Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan (Episode-2)

Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ,Till now we get to know Radhika Mishra , Now its turn to know About Arjun.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t hear you all. Arjun Mehra. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Its Arjun Rathor. The heart of a lion and the sole of an angel.
The only heir of Rathor family. Rich,Intelligent , Determined, Strong hearted , Calm , Composed, Just like his forefather Rana Pratap Singh Rathor.
Yes, Before Some time Just like Royal families they also lived in a Palace in Ajmer,Rajasthan. But after the Indo-Pak Separation . So many Royal families will have to leave their Palace.
At present they are rich But they have so many assets with them which worth Rs 10,000 crore in these days. Yes , He is damn rich. And have a very beautiful Haweli In Rajasthan . So big , Lets Go meet arjun Family . Come……………………………….

Ajmer , The city of Colours, Fairs and Festivals , It is also known as the Centre of Rajasthan. Lets go the haweli in Ajmer.

Kesariyaa Baalam aao ni ,

Padharooni maare des des rey, Padharoo ney maare des des rey,

A long gate slowly open and a Royal Wintage car came in .

The gate keeper greets the person inside the car,

Khamagharee Hukum saa!

From inside One voice heard, Ghari Khamaa!

Kesaria Baalam, Kesaria more baalam

Ho more baalam , Padhaaro mare des des ji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is he ??????????

Arjun Grandfather, Rana Zoravar Singh Rathor, Erogant , Rude, Self confident, Independent But one thing which makes him different .

He is a person of justice. Yes, he is a diamond merchant .

His business is spread all over India and overseas market.

But in Ajmer , People really Respect him , Because he is a man of justice always do justice in his own family and with the full village, He just loves his roots , his culture and that’s the reason he follow the old rituals in his house also.

Let’s go aage chalte hai, Arjun mother , She is a soft spoken , Kind hearted woman, Always thinking for others Loving, caring , and Loves arjun a lot, even more than herself.

Arjun Grandmother, His favourite Daadi saa,Sweet and loving but a little naughty, Wearing peacock shape Gold-Diamond kangans in both on her hands along with a mangteeka (rajasthani tradition) with the Ghagra-choli-over Ghoongat on the top. Arjun has chaacha and chaachi and an important member of the family , A little one in the house Kunwar Rajveer singh Rathor,Son of his chaacha and chaachi.

All the haweli get alive with the duo , The two members which make this family smile , make all the members alive. Give lots of happiness everywhere.

He kept running here and there. In one room to other. Daadi keep running after him. my son veer where r u ? Come u have to take this milk before going to bed. Come or else your mom will come and get angry on u if u not drink this milk.

Veer, Come on my gem, come fast dadi is getting tired now . Daadi think this is the correct time to create some magic huh>>>>

Daadi: She sit on the floor, and shout Ohhhhhhhhhhh AaaAAAAAAAAAAh,

I am dead now , I am not going to live anymore, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my leg , She is shouting higher voice and seeing here and there and making funny faces as if she is in pain.

Veer: Oh, Daadi maa, daadi maa , daadi maa, He is coming crying to see her, and tell her Sorry daadi maa, Sorry , Are you ok, I am ready to drink the whole milk.
He hugs her tightly and ask her which part hurt.

She hugs him and says MY son I am ok ,

Veer: but I saw you are shouting ,

Daadi: This leg (she sign it to left one) yes , my son I am old now , fell on to floor , don’t worry ,, you put balm on this leg and it will be fine.

Veer: Oh , Really daadi, he smiles a devilish one, Daadi when I was hiding here and coming here, I saw you hold your right leg and shouting , but Now you says you have hurt left one. YOU are lying to me .

So that I drink this milk.

No no no, Daadi (he is smiling fully and says its not easy to pick me daadi this time. 1,2,3 and here I go again,

Daadi, Oh lord , save me , he is even more naughty more than any son, now only one person will handle him.

Then the gate opens outside, a Royal Black Rolls Royce Car coming from outside.Open From upper part and Arjun is sitting in the car driving by himself . He doesn’t beleiving to have drivers just because he is from royal family.

He open the door Gatekeeper greets him too, Khamaghari Hukum saa,

He greet with a smile Ghari khama Kaka, How r u ? How is ur family?

He gives a pleasant smile to him and said they are ok. U r the only one he see who has such a big heart hukum saa. YOU talk to us . YOu take care of us time to time. Make us feel like a family . God will give u lots of happiness and yes surely a nice hearted bindni(wife)

The last line makes arjun blush a little . And he says Be smiling always kaka.

He goes in . Greets her mom. She is asusual doing aarti and then comes to him gives him one ladoo. and says God bless you. Gives him her aashirwaad he touch her feet.

He heard some noise in her daadi room , and says to her mom, Its again happening , Maa , give this to me and go , he take full plate of prashad. and go to daadi room,

Daadi maa is sitting on the bed and holding her head by her hand,

He huged her daadi tightly , Luv u more than the whole world my sweet beautiful princess.

She smiles when she heard his voice.

she tells him . OH my child god will give u lots of happiness, long age and lots of courage.

And says now take this milk I am tired now , you have to make veer drink this milk anyhow ,. This boy doesn’t hear anyone except you.

Arjun: ok , my princess now come on, don’t be tensed he make her smile and tell him to go to mom, I will do it.

He take this plate of ladoos and eat one ladoo and saying woooooooooooooo, its delicious , it has lots of mithaas in it. Creemy taste yummy delicious out of the world and making some noises and faces which makes the rat come out of his hole.

Veer heard all the noises, and came out ,

OK Ok Ok, I gave up , I need this one , Arjun smiles and make him sit on his lap.

And kisses him on his cheek, mY strong Veer rathor , YOu have to finish this whole glass of milk first.

Veer: nooooooooooooooooo, half is ok.

Arjun: no full , you want the biceps naa ,. Just like this , you have to be strong , winning fights, YOu are a rathod , Want to be strong then you have to drink it.

Veer Ok , but you have to drink with me.

Arjun Ok, Then he drink (as if he showing he just touch the cup with his lips ) and said sip and exercise.

Veer smiles and sip the drink with the same glass and start exercise.

Arjun now Round 2 Sip and exercise.

Veer again smiles sip and exercise.

Arjun Round 3 This time have to take a big one but you will have to if you want big huge muscles.

Veer Drink all the milk and exercise.

Arjun Now show me your biceps. Come on. He make him sit on him.

Veer shows him and says I am feeling strong.

Arjun ; See if you are drinking milk regularly then you get stronger Just like ur Shaktimaan or Hanumaan.

Veer: Yes, Dhishum Dhishum Dhishum (they both are acting as if they are punching each other.

Arjun : oh Ouch , I think you are going day by day more stronger ,

Veer: come on , YOu also have to drink milk everyday now. Ok! then both smiles.

Arjun says now come on its time to go to school. He says go to chaachi ji. She will make u ready.

And he came outside. He says , I have to go to college . Dadi gives him aashirwaad.

And he goes to college . With his Royal Rolls Royace . A nice Trendy car.

And came outside.

He is not different now . Just like his first day in college Stunning s*xy , Having the same car but yet stylish .

When he enter the college .Mayo college . The top college in Ajmer. All the girls staring him. As they all want to be with him.

He came out of the car. And See the three men sitting outside canteen,

Gandhiji ke teen bandar ,Rajat Bhujang and Surjang yes , they are not the student who came to study , they are the one who came here to do Gundagardi, Ladki patao, Ragging and all.

Arjun gives them a angry stare. As if remember something. (fb shows that

When the first time he goes to college in his first day. This happens Want to know come.

Want to know about his first day Come come come ………………..

First day in College 🙂

When he came outside his car.

All the girls , crowd stare him. Wind blows and Entry of Arjun RAthor

Then d song plays in bg

Koi naa jaane kitho aaya hai tu.

Sab de diloon wich ho gayee kuckdookoo

Inna sona inna cool

Munda Inna wonderful

Ennu vekhe je kudiyaan jo kehndi

Oh my God!Oh my God!

s*xy biceps . Toned body . Tight denim jeans. With White Vneck shirt. Which shows his s*xy body. with a cool black jacket .

Haan Munda sab me sab ton best

Munda better than the rest

Ennu wekhe je munde jo kehnde

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Oh seena 6 biscut da

Oh munda 6 foot da

Oh dheere dheere ye karda ye dhamaal saa

Oh munda kukood kamaal da

Oh munda kukood kamaal da

Oh bando mein banda perfect bemisaal da

kukood kamal daa.

Some one fell juice on his shirt he is going to change in side and his tatoo on his arm a Lion face and one on his back an Eagle tatoo showing and he wash face of him and fell the water on his body and every girl watches him with the face open

and then plays

Oh kudiya te ho jaaye effect ohdi chaal da

Kukood kamaal da

Kukood kamal da, kukood kamaal da

He move his hands and stretch himself then the song plays

Dil daude ithe uthe

Phir karde titar bitar

Ho mundaa jado angadai maardaa

Oh mundaa kukaad kamaal da

Oh mundaa kukaad kamaal da

Oh kudiyo te ho jaaye effect ohdi chaal da

kukood kamal daa

kukood kamal daa

All the girls talking……………

Where’s he :where is he from

Who’s that who’s that guy

He something very special

I don’t know what I want

He really got me goin

He make me feel alright

Baby Baby you can get lucky tonight

I like the way he is lookin

The way he movin now

I like the way they call him

Kukkad kamal daa

Oh mundaa kukkad kamaal da

Oh mundaa kukkad kamaal da

Then these 3 came out in front and sings

Hey me kya kariah

Kyun sabnu bukhaar bewajaah

Hey kyun ek anaar sau bimaar bewajaah

Oh le le do din di chaandi udhaar mundeyaa

Tu te rehna he ethe din char mundeyaa

Tu karle jinni vinti

HOni naa teri ginti

Aye gabbar hai ji dooje thekedaar da

Oh mundaa kukkad kamal da

OH mundaa kukkad kamal da

Oh kudiyo te ho jaaye effect ohdi chaal da

Kukkad kamal da

Oh mundaa kukkad kamal da

OH mundaa kukkad kamal da

And then After all the lectures finish then seniors are saying in each and every junior class they are organizing a party for them and they all need to came

In night all juniors are gathered in party clothes In the auditorium and then

These 3 are trying to do ragging with arjun and some others

But arjun instead of being ragged by them . He opposed them.

They are even by seeing his hotshot body. Being scared and saying him just to kiss a girl on her cheek.

Arjun see a girl with a simple Chudidaar pajami suit with Mirror work Bandhej Cotton Dupatta . Scared with innocent eyes with Specs. Curly long hairs and payal in her feet. He didn’t actually notice her eyes and over all look but just see her with an ignoring look. (when we see somebody but doesn’t on somebody face just gave one look and move on). But he notice tears fell on her face. he can’t see her eyes as she see on the ground. He can’t resist that he respect woman so much in all her life coz of her upbringing .

And he Said to 3 of them I am not doing anything and you can’t force anybody doing anything forcefully against their will.

Leave them all. Or I will not leave any of u.

3 guys: oh, seriously one came and said We will not leave what u will do ??

2nd one say : oh see his eyes WE are going scared huh huh huh

3rd one say , See you and all will have to do what we said unless we can’t leave u ??Its all for fun??

Come on Kiss her??

We count from 1 to 5 or else you would have to kiss on her lips ( he said this last line came to his face toface)

Arjun anger burst slowly but he he controlling himself and his face turned red while they are counting

(the girl that innocent one she is shocked to see all this and her tears came fastly)

And then on the count of 1 arjun anger broke and he start fighting with them

One by One Beating all of them just like dirty clothes.

He is in such a anger . He takes one road yes you heard it right .

An iron road. And starting to beating with that.

And one person came in between.

Entry of Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeil. Cool Dude . Yaaron ka yaar. Sweet Devilish, Naughty cute. one. big bratt.

He makes arjun stop . Stop stop dude leave them all. They will all injured now. And with that rod it will get worse not for them but for u. Bro, Come on leave them . They will learn their lesson.Trust me,

And drag him Calmly rubbing his back and took him outside. Gave him some water. And Taking him to his house. And saying Bro don’t worry today you teach them a lesson. Enough dose for today.

Tomorrow , they will get a big surprise by me . Don’t worry go home and give him a smile.

Next day, all the activities ragging and all went online socially , actually while doing that ragging just before that these 3 stole all the phones of them. But neil a devilish one take 2 phones with him , One is a smart phone and the other he hide from all of them always hiding it and at that time he hide it in his boxers.

Come to now,

All the teachers watch the video , and gave punishment to them, And now also,

Neil Doesn’t leave that opportunity, Going to his teacher he make his look just like an innocent boy who stuck in that situation . that pityful(dog like eyes) that makes one melt . in front of the teachers. and made them give him the chance to chose the punishment of these 3 .

This time neil doesn’t leave that opportunity and go to the auditorium and invite all the juniors and seniors there.

Arjun and neil sitting there in front . He tells one of this friend to close the door.

And tell that 3 . Now we are the kind Dance on this song which plays by us or else Deen of this college make u expell from here by just one complaint from me

Choice is yours.

These 3 are shocked to hear this and nodded to him Ok we are ready with angry eyes

And then all the girls made then wear sari and with bindi with a little lipstick on their lips.

and the song plays

Mere Dholna sun….

Mere pyaar ki dhun./…..

One is saying are kya chaal hai

Mere dholnaa sun

Mere pyaar ki dhun

another One; Oh zara nazaakat se warna kamaria lachak jayegee

meri chahate toh fiza mein bahengi

Zinda rahengi hoke fanaa

And whistling by all the crowd here. And all are smiling.

Arjun is standing from there and go outside with his angry look.

Neil is coming outside also. He says what happened dude,. Are u not happy now, these fu*****ck idiots will learn their lesson.

Arjun : this is not the right way. I don’t like this .

Neil Its ok dude Your way and my way may be different but our motive is same to teach them a strong lesson so that they don’t repeat it . He said in a serious tone.

Arjun and Neil both take a sec and then they both smile and hugging each other .

And then their yaariyaaan starts …………….

Want to read more come


Aaan aa aaaan need to wait for the next part budieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Already getting so late now. Need to run or else I am going to be dead.

Luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.s

Aayiye aapka intezaar tha for you all come here give anything Good bad worse neutral

Pyaar kiya hai nibhayenge marte dam tak. Luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

Aate rehna achaa lagta hai.

Credit to: Nisha

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  2. Oh nisha. Kya yaar royal family, rajasthan, haweli and all. Loved it. Superb. Intro song of arjun ah kuch nahi kah sakte. Neil he is always a sweetheart. Is the girl in chudidar our radhu? Hoping. Lots of love dear.

  3. Pakka nibhana hi hoga dear …. Mein pakka nibhavungi and it is just awesome writing …. Continue …. But dear one small thing it’s bit lengthy u can Atleast post twice a day … No it’s up to u …. But it’s unique… Believe me

  4. Lovely episode
    And do write long chapter
    Come back from fb
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    Keep going and update fast

  5. Nisha….it’s fabulous yaar….eagerly waiting for rads entry and for their romance

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    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Hai Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Hai Bin Aapke
    Lagta Nahin Dil Kahin Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Hai Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Hai Bin Aapke
    Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi
    Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi
    Jaise Koi Saza Koi Badd-Dua Hogi
    Jaise Koi Saza Koi Badd-Dua Hogi
    Maine Kiya Hai Ye Faisla
    Jeena Nahin Hai Tere Bina
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Hai Bin Aapke
    Mujhe Koi De De Zaher Hanske Main Pi Luungi…
    Mujhe Koi De De Zaher Hanske Main Pi Luungi…
    Har Dard Sah Luungi Har Haal Mein Ji Luungi…
    Har Dard Sah Luungi Har Haal Mein Ji Luungi…
    Dard-E-Judaayi Sah Na Sakuungi
    Tere Bina Main Rah Na Sakuungi
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke
    Dekhke Voh Mujhe Tera Palkein Jhuka Dena…
    Dekhke Voh Mujhe Tera Palkein Jhuka Dena…
    Yaad Bahut Aaye Tera Muskara Dena…
    Yaad Bahut Aaye Tera Muskara Dena…
    Kaise Bhulaayuunvo Saari Baatein
    Vo Meethi Raatein Vo Mulaaqaatein
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke
    Lagta Nahin Dil Kahin Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke
    Jeeyen To Jeeyen Kaise Bin Aapke.

    Love u all my loiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    1. Thaaaaaannnnkkkk youuuuuuuuu soooooooo muchhhhhh. You’re such a sweetheart, love you loads my dear. This song is just came out of my heart too…I also can’t live without you sweetie. Muaaaaahhhhhh

  19. Updated the next part my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan (jashan-e-yaariyaan)

    Luv u all.

    1. Hi nishu dr… thank u so much u r back plz update today itself… and large update…. and i want to see rads arjun face to face plzzzz try to do it

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