Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan (Episode-5) Ishq Ka fever between Aradhika


Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees , Till now ,We get to know Deewaangi of Radhika and Arjun.
Let’s go, Radhika ke deewane dil ka haal aage bayaan karte hai.
She close her eyes in the very soft hold of hand , which make her feel secure, protective. That is the new feeling what she felt in deep in her inner heart.
She opened her eyes , wake a little, see his hand holding now also tight her hand near by his heart and she blush and smile that comes straight from her heart reached to her eyes that gives a spark in her eyes. Yes , a spark comes to her face as a new feeling started in the deep in her heart.
She comes close to him stare him with so much love slowly slowly while she starting removing his hand clutches and she release her hand with his hand one by one from each finger slowly. She hold his hand softly and make it rest on his chest near by his heart and smile that erase all the pain what she bear till now . She felt so weak because of the blood donating but totally forget all the pain with the assurity that he is safe now.
She wake up clear her hair tresses, Suddenly then nurse came into their room
Nurse: Mam, Are u feeling alright?
Rads: Yes (with a cute smile) assured her that she is absolutely fine.
Nurse: Your husband loves you so much It shows when he get admitted here.
Rads: Suddenly her expression changed after she heared the word “husband” she stare arjun with teary eyes and a sudden current shock pass into her body.
Nurse : After watching rads face, the nurse ask, Mam, I hope I didn’t said anything wrong Mam.
Rads: After 5 seconds, NO, NO assured her everything is fine.
Nurse : She nodded. And go from there.
Rads: Rads see arjun shockingly with her innocent teary eyes.
And the song plays>>>>>>>>>>

She start taking little footsteps towards arjun and plays………

She is going to touch arjun and stop in the midst and plays…….

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage

and her eye teared and the tear fall on arjun’s face

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage

She hesitantly touch her face, caresses his face by showering her love,capturing his face into her heart throught her eyes.
Chhod kar na tu kahin bhi door ab jaana
Tujhko kasam hai
Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu
Jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai
Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to
Baiyan pakad kar aaj chal
Main du bata sabko

She give a good bye kiss on her forehead.and tears fall from her eyes on his forehead.
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage

And going to go, staring her as this the last time she watch him, met him and go with lots of moments and by crying but with a last smile that thank god to make her meet to a person like him.and plays.

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Scene shift to Arjun’s College where we left in previous episodes.

Arjun reached to his college . Entering the college See our three idiots with a lot of anger. And gone .

And then Neil’s came there. white v neck t shirt with black blazer and blue denim jeans wearing came towards arjun.

Hey dude/ What’s up.

Nothing these 3 will never change. Always doing some cunning things.

Leave them. Dude, we can play with them anytime . Don’t we???

Let’s go need to need to go to class.

Neil” Staring a girl and said “36”24″ 36″ and slid his head a little and smiling devilishly.

Then suddenly one of the 3 idiots blow a whistle for the same girl and says

Hey sweety , want to come for a bike ride. I took u to heaven .

That girl give him an angry stare.

Suddenly Neil came here and hold his color and said loudly don’t you know how to talk to a girl.

Go and learn to give respect to a girl.

Neil came to near by his ear. and said is she coming here.

He said in a confused tone , yes she is ?? and raised his eyebrows towards him>

The girl came and suddenly neil changed his expression to serious and move

Thanks neil you are such a nice person.

Not like them at least.

Hey, Elena,

Elena: yes,

Will u give me ur notes of yesterday class . I can’t came yesterday can’t have notes.

Yaa sure. This is my no: 99999999

Take it whenever , the notes is at home. Whenever you need it Call me I will give it to u.

She gone and neil move his face to the 3 idiots

thanks my 3 monkeys . I have got what i want know you all sit here and eat these bananas.

The 3 of them give him an angry stare.

Arjun see all this and said to neil . You will never change . you and your girls.

Why you want to change me. If I will be like you then the whole world will make bored, Serious .

You need some serious fun in life dude.

And they both gone to the class.

Arjun received a call from his home and he suddenly told neil . I got to go.

Neil ask what happened, Need any help.

Arjun: Not now, need to go now, but if I need . I call u dude for sure. He sits in his car and going.

He comes running to his house and asked his mother what happened .

She said come and take him to his grandmother.

She is lying on the bed and in ill condition. Arjun come near her . sit on his knees and said .

What happened Granny, how can my strong fighter became so weak . For some time I go and you take your health so lightly.

NO , dear Its not like that. She said with a smile.

One day after tomorrow , is your birthday. She is having fast since your birth every year.

She is going to Rishikesh every year to take gangajal for that.

But this time she is ill. Nor your grandfather is here so he will go for that.

That’s it. Just for this you are taking tension.

NO problem . I promise dadisaa, I will get the gangaajal for u.

She caresses his head . Giving him aashirwaad.

And then arjun leave for Rishikesh.

A voice heard from somehwhere ????

Did your heard it ??

NO, Don’t you???4

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . Let’s Go , Lets check where this voice came from??

A girl is dancing on the roof of a house. Wearing a Lehngaa

Leja leja re… haay haay leja
Nee muiye, nee muiye, nee muiye…

Her innocent , childish, naughty, blue eyes with long brown silky smoothy hair shown and plays
(Leja leja re mehakee raat me churaake saare rang leja
Raatee raatee mai bhigu saath me, tu aisee mulaakaat deja) – (2)
Nee muiye maila mann meraa, kya karna aisa rang gora
Jo piya naa rijhaaye

She comes to some kids playing and start playing with them jumping on a rope , her smile shows a childish innocent , smile that makes you mad for her , fallen for her and then she runs from there and plays
Nee muiye mann maila, mann maila kya karna hai aisa
Naa bhaaye piya ko, tann gora kya karna hai aisa
Leja leja churaake saare rang leja
Raatee raatee mai bhigu saath me, tu aisee mulaakaat leja

Leja leja, leja leja re, leja leja ha re….

She is running to take a kite just like a free bird , running without any thinking without any tension just running to take the kite and grab the kite and smiling and moving aroung and plays

aroung 5 feet 6 inches height , fair, smooth cremmy skin, blue s*xy eyes, small waist. A perfect figure what makes add more her beauty
and plays ……………..
Chaahu paas paas aana, koyee dhundh ke bahaana
Tumhe apana aana
Chaahe ruthe yeh jamaana, chaahe maare jag taana
Tumako hai paana

Nee muiye saaree raato kee, kahaanee koyee toh hogee
Jo jaage taare raato ko, ya jaage jogee

Hoo.. nee muiye.. haay..
Nee muiye hotee hai, kucch baate hotee hai raato me
Jo jaage hai jogee ya taare jage hai raato me
Leja leja re mehakee raat me churaake saare rang leja
Raatee raatee mai bhigu……

She hold the colour plate and spin around with the plate and everywhere red colour flows and her face shown and plays.
Nee muiye, nee muiye, leja leja re
Bhigu re.. haai
Nee muiye, nee muiye, nee muiye
Leja leja aa re

she is coming running on the staircase and comes to a room,

Dadi: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my doll is come

My dadi, how r you ,having medicine or not.

Dadi: Ohhhhhhhhh I forgot dear.

I am going for some time , and u forget ur medicing u know its really important . How can you take ur health forgranted.

Till then you are here , I need not to care about anything my doll.

And what If When I gone , you didn’t take care about yourself. She said with a lot of care

Dadi: ohhhhhhhhh now I get it , you got your prince.

She smiled a little What What are you saying . There is nothing like this

Dadi: oh no no no no , yes , If nothing like that ,

Then I will find a Prince for my pankhudi princess.

and she blush heavily her face gone pink . She kiss on her forehead.

and she gone from here.


That’s it girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

That’s it for today my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

may be what i wrote is bore or if making u bore let me know , I stop writing this one dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees anything for u all

And yes you get the link of the videos of the above 2 songs you can reach the depth after hearing the songs.

So , please heared the song once and then read the chapter you get all the taste what u want my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
Lejaa lejaa re mehektee raat me churaake saare rang lee jaa

This song is given for a new character Named Pankhudi Raajput
Starring Sharon from Dil dosti Dance (vrushika Mehta)

And the another song for Radhika is
Kaun mera mera kyaan tu laage

Love u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Always loving u all , this is your love what make me to write . I don’t have any talen nor I know the writing skills at all. Having lots of wrong typos and wrong vocabulary but having true feelings when I wrote my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees just to make u smile and to release ur tension .

Luv u all.

Credit to: Nisha

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  1. Hi nishu so short update drr…. mujhe ek baat samaj me nahi aaya after that incident arjun radhika ke bareme patha karne ki koshish nahi kiya kya and radhika ko kya hua oh usse chod kar kyu chal gaya plzzzzz answer my questions yaar

  2. I think that chudidhar ladki will be radhika?

  3. Who is this pankhudi….n is she pair with neil…
    N aradhika is a pair na …n arjun saw a pankhudi
    arjun rashika se pyaar kr ta hai na

  4. Radhika*
    n nisha tumhare ff me sam ni hai kya????

  5. Radhika rishikesh me hi hai n pankhudi bhi n arjun ne kisko dunda she was radhika jisko arjun pyaar karta hai

  6. Hiiiiii nishu plzzzzz reply Radhika rishikesh me hi hai n pankhudi bhi n arjun ne kisko dunda she was radhika jisko arjun pyaar karta hai n arjun murti kharid te wakt radhika ko dekha right n pankhudi pair with whom..????

  7. Hey my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Sawaal wo bhi itne saare

    Oh my god.

    I think this surprise will give u a shock . Am I right.

    Yahi to hai is surprize kaa mazaa.

    Being an aradhika lover . For sure Aradhika is couple. But agar mai aaj aradhika ko milwa doo kal shaadi karaa doo aur parso bache kara doo.

    To then do you like it.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees anything for u. But just on ur own choice.

  8. First tell me Do you like pankhudi character.

    She is soft, beautiful , just like a rose petal. Jo abhi abhi khili hai.

    How many of you know Sharon from D3(dil dosti dance). Its a new character my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Lee today episode me sam nahi hai but maine sammy ko chuppa ke rakha hai jaldi hi mil jayegii. Next update me

    Ok hayathi , I will answer all your questions , but in next update. You will get to know all your querieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. My dear,

    Maafi huzuur maafi itna intezaar karwa rahi hu, but each and every thing is worth , Intezaar ka fruit meetha hi hoga.

  9. Aur ab ek sawaal ka jawaab jo naa jaane kitne dilo me chal raha hogaa

    Why Radhika didn’t meet arjun.

    Why Rads doesn’t even wait for him to came into consciousness.

    Is she such a fool why she did all this and all that.

    YOu get all the answers but on right time. What the answer you get them all with Rads mouth herself.

    choice is all yours my deaireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. I can give yyou alll the answers or you will wait for rads answer by herself.

    1. Nishu u r lady mogambo yaar. Itni saari suspenses god plz update ur next update fast dr plz reveal it na plzzzzzz

  10. Hey guys you can tell me anytime to shut the story . No problem in it.

    As the decision is always yours my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    And I respect with fully whole heartedly. Love u always.

  11. Nishu i m also confused ……where is radhika and sam………………who is pankhudi?

  12. nishu pls next update thoda jaldi dena and confusion duur krdo ………..yr ur song timing and song selection both of them are too good…….i just love it………

  13. Oh nisha ek epi mesab ko confuse kar diya aur bol rahi ho boring. Oh god now i am even more excited for next. Plz nisha daily update karo yaar.

    Hayathi dear hw r u? Hope ur doing well and how is work going?

  14. Hayathi abhi arjun rishikesh aaya kaha hi. I mean here it is shown why didarjun go to rishikesh? Am i right nisha.
    Another girl. What!!! I think this is not triangle this is sone square story. Now sid’s intro is remaining.
    Lee we hav sam in this story. She is radz friend and live in rishikesh.
    Jaldi jaldi update karo yaar. Intezaar nahi hota.

  15. Nishu girl this is too much. After giving shocks n ques u r saying that u will shut. Don’t dare u ever say that. Next update jaldi se. :[email protected] Intezaar nahi hota.:-*

  16. Check this pics of Vrushiita Mehta our new character pankhudi Rajpoot

    The new bee in Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan
    Check this picture please This may help you get to know her

    And solve all your queries for sure

  17. yes another confession . The deewani episode happened in Rishikesh . Radhika is in Rishikesh and arjun too now in Rishikesh

    The part of college what updated in today’s episode is written to make u clear that how come arjun reached to rishikesh and aage ka nagma aapke dilo me likha hua hai my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  18. Shut up nishu ..u will shut
    Dont u dare aisa karani ki sochana bhi mat ….
    N ha upload ur ff next soon ….
    Its an order
    request as wellllllllllll…..:-P:-P:-D love ur ff nishuu…..

  19. And do tell me in each of your update all u see the pic or not or what do you think about the description is matched to her picture or not.

    Its important

    1. YEAH a veryyyy beautiful description…I donno her but Im sure she is sooo lucky cuz u r describing her sooooo beautifully…

      One loveee

  20. I am really getting confused yaar nothing went inside my head…..

    1. zayn dont worry. this nisha will make our head go into a spiral with her updates.
      i will tell u story till now. hope i am right and u understand it well.

      in my words:

      arjun is going to college after his intro there is a fb which shows how he met neil his buddy, fb ends. now arjun will get a call from his home where daadi is unwell and some one has to go to rishikesh for gangajal. so arjun decides he will go to rishikesh and on the way he hears our radz singing and goes to search, he sees radz dancing with her friends but suddenly phone call comes and he has to leave.
      In the night our radz and sam go to their buddies(puppies) the scene where sam is introduced.
      next morning radz get ready to go to clg and in the way she and her father come across these gundas. now arjun saves her from them but doesn’t see her and goes to search for his girl(i.e actually radz) but for his disappointment he dont find her. after so much wondering he comes to the road where these gundas r waiting for him. and he gets stabbed by them but for our luck radz comes there and she takes him to hospital and tells that he is her husband. now after operation and after assuring he is safe she leaves from there. meanwhile this stupid nisha gave an intro of another girl pankhudi and what’s her part here will be shown in next epi.

      so how’s the story??????????
      i hope i understood it right….. nishu agar koi galti ho to maaff karo aur theeek karo.

  21. ohhh my jaan……Awesome episode….I’m also a lil bit confused but no worry cuz ik my nishuu will clear all my doubts in next episode, right ????….I’m in love with u nd ur story….when I was reading the part about radhika nd arjun in the hospital…I was thinking to marry you…soo I will be the husband nd u my wife…I do a job nd u stay at home nd write the next episode for me….then I dont have to wait for tellyupdates to update….u do nothing except writing for me whole ur life…hahaha my evil plan for our future….plzzz update very sOOn dear ….love u from all my heart…

    One loveee

    1. Wowwww…loved your idea ameena…this is awesome… I wish we could see and meet each other. …missing you all my deariiiiiiieeess, love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug to all of youuuuuuuuu

  22. ameena kya baat hai yaar. kitni duuuur ki soch rahi ho tum. par husband oo kaise hoga. if it is then i will be ur sis so that u can daily give me update on it on phone aur mujhe bhi TU pe aane ki jarrorat nahihogi. hahahaha. kaisa hi idea.
    loveeee u.

    1. Manha I know right…life will be sooo easier than…ur idea is perfect….actually u all can be my sisters….will send u all before I start reading…hahahaha???
      One lovee?

  23. Nishaa when will u update???…eagerly waiting yaar…
    One lovee?

  24. I m huge aradika ..i love all ff on them..ur ideas are great nisha but u r taking too fast and even confusing readers with scenes from different track of time and y r updates r so small of which most r song lyrics ..seriously dnt get me wrong i loved ur cncept but fast and confusing stories can reader loose interest

  25. Wowwww nisha awesome episode. ..I read the comments above…lots of excitement going around for your ff…getting very popular. ..loved it yaar…your songs and links for it awesome, mind blowing. …never think that you’re boring anybody but we are more excited about this new character pankhudi, she looks very cute and your description matches perfectly and song too… plzzzz face off ardhika and nesam soon…but I don’t want to break your flow of the story… i also have few q’ns but I’ll like get all the answers from radhika in her chasni way…I can wait for it….and you nisha my musical friend you are really very talented but I think you don’t know it, never underestimate yourself… keep up with the good work and plzzzz continue your story and songs… I’m addicted to you and your story+songs, lots of love and kisses and very tight warm looooooong hug. …take care sweetie

  26. hey joyi Luved u dear.

    What a loyal comment. A real thing to know about that acha laga.

    Dear One secret sharing with u . Dear I start writing this story after a experiment of mine which I started on other page just one update and its gives so much smiles and happiness to my dearieeeeeeeeeees and they all make me start writing a story.

    I am soooooooo sorry dear joyi, I am not at all a writter. I love songs just loved it totally.

    And yaaa its not bit faster my dear. I know there are so many questions raised in ur mind and the others people mind about

    What is this kind of stupidness .

    A rubbish kind of story.

    Aise thodi naa pyaar ho jyata hai

    dekha aur pyaar ho gaya.

    Well the answer is Girls ka crush to aisa hi hota hai. I am saying this because Having experienced in this .

    Deewana to banaata hi hai pehlaa crush.

    But ye sab itni fast kyun hua.

    The reason is my dearest dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees and the song itself.

    They both made me write this one episode dear.

    I can’t stop my fingers to write this dear.

    Its just a try dear. And yaa my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Ek sweet friend se ek sweeet request . Please kindly tell me whenever you feel I am making u bored and this story is shit then kindly let me inform also. Please

    I stop this one dear. Because the reason for writing each and every episode is to make u all happy.

    Rads ke Tears ne jo baarish ki pankhudi ke smile ne uspe sunlight kar di.

    Luv u dear. Do tell me what u felt after reading this

    Once a friend always a friend. Luv u always.

  27. What a nice idea ameena.

    Bacho ke name bhi decide kare

    What say

    BOy hua to arjun ,

    Girl hui to radhika

    what say.

    1. Nisha my future bhabhi update fast. Waiting here. Naam ti ache hain i agree with it.

  28. hey zayn dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my manha gives u a short little cute smart and exciting summary,.

    I hope u will understand how come this all happened.

    Luv u dear.

    Always loving u . Once a friend always a friend.

    For sure updating the next part very soon.

  29. Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees for them who don’t know

    Who Pankhudi (the character name )

    real name (Vrushika mehta ) From Dil dosti dance acting the character of Sharon Rai prakash

    She is a well known actress and famous too.
    another pankhudi video which makes u love this character and got to know more.

  30. hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees coz the reason for writing is urs smiling .

    A thing comes to my mind . that u all are aradhika lovers too just like me.

    Sent ur favourite songs to me and I try my best to add in the story

    Can’t commit all songs but try harder to add your choice in the dish my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Always loving u once a friend always a friend.

    1. Hi again, I’m also a music lover…I love all types of songs…specially which has good rythm and melody…recently I like arijit Singh and shreya ghoshal songs,also rahat fateh Ali khan and many more…I don’t sing good but try to sing with the song playing….it gives so much pleasure. …it also love to dance…it like a song very much ‘laal ishq, ye malaal ishq’ from movie raam leela…just wanted to share some things with you my dear musical friend….it always feel awesome talking to you. you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  31. fantastically episode dr

    1. Hi chinni dear…how are you? Missing you guys soooooooo much. ..take care deariiiiiiieeess

  32. Hi nisha, my sweeeeeet musical friend…. phir wohi baat…you’re not boring anyone here… tumhari story sabse alag hai…Zara hatke…and the twists are also, Zara hatke types…keep going with your story…mujhe to bahut Mazaa aa raha hai…story with background songs and you magical description of every details, making it an epic…aisa lagta hai block buster movie chal rahi hai… sanjay leela bhansali/yash raj films type….mujhe sab kuchh same Nazar aata hai…aur main tumhari manmarzion me kho jaati hoon…aise hi likhti raho…aur hame iss duniya ki sair karaati raho….muaaaaahhhhhh. you loads and very very tight warm hug and lots of kisses. …

  33. Lagta hai nisha mujhe bhul gayi. Im crying. I missed u all so much.

    Nisha apka story to as usual kamal ka tha. Specially music selection.

    I have write a new story for u all. Nisha and all pls read it and comment. Itna toh apni natasha ki liye karhi sakteho na? So pls……

  34. Thank u chinni.

    Trying to the best from my side. dear. what makes u all smile.

  35. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Next part updated a second earlier .

    Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan (episode-6) Haal-e-dil-bayaan by aradhika of their love

    I will try to make erase some doubts in this update. baaki ke bhi jald hi door ho jayenge

    luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees by heart.

    always respecting each and every thing said by your heart.

  36. Nishuuuuu sooooo excited for next episode nd bacho naam bohut acchai hain….aunty uncle se baat ki…hahaha???
    One lovee?

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