Na Jaane Kyon — Ragsan (few shots) shot 1

Hello folks!! Saghi is here.. Hope u guys are doing well… as I said so here’s a surprise for my Ragsan/Tevar fans, new Ragsan ff. This one will be few shots 5-6 shots. Hope u guys will support my this ff like my other works.. abhi main apni chappar chappar band krti ho….


I thought the day we met was the worst day of my life because ever since you came into my life it has become like hell. I wish I never know you but since I am going away from you forever I feel that our partying is going to be the worst thing ever happened to me


She threw the paper again. Her dustbin was overflowing. The writing pad on which she was writing seemed to be almost on its death bed. She was angry, frustrated, sad and of all crying. Why was she doing that?

Ragini a simple girl from a middle class
family, her only dream was to achieve something in life that would make her
parents proud of her. She was 21. She hit her pillow hard and hugged her teddy
tight. She was crying so badly as if the whole world will get flooded by her
tears. While she shared her sadness with her teddy the past events came hurriedly
across her mind.

She was very bright girl 5 years back when she completed her 10th standard she was the happiest girl in the world because she stood first in the state. She got the admissions in one of the top colleges in her state where her life turned so drastically of which she never dreamt of.

A year passed in her college and now she
was in 12th standard. On the first day of college;
“I am late” was the only thing that was
bothering her. She was in a haste to reach the bus stop which was just across
the road. Just when she put her feet to cross the road several things happened
together, Ragini heard sound of a horn, she looked in the side and saw a large
truck coming to hit her and someone pulled her back, she saw a face which was completely unfamiliar and then she knows nothing.

When she opened her eyes she saw three people staring at her surrounding her bed. Then she realized that she was in the hospital. The people around her were her friend, nurse and doctor. Doctor checked Ragini and discharged her saying she became unconscious just due to shock and no injuries at all. He gave prescription to an unknown yet a very familiar face. Ragini couldn’t recognize the face. When she got discharged her friend Kaavya was walking with her.

“Kaavya who is that guy who is interested in helping me so much?” Ragini asked

“He is the one who saved you and then
called me he took all the responsibility of completing the formalities” Kaavya

“Does he know me?” Ragini shot another

“I don’t know you better talk to him you
should say thank you at least remember?” Kaavya gave a reminder to Ragini

“Oh! Yes.” Ragini realized she hadn’t even
said thank you to the guy who was her savior.

“I’ll get the taxi you wait here” Kaavya told
Ragini and left her near the reception.

She saw the guy who saved her life; he was like an angle to her. He seemed very quite. While she was thinking the next
moment he stood in front of her.

“What do you think exactly you were doing back at road?” asked the guy

“HUH!” Ragini wasn’t expecting this. “I was crossing the road fast as I was getting late to the college.” Ragini answered.

“Don’t you feel you might be getting late
for the college but it was too early for you to go to heaven or say hell?” the
guy asked mockingly.

“How dare you? Me and hell! I am not that
bad Mr. Whatever.” Ragini burst in anger.

“Nice way to thank me Miss Ragini.” The guy said smiling to himself.

“Oh Right! Thank you! But don’t expect me to say sorry because I won’t be going to hell understood?” Ragini was having fit
of rage.

“Well in that case you are not welcome. Here are the reports (the guy gave a file) and good bye” guy turned to go.

“Hey wait!” Ragini shouted at his back.

“Shhh” said the receptionist.

“Sorry” Ragini apologies to the receptionist.

“Yes” he turned back to her.

“Name! What’s your name? You know mine so if I meet you again I should know yours right?” asked Ragini.

“I don’t think we will meet again but you
are right accidents happen just like this.” And he pointed to Ragini.

Ragini was about to say something but before that the guy introduced himself.

“Sanskar’ Sanskar Mehra”

“Well bye then” said Ragini.

“Bye” and Sanskar left Ragini thinking what kind of person she just met.

Hope u guys enjoyed it… please to let me know by comments. I’ll update Saadi Love Story on Wednesday & Cross Connection on Thursday.

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way you are…. be yourself!!!!

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