Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan (Episode-7) Love ke side effects between aradhika


Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees here I am back Lets go

Scene shift to Ajmer, at neil’s home

Neil received a call From Rishikesh national hopital informing him about arjun accident and nobody with him. And about his critical condition.

Neil suddenly told them that he is coming as soon as possible and told them to take care of Arjun.

Neil took it hurry , change his clothes and take his Black Wrangler Jeep and left for Rishikesh.

Scene shift to Mayo College, Ajmer Arjun’s college at next morning

All students are attending their classes.

And Two girls are coming From the classroom laughing very heavily.

One is wearing specs with a cotton pink kurti with jeans and the another one is in Anarkali baby pink suit with heavy ambroidery dupatta .

Yes, Its Pankhudi and her friend Nilimma,

Nilu : you know this BM professors always became so hot huh. I can’t concentrate on study when he is teaching us.

Pankhu: what ?You never change na. He is our teacher . How can you say something like this for him You little evil and they laugh and she tickled her.

Nilu: Oh really if You keep an eye on someone then it will be fine for all. And if I have a small little crush on someone than it will be wrong.

Pankhu: she blush totally . Her face change pinkish she smile a little and try to hide her face keeping an eye on the book immediately and says I I I don’t know what are you saying?

Nilu: Oh really , Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm now you don’t understand anything.

Ok Its ok. I am going to call him and come near her ear and say propose him.

She start dialing a no. and say loudly to her 838204….

Pankhu: Stop Stop She run after her. They both start laughing and running.

They both run to the Garden of college near by the canteen.

And talk Stop nilu and slap a little on her head. Don’t ever do this I will kill u .

Nilu: oh really then come kill me. But why I stop . He is nothing to u na.

Pankhu : She blush a little and said by blushing looking here and there?


Nilu: Look at me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm She start watching her here and there. Her eyes her head checking if she is ok. by touching her head from her hand and said.

Oh my dear pankhu

YOu are gone dear.
You are gone

Ishq ne tujhe deewana bana diya nahin to cheez to tum bhi kaam ki thi

She bursted laugh and said I am not going to leave you today nilu and running after here near by the canteen.

And they both stop take heavy breath and said

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hjjhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Uffff Pankhu Please Maate Now will u accept the truth or not.

Yes my dear. My friend She hold her two hands in her hand and said. You are in love with Arjun.

Pankhu: What Wha Wh Are you mad.

I don’t love him. Its just nothing.

Nilu: you lied from me . I can see in ur eyes full with so much love for him.

Pankhu: See a Red rose and goes near to her and said yes, nilu I love him. Because he saved my life that day.

My kanha has sent him that day to save my life. I lose myself on the very same day.
And she turn to her. and said that’s it.
Nilu: That’s it . What that’s it. You will have to propose him .
Pankhu: NO, No , NO ,NO. I didn’t love him for any need of mine.

Its just my love . I don’t need anything from him. I just want him to be happy safe that’s all.

After all love is not about demanding anything always.

Its all about giving . I will never force myself on him. I just want him to get what he want that’s it.

Nillu: What Are you mad. Nillu said with a shocking stare.

In which era you are living dear.Its 21st century . You are going to propose him

Pankhu: NO nillu I am not the one he like . He is the most eligible bachelor of the town . Every girl is after him.Then why he comes to me.
We never talk after than meeting till now. Its just me who loved him. She said a little tone watching down .

So , How dare you said that If he is the prince then he is the prince in at home . I Damn not interesting about how famous he is how rich he is.

Come sit . Holding her both hands and said . What do you think .She said in a softer tone. Look at yourself. You are the Daughter of

Rana Harshvardhan Rajpoot , Minister of Ajmer , Reputed , Rich also.
Look at you , You are so beautiful also. Nobody dare to propose you because your father is so rich and powerful . Or otherwise there is a big line after you.

Why he doesn’t like you . The reason is you dear. You never tried to talk to him.

Whenever i sent you forcefull after him. you scared change your way and how did he noticed you if u hide in ur rat hole.

Promise me Pankhu , Pakka wala friendship wala promise this time when he came you need to take a first step.

Promise me.

Pankhu: I just can’t She said in a mumbled tone.

Nillu: Take her hand and she said Look at my eyes and now Promise you will do it.

Pankhu: Okkkkkkkk. I will but don’t give me that angry stare I will scared. and they both laughs and said that’s my girl.

Meri Rajputni yeh hui naa baat.

and they heard a person on call on the other side. Friend of Neil is talking on phone.

Samar: Hey dude . Where are you . Neither you are there nor Arjun are here. Whole college is like boring dude.

When willl u both came. ( saying while playing with the ball in the garden)

When both pankhu and nillu heard arjun name nillu start hearing concentrate what he said pankhu resist but nilllu scold her said don’t I am doing this for u but I don’t want this pankhu said in a little tone and getting irritate but heard)

Neil: Dude arjun had an accident and I received a call . I am going there.

Neil: hey dude dude dude: Please don’t tell his family about this and any other person. I am going and checking the situation first. and then telling his family.

Samar: What ??What are you saying . He said loudly . Arjun had an accident . How is he Now > Is he fine.

Neil: Well doctor said His situation is serious. But I am going there . God why I leave him to go alone there he said by scolding himself for this.

Samar: His situation is serious . You need to go fast neil. And please tell me if I can do anything for both of u. And do tell me his condition. Bro . I am with u both.

AFter heard the convo between the two. Nillu got tensed she immediately turns to pankhu and see she became like statue. Not in her senses.

She didn’t cry as she hide all the pain in deep her. Her eyes gonne red.
and nillu ask its ok pankhu he will be fine . Ok No need to worry.

She make her sit offer her water. But she keep it aside.

And start walking walking walking and then start running from the college.

and plays ……………………….

Mann Mohana aaa
mann mohanaaa………..

She reached to her home with totally red eyes , her hair will get messy but she doesn’t care she came in a hurry to The temple in her house of Lord Kanha

She sit there and looked to his eyes in a deep stare and plays……………….

Mann Mohana aaa
mann mohanaaa
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chaina
Tarsu tumhi ko din rain

She comes near the statue of Lord Kanhaiyaa and a piece of paper rolled and hide in his baansuri( flute) she take that open it and see the picture .

Its arjun picture(what she get by the help of nillu)

She caresses the picture and her tear rolled down now she start crying a little.

But she control herself. She hide the picture again under the yellow cloth near by the Puja Plate.

And said to kanha by folding both of her hands

You sent him in my life . I am not going to cry . You will have to save his life.

You will have to save his life . and take a lighted baati( a piece of cotton which pour in desi ghee ) as per real ritualls.)

take it on her hand and close her eyes and start singing ………………….

Mann Mohana aaa
mann mohanaaa

She open her eyes and her tear fell down on her cheeks and start moving the baati from left to right and sang …………..

Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chaina
Tarsu tumhi ko din rain
Chodke apne kashi mathura
Chodke apne kashi mathura
Aake basao more nain
Tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain

She take the flowers on the other hand and showers on the statue of lord kanha and sang with a cried eyes.

Ek pal ujiraya aaye
Ek pal andhiyara chaye
Mann kyun na ghabraye
Kaise na ghabraye
Mann jo koi dhara ha
Apni rahon mein paaye
Kaun disha jaye
Tum bin kaun samjhaye
Tum bin kaun samjhaye
Raas rachiyan brindavan ke gokul ke basi
Radha tumhri daasi
Darshan ko hai pyaasi
Shaam shalone nand lala krishna banwari
Tumri chab hai nyari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaa
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaaa
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain

Scene shift to Rishikesh .hospital Its morning there………………… here arjun is lying on bed taking breath heavily and the nurse shout doctor Doctor Doctor.

Doctor came there and Check his pulse His BP and the other things in a hurry.
And said Nothing to worry. He start came into his consciousness . I also tensed for him after he get unconscious But I think someone is praying for him. and he left.

Her hand start burning because of the flame but she doesn’t care as she feel some other pain in her heart which is so deep and bigger than this. and

again scene shift to Ajmer , Pankhudi house.

She continue singing without noticing her hand burns …………..
Jeevan ek nadiya hai lehron lehron behti jaye
Ismein mann ki naiyaa doobe kabhi tar jaye
Tum na Khewaiya ho to koi tat kaise paaye
Majdhaare rehlaye
Toh tumri saran aaye
Haan tumri saran aaye
Mein hoon tumhari hai tumhara yeh mere jeevan
Tumko hi dekhon mein
Dekhun koi darpan
she is praying by closing her eyes she is ready to give everything of her but saved him………and the tear fell and sing
Bansi ban jaungi in hooton ki ho jangui
In sapno se jalthal
Hai mera maan angan
Hain mera mmmm…

She is still closing her eyes as she is praying please please saved his life and the Flower From Lord Krishna hand fall into her head and she opened her eyes
Smilled a little . See to krishna murti.

And take this baati Side . Take a diya and place the baati in diya pour it from desi ghee.

And then join her both hands and say .
YOU saved his life , you saved his life.
I will be your devottee for my whole life.
he is safe now . he is safe and smille whole heartedly with lots of tears ( what we say Haapy tears khushi ke aansu)

She take the picture of arjun and hide it again in the flute of lord krishna

And then her Daadi came into the house . and she immediately notice her hand and shout

Are E baaawri Chori ( hey you mad girl) Loudly . Are you going mad and start watching her hand take her to the living room . Make her sit and find take the Haldi(turmeric mixture) lep and apply it on wound which happened during aarti

She smile and smile and smile . and her daadi says. Baawri ho gayee hai kya

are you become mad what are you doing . What do you want from your kanha. He gave you everything . Doesn’t need to do all this mad things.

And she smiles and make her head sit on her daadi maa thigs and said while watching kanha murti , your baawrit chori(Mad girl) is ok daadi. I am ok.

Scene shift to rishikesh, Hospital Its morning there.

Scene shift to Rishikesh in Hospital at night Arjun gain his conscious and the doctor came there

Arjun: Uhhhhh. MY head. Its moving totally.

Doc: Its ok sir, Please don’t move you are now stable its just the medicine have been fine within few minutes.

He told the nurse to release the drips fixed in his hands and said he is ok now.
Arjun: Trying to sit with the help of pillow arranging by the nurse.

And said. Doctor, Will u please tell me Is anybody came here with me. I mean she came here??

Doc: Who sir??

Arjun: She(with a confused stare) a Girl with Black long hair and Brown eyes. with around (he closed his eyes ) and tell 5 feet 7 inch height. Fair colour.

Doc: No sir, So sorry we are afraid but we didn’t find any girl here nor anybody with u. But yes , we did a call from your phone on this no. So that they came here after watching your condition before some house

Doc asked the nurse You are here. Did you notice any girl.

Nurse : NO sir there is nobody here.

Arjun get a little depressed after that. And they left .

Scene shift to Rishikesh , Rads House its morning at 11: 30 am

Rads is in bathroom and shouting. I am not going to forget you sam .

Sammy is sitting outside and eating paranthas made by rads mother mala ji
and said aunty you made this awesome paranthas I loved it.

Nobody beat u in this. Rads shout in bathroom. Don’t worry I beat u very badly Let me came .

Sam came near by Rads mother ear and says Don’t worry she became mad actually . I make his head fix. and they both laugh and she left.

Rads came after came from the bathroom in a white kurti with white salwar along with white dupatta (a cotton suit having beads embroidery all over on kurti and dupatta and on the salwar also. ) and shouting

Yaa I became mad naa and start hitting her by the pillow.

She (sam) ran on the other side of bed and rads said I didn’t leave you now. Don’w ran now.

and said in a angry murmering making facing tone. What you said. I need to go and propose him.

Its 11: 30 am I am not ready at all. Because of you I get up so late in morning.

So what now the day begins said by sammy .

You can go now I will make u ready my love.

and she come to rads and said come lets get ready .

Rads opened her wardrobe and take some suits and start touching by her fingers pink one ,

sam: naa its too goddy

Okay Orange one : Waht are you going to jungle.

Sam comes to her and start picking something. and she said you don’t have anything good come go for shopping.

Rads: What shopping no. NO. I need to reach on time . he wait for me.

Sam: What Look who is telling this . Last night I make u convince to go . Comeon Come with me . I don’t want you to go as a joker.

And they both left.

They both are walking near the market. and they are going near by the flower shop and rads dupatta stuck with the flower . She stop and blush a little Thinking and exciting to meet him first time. and goes and take her dupatta. and smile widely and playssssssss
Dhanak ka rang hai bikhra mere duppate pe,
Saari khoonshbu meri baahon mein simat aayi hai,
Paanv padte nahi zameen pe mere,
Mujhpe ajeeb si masti yeh umad aayi hai,
Mujhpe ajeeb si masti yeh umad aayi hai and
ran to sam and hug her tightly and make her swing roung with her , singing and sang loudly ………………………………

Aaj lagta hai main hawaon mein hoon,
Aaj itni khushi mili hai,
Aaj bas mein nahi hai mann mera,
Aaj itni khushi mili hai,
Aaj lagta hai main hawaon mein hoon,
Aaj itni khushi mili hai,
She start walking alone and blushing hold her both hands and cluching herself Fold herself with the dupatta and sings

Haya ki shokhiyaan lipti hai mere aanchal se – 3

Aaj lagta hai main hawaon mein hoon,
Aaj itni khushi mili hai,

Sam rushes to her and came and said you are gonna mad in love I think I buy a dress come and she take her to the house. They reach the house. and rads run to her room and take her dress and change immediately. and came in front of the mirror with wet hair.

She hold a dupatta on her head and smile and playssssssssssssssssss

(Aisa lagta main dulhan hoon bani
Aaj itni khushi mili hai) – 2

She Comes to her bed and sleeps and take the pillow and sang with her beautiful smile …………………….
Woh ek pal ki mulakaat rang laayi hai – 3
(Umra bhar ke liye mehmaan bani
Aaj itni khushi mili hai) – 2

She stand immediately and start hair comb and get ready and going to go with a wide smile sitting in a Auto.

Sam make her stop and says Uhhhhhhhh u going like this
take this flowers She gives her a booke and they hug and she said go my darling

Your love is waiting for u.

And she left. Rads smiles and look at the flowers what sam gives to her and plays……………………………

Aaj lagta hai main hawaon mein hoon,
Aaj itni khushi mili hai

Aaj itni khushi mili hai

Aaj itni khushi mili hai

Aaj itni khushi mili hai


That’s it dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. for today…………

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I want to give the whole scene but seriously can’t get time these days.

Seriously came here by hiding myself and stealing the time. Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeees. Luv u all

Kindly tell me when I need to stop . Your hukum sar aankhon par. I will stop we will be meet on others page my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees anything for u all.

Write what ever your heart says , The comment box is your own box you can write anything you want .

luv u allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my deaireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees .

Always smiling . Coz the reason of writing is just to make u all smile or release ur day to day tensions Luv u by heart.

Here are the links dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees
aisa lagta hai main hawaoon mein hoon
man mohra kanha suno na

To reach the depth it is important to listen to the music once my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Love u all.

Credit to: Nisha

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