Hiiiii its sarsura am Arabian BUT at the same time i can speak hindi as i really lov india soo much so i decided to learn this language
So am here because i am big fan of Ragu , Laksh and Sanskar ..and like Swara also
Soo lets start

Ragini :simple , Lovly and rich girl , her family has a very big position in business world ..she loves her brother soo much and she can do anything for him , she is student last year at her college .( 23 years old )

Raj : ( gurmeet choudhary) he loves his sis soo much ,, he is like (angry young man type ) he loves Swara ( silent lover ) he always show attitude to her ( 21 years old )

Boy1 : an orphan …. he is smiley person , love life ,, he is also study at the same college of Ragini (middle class person ) (24 years old )

Boy2 : he is very rich .. very stubborn . he dosent care about anyone bt himself and he is friend of Raj ,, he uses his friendship with Raj because he loves ragini and he want to see her all the time . ( 26 years old )

swara : . she is modern , love life , she dont like talking to raj because she thinks that he has soo much ego .(21 years old )

soo please friends u select between (sanskar and laksh ) who will be Boy1 AND who will be BOY2

(Boy1 is the hero of the story ) and Ragini is the heroine .

see you soon
soo much love
bye bye

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  1. Dont no bt think so boy1 lksh nd2 Sans pta ni bt i lkd bth of thm so u dicide dear love it epi so updt sn D

  2. Wish u hippy New year. I wnt boy1 is sanky plzzzzzzz pair the ragsan i AM biggg fan

  3. Boy 1 sanky

  4. Interesting
    Boy 1 Sanskar
    Boy2 laksh

  5. I think boy1 as laksh if u have different opinion I don’t mind it’s interesting

  6. 1- sanskar

  7. boy 1 laksh n boy 2 sanskar

  8. I want Raglak
    Boy 1 laksh
    Boy 2 sanskar

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