bohath kuch patha lagne laga hai !! Which I like itsh !!!♡♡♡♡♡

    Hey so hw r u !!
    Really dat song really suits my love thanx yaar !!

    Hey vrushika’s pic was really cool !!

    Hey guess wat nishu I m going to sing dis song to ur jiju mann !!

    I want to see d reaction on his face yaar !!

    Hey so till then see ya !!
    Love u deary/bud/bff/loveli/sisi/…..

    Hey one more thing will sooooon post my story so dat I can also read ur story !!

    Dis is d second tym I m sending dis !!

  21. Natasha

    @Nisha as usual ur awesome with ur songs. Just love u and ur story. I just think how understanding u r. If anyone get u as friend then samjho uski toh nikal padi. Agar tumse mile sakti thi toh bohot sari bate share karti jo shayed kabhi bhi maine disclose nahi kiya. I sure u would understand me and my situation. Once again thanks for everything. Ur comments, ur thoughts, ur song dedication. Aur sabse badi thanks mujhe apni dost bana ne ki liye.

    @Mansi where u r? I was missing u and waiting for u. Par yaha ake dekha tum toh yaha ho. Mansi mam want to talk with u. Bohot din ho gaye thik se bat nahi ho payi.

    @ Hi tais pls explain nisha what u r saying.

    Sorru if i missed anyones name how r u all?
    @vivi, snehahari hi im natasha its first time im talking to u. Ill we can become friends? Hmm main nisha ki tarha sweet bate toh nahi kar sakta par dosti kar sakti hoo. Toh r we friends?

  22. nisha

    Hey my dear lovely mansi dear , Waiting eagerly for ur next update eagerly and when u sent your story make me inform Then I sent my one too.

    And yaa I want to say sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things I left it on ur page Go and check it .

    And let me inform also what happened nexxt

    WAiting dear for ur reply.

  23. nisha

    Hey naty I don’t know what kind of friend I am good or bad or worse or not worhy to get anyone friendship. But yes deifintely I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much YOu and I made a connection on ur page so much before than this story and its special in every manner.

    so yaa the bond what we made tasnim mansi, zara naty nisha manha roma, samiha devga patangaa , and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I love u all and the bond is special anyhow.

    U are always my princess dear. Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and Its always a pleasure of mine to make me ur friend on ur page dear .

    Always my pleasure to have u . Luv u dear. naty princess.

    Always smiling and do take care of ur health too. I tell on ur page some home remedies it will work on my dear ones too . You also getting fine with that.

    Luv u dear always smiling.

    And yes whoever read this Natasha is also writing a fiction story which is Not on manmarziyaan characters but its really an awesome story a fresh feel just like a rose petal.
    Go and read it once you never regret it my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Arziyan yeh dill ki

    Give it a shot to read you will not regret it love u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Always smiling . Love u all always

    Once a friend always a friend.

    Hey my silent readers came out of the silence and feel the happiness to share your views on the story you will feel good and be a part of us you will get lots of love here.

    Love u all. Keep smiling.

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    In last 2 days only 1 fanfiction of manmarziyan…? very disappointing.
    Nisha waiting for ur updaye

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    Finally nishu dear commenting on ur story….i just want to say that u r an exceptional writer.itni din kaha chup gayi..not only ur music sense bt ur writing sense is also extraordinary.iam seriously saying tum hum sabse bhi jyada cute likh rahi ho..its like as ur some professional writer.i think kash me ye serial padne se jyada agar tv me aya tho kitna acha hoga…really a tight hug for u and love u alott dear…waiting for ur next epi @mansi kaha ho yaar..missing u alott.happy tht u also writing a story.definite ga ne ff lo kalustanu.. I think all our manmarziyans ff writers have become so much busy these days nt getting frequent updates..deepa,thena,tanya,natasha,sree(i have to include my name also right) come back soon buddiees missing u all alot.. @chinni,lulu,anwesha,ameena,brity,aliya(muskan),roma,tasnim sorry if i forgot any names..and all silent readers how r u all?missing u all.hope i will get in touch with u soon…

    • Aww..Sree dear u remember me…I thought u have Forgotten me but u r such a sweet heart…i too missed u and ur updates…Pls yaar I know u r busy with ur Studies..But pls yaar..Update ur story..Can’t wait..pls update na..thank u and take care ?..

  26. nisha

    Hey sree thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear , u visit here,

    Really whenever I see ur name there is a wide smile on my face comes.

    I don’t know what I write and how it is but the reason is always to make u all smile that’s it .

    Nisha ka kaam hai khush karna bas yahi chahiye use to

    Baaki wait for ur epi eagerly busy ho koi nahi hum bhi wait karenege tumhara , kab tak bachoge kabhi na kabhi toh aana hi padegaa

    Pakad lenge phir. Love u sree always Once a friend always a friend.

    Keeep smiling always.

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    Nishu kyun patience test kar rahi ho. Plz update karo aaj hi. Plz plz.
    Sree- hw r u. I know u r busy with ur studies. Take time n write ur ff soon. Waiting.
    Deepa- really ur missing. Whr r u.

  28. nisha

    Intezaar karwaane waale ko bhi aarama kaha

    Aaram jise mile wo hi badnaam yahaan

    Manmarziyook ki galiyon me hum bhi aana chahte hai

    ishq-e-junoon ka samma bananan chahte hai

    Ye zaalim zamana na samjhe dilo ki duriyaan

    kya hai teri meri meri teri manmarziyaan

    Luv u manha luv u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much . Always loving u dear. Lots of hugs for you.

  29. Hey nisha I m really sorry I cudnt cmnt bcoz of some reasons but see I came atlast !! Nisha thanq yaar for coming to my page but cudnt cmnt !!
    U dnt no hw I m feelin bcoz I didnt reply feeling very bad yaar !!

    Hey plsss listen n write ur story dont wait for me dear !!coz I donno wen I will get tym to update !! So plssss !!
    Love nishu !!! I m sorry a ton !! N a ton tite hugs !!!

    Hey natasha !! I m fyn yaar !!
    Wat abt u dr?? Hey I really missed u more than a ton !!
    Hey I thought u forgot me but I was wrong !! !Love u yaar !! N I m sorry is liye ki I dinn cmnt on ur story bcoz I was really tired bcoz of my work yaar but now I will cum to ur page at any cost !!! Ami tomake valobhashi !!!

    Hey guys dis is for u all INSPIRED by nisha n ASPIRED 4 nisha n all my TU frds !!
    Dil se nikli har bath rahe jathi hai
    Par jo duniya kelie nikli bAth bayan ho jathi hai
    Kaise bataayein dosti kelie hum jaan bi de sakthe hai aur jaan le bi sakthe hai yaaron
    Ek baar yeh dialogue bath kehke toh deko kaise zameen asman ek hoja thi hai !!!

    Hey all so hw is it ??
    Nisha I want to listen 4m u !!

    Hey sree ur back really missed u n thanx dear for reading my story n cmnting it means a lot to mee !!

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    Hey nisha….its really awesome….i m soooooooo surprised that how do u write sooooo much…God….all the best my friend…love u?

  31. angel

    Hey nisha can u plzzzz give a brief summary of your ff as I m not able to find the initial epis of ur ff …..

  32. nisha

    Hey mansi dear , Already read your story my jaan , its awesome ,

    And yes, dosti mein yein ishaara bhi acha hai
    Marne marne waala ye tumhara tareeka bhi acha hai
    Bahut dekhe jaan dene wale yaahan
    par jaan lene waala tumhara irada bhi sacha hai yahaan .

    Luv u mansi waari jaawa tumhaari baaton pe , Kaala teeka laga lo nazar naa lag jaye dear,

    Luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mansi , tasnim, naty , zara, samiha , sree, and all of you missing you all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees joine us soooon dear missing u all very much.

    Keep smiling always dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  33. nisha

    Hey angel luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear. At least u visit dear.

    Its a adda of friends dear, Ff to ek bahana hai hume toh baat karni hoti hai bas.

    And yaa brief summary Not possible its musical dear.

    Story jyada aage nahi gayee hai. Its musical ,Don’t beleive but I can’t express my ff in my own words in short.

    But yaa my manha explained about the story dear, the story is now just start 7 episode done but she make a summary short summary point to point open the link check the comment of manha and you get the whole summary .

    Luv u dear,always loving u soooooooooooooooooooooo much keep updaiting ur next waiting eagerly..
    Luv u dear always smiling keep loving u always . Dear bye take care.

  34. nisha

    Well my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees abhi update nahi kar paaa rahi hu

    This song is for the first meet of aradhika for dedicating both of them dono ke dilo ka haale bayaan hain iss song mein , when I heard this I just loved it and it made my moment special , I know I am very very bad not updating next but this song is a healer of everything my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees heard this song once and you never regert to heard this , it will make all the memories of the stories flashback came in front of your eyes once again, Enjoy it and experienced once again the magic of aradhika
    Well I think to narrate the scene with the song but naa open the link check the song and refresh the old memories with the song it will magical.
    (Raah me un se mulakat ho gai – 2
    Jise darte the wohi baat ho gai
    Ahh ahhh) – (2)

    (Ishq ke naam se dar lagta tha
    Dil ke anjam se dar lagta tha) – (2)
    Dil ke anjam se dar lagta tha
    Aashiqi wo hi mere sath ho gai – 2
    Jise darte the wohi baat ho gai
    Ahh ahhh – 2

    Tere been kuchh nahi bhata hai mujhe – 2
    Har taraf tu najar aata hai mujhe – 2
    Zindgi taaro ki barat ho gai – 2
    Jise darte the wohi baat ho gai
    Ahh ahhh – 2

    (Aankh roye naam pe tere sawan ki tarah
    Tu samayi dil me mere dhadkan ki tarah) – (2)
    Dhadkan ki tarah
    Har taraf pyar ki barsat ho gayi – 2
    Jise darte the wohi baat ho gai
    Ahh ahhh – 2
    Raah me un se mulakat ho gai – 2
    Jise darte the wohi baat ho gai
    Ahh ahhh

  35. daizy

    Hey nishu…..plzz update next part dear……eagerly waiting for it……
    And i also request all other writers farha,thena,tanya,kirti,deepa(she is missing since many days),natasha n all others to plzz update their stories…hey nishu i m addressing to writers on ur page bcoz i find more interaction over here….hope u didn’t mind dear……
    From next week i will not get time to read all stories peacefully n leisurely….
    I have got a job….this is my first job of my life…..i m very much nervous about it…..don’t know how m i going to handle…. guys i need my friends wishes….hey nishu tum sabko itna motivate karti ho apni baton se…..tumhare comments padh kar such mein accha lagta hain………i hope i will get time daily to come here…bcoz i can’t wait for whole week without reading stories……love u all my dear friends..

  36. Roma

    Hi nisha dear my sweeet musical friend, plzzzz upload the next part soooooooon, eagerly waiting, love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  37. nisha


    But not to worry , ki farak pehnda hai

    WE are still here daizy , All the very best dera,

    We all are with you . Let me share something hey my naty tere sawal ka jawab bhi hai isme
    First day of interview is always makes anyone nervous but that is the time when we need to see our parents face and their trust gives us confidence to give our best. Say it to yourself I can do it. I need this job I work so hard for this job and this is the time for me to grab this chance anyhow I have to satisifed the recruiters and get this job. and then go to the interview.
    Doesn’t think at all about anything make your mind calm .

    And you know eat something you really like it works it minimize your stress eat something what you like the most and then say it to yourself I can’t loose this opportunity this is mine.
    And grab it just like a big bite of your favourite thing.

    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much daizy

    If you get the job then come to us I love u and wait for u with lots of hugs
    and if u don’t also then also came to us we are here for you then also. Dear Whenever we lose a chance that means god plans something very big for us something mischieveous and we can’t see it offcourse . We are here for you daizy dear

    Give the interview. Chak de phatte girl. Luv u sooooooooooooooooooooo much and a song for u .

    Luv u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees always loving u .

    Na na na na re na re na na na na
    Na na na na re na re na na na na
    Na na na na re na re na na na na

    Jab life ho out of control
    Honthon ko kar ke gol
    Honthon ko kar ke gol
    Seeti bajaa ke bol

    Life ho out of control
    Honthon ko kar ke gol
    Honthon ko kar ke gol
    Seeti bajaa ke bol

    Aal izz well

    Murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga
    Arre life milegi ya tawee pe fry hoga
    Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga

    Honth ghuma
    Seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyya aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well
    Arre chachu aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well

    Confusion hi confusion hai
    Solution kuch pata nahin
    Solution jo mila to saala
    Question kya tha pata nahin

    Dil jo tera baat baat pe ghabraaye
    Dil pe rakh ke haath usae tu fuslaa-le
    Dil idiot hai, pyaar se usko samjha le

    Honth ghuma
    Seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyaa aal izz well

    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well
    Arre chachu aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well

    Scholarship ki pi gaya daaru
    Ghum to phir bhi mitaa nahin
    Agarbattiyan raakh ho gayin
    God to phir bhi dikha nahin

    Bakra kya jaane uski jaan ka kya hoga
    Seekh ghusegi ya saala keema hoga
    Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga

    Toh honth ghuma
    Seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyya aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well
    Arre chachu aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well

    Jab life ho out of control
    Toh honthon ko karke gol
    Honthon ko kar ke gol
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Aal izz well

    Murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga
    (kya hoga)
    Arre life milegi ya tawee pe fry hoga
    (ho ho ho)
    Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga
    (kya hoga)

    Honth ghuma
    Seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyya aal izz well

    Arre murgi aal izz well
    Arre bakre aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well

    Na na na
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well
    Arre bhaiyya aal izz well

    aal iz well daizy luv u .

    Luv u roma manha my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Very soon dearieeeeeeeeeeeees. Very soon.

    • daizy

      hey nishu dear….thank you so much….. i really feel much relieved now…..n nice song dedication…….all is well….i hope all will go well……n i already got the job two weeks ago….itz just i hav to join from tuesday…….thankz a lot for ur wishes……really love u a lot……

  38. Thena

    Oh nishu nishu, my musical friend, OMG!!!!! ur page is too busy wid music. its soooo entertaining n healing. always b lik this girl. luv u frm heart:)

  39. nisha

    Hey thena , whenever you feel friend ki yaad aaye aajana dear.

    Bhar bhar ke pyaar denge dear . Hum tumhare hai tumhare hi rahenge always forever .

    Love u always keep smiling . And yes , dear Love u from heart tumhare page me message choda hai read it dear. Love u always .

  40. manha

    Daizy congratulations dear for ur job. Ya don’t worry jab ham sahi ho toh sab kuch theek ho hi jata hi. So just chill. Already nisha gave a superb song for it. Listen it and stay cool. U r gonna rock in ur job don’t worry abt it. Just take care of ur health n be happy always.

  41. manha

    Nishu baby agar sach me marna nahi chahti ho to jaldi update karo. Kya sirf songs aur dialogues se maarne ka iraada hi ya story likh kar maarne ka. Mujhe toh story padke marna hi. Plz ipdate karo jaaneman jaldi se. Plz plz plz.

  42. nisha

    Finally Finally Finally

    Manha Mar daal yaar Maar daal

    Sach mein dosto ke haatho maut bhi naseeb walo ko hi milti hai

    Well my dear next part updated/

    Naadan Dil Ki manmarziyaan(episode-9) Musical journey of love,ardhika-ishq-e-mohabbat

    Luv u dear so much love to you roma , and

    keep smiling.

    Lots of love to alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    luv u all keep smiling.

    Hey daizy updated yaar now release your tension and do well in interview well next update dekho tension waise hi bhaag jayegi.

  43. manha

    nishu ham tumhe maar nahi sakte aur nahi tumhe kuch hone denge. agar tum chaho bhi to bhi ham tumhara picha nahi chodenge jaan. dont worry i will not kill u. u r my darling. ham doston ke liye jaan de sakte hi unki jaan le nahi sakte.
    pehle tum sata thi ho likhne ke liye. jab tum update kar deti ho. yeh TU wale sata te hi update karne ke liye.

    ham toh phaaas gaye hai yaar.

  44. nisha

    Hey sweety manha mee too thinking the same dear. Well agar koi extra episode hota to may be intna intezaar na karti

    But yeh episode special hai.

    Tumhari nisha hai isme

  45. nisha

    And with a question too Experienced or non experienced Do answer when read it to all of you dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Deepa whenever cam dear I asking the same question from you too dear.

    And need the answer from all Ex or non ex.

  46. manha

    Ab toh aur jyaada intezaar hai. TU where is the update. Nisha msg karo unko shayad koi prblm ho. Plz TU update episode now. Plz

  47. NISHA

    Hey dear ,

    I think the story is not worthy to update may be in their views.

    Don;t know what get wrong .

  48. manha

    What r u saying. Don’t say like this. Don’t know when will they update. I think they have their own line up so it is late. U don’t worry they will update this evening. But tab tak intezaar karna padega wohi toh sab se zyaada muskil hi.

  49. NISHA

    Fingers crossed manha . And yaa dear.

    I didn’t tell anything about me till now naa. All are complaining naty and so many mansi also ask.

    So in next update I put my info also you also get to know who is nisha

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.