Na Jaane Kyon — Ragsan (Few Shots) Shot 5

As the days passed Sanskar and Ragini started coming closer and closer and they made a small group. The group was of just four people who always used to hang out together, Sanskar, Ragini, Kaavya and Nikhil (kaavya’s Bf). In the last couple of months of the 12th class Sanskar and Ragini became the best buddies. Kaavya used to be with Nikhil and Sanskar never gave Ragini any chance to miss Kaavya. Life was smooth yet Sanskar was tensed. Though Sanskar and Ragini were best of friends he never shared with her why his mood swings so fast. Ragini was concentrating hard on studies because she wanted to get into the best college next year. One reason for Sanskar to be upset was he was sure he’ll never be able to go to the college with Ragini because he wasn’t so good in studies. But Ragini kept on persuading him because she knew he is intelligent and he scores less just because he doesn’t study. Ragini knew very well that there was something that is bothering Sanskar very much. She tried to ask him many times but all efforts in vain.
One day Sanskar entered the class little tensed. When he saw Ragini he smiled faintly. The whole day he behaved as if nothing happened but Ragini knew that something was wrong. She tried to speak but Sanskar was not ready to give her any chance. He was more tensed than usual and Ragini was sure it’s something big. She made her mind to speak to Sanskar anyhow. She told Sanskar to stay back after the classes in the library because she wants to discuss 1997 papers. Sanskar had no clue what Ragini was planning. But he was sure it’s not just paper. They sat in the library by luck it was less crowded than usual. Ragini and Sanskar sat with the paper. They both discussed first two questions and then suddenly Ragini said.
“Sanskar we are friends right?”
“haan, Ragini what’s wrong?”

“Just tell me we are friends or not?”
“Of course we are. We are best friends Ragini.”
“So if I ask you something will you give it to me?”
“Definitely what you want?”
“You doubt me?”
“No but please promise”
“Okay promise”
“What is the problem?”
“What problem? There is no problem.”
“See that’s why I told you to promise me. You are lying now. Don’t you think I know you more than yourself?”
“Hmmm! Okay. I think it’s a time. Fine you know who I am?” Sanskar said reluctantly.
“Sanskar Mehra” said Ragini casually
“Yes Sanskar Mehra. Son of the great Justice Ram parsad Mehra.”
“What? You are Justice Mehra’s son? You never told me” Ragini was surprised yet she maintained her low voice.
“I didn’t tell anyone because I don’t want anyone to know. Being great Justices son is not a great thing at all. It’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Do you know why I behaved rudely with you the very first time you called me? It’s my dad. He is a great judge who can’t judge his own son. I was at Canada till tenth at my uncles and then mom called me back. They always fight and nowadays they fight over me. Dad thinks I am good for nothing because I don’t want to do law and poor mom. She suffers every day. He insults her each day and then I fight with him. I can’t control myself and my frustration is shown every day. When mom is on tour that’s the best time we never have to see each other’s face.”
Sanskar was speaking in agony. The creases on his face clearly showed in how much pain he was. Ragini was troubled too. She was suffering with the same pain as Sanskar.
“Sanskar I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” Ragini apologies.
“It’s okay Ragini. This is how the life is meant for me.” Sanskar said sadly
“Don’t worry main hoon na! Chalo let’s forget about it. I am sure one day you will make your father proud of you. By the what do you want to do?” Ragini asked positively

“I want to do MBA but first I want to get admission in the same college as yours.” Sanskar said laughing.
“Okay done then you will score I promise you.” Rgaini promised Sanskar and Sanskar seemed happier than ever.
Days passed and the exams were over. Shocking news came to Sanskar that he stood 2nd in the college and 4th in the state. On the other hand, Ragini was top both in college and the state. Sanskar couldn’t believe himself whereas Ragini took all the credit mockingly for his success.
They joined the same college for further studies and life seemed to be the same as back in 12thstandard. Two years passed and Ragini has slowly begun to develop feelings for Sanskar. But she didn’t want to lose her best friend so she remained quiet. Kaavya knew about Ragini’s feelings but every time she asked her Ragini denied.
Then entered Swara Shah in their final year, she was the hottest girl and most beautiful girl in First years. Every boy liked her. Sanskar too seemed to be very fond of her. They used to chat hours and hours and Raginii felt very bad about it.
Before Ragini could dream about her and Sanskar being together a hard blow hit her when Swara in front of the whole college announced that she is seeing Sanskar in Sanskar’s absence. Ragini was crushed. Ragini was shocked that Sanskar never said anything about him and Swara.
Ragini wanted to tell Sanskar that she loved him. But what’s the use now. Ragini was shattered she never felt so intense before. She knew Sanskar was going away from her. She left with nothing but tears. Once upon Ragini’s life was just to achieve and now Sanskar has replaced everything in Ragini’s life. When she realized that Sanskar was her life it was too late because Sanskar’s life is not her but swara.
Na Jaane Kyon! Ragini wanted to know why did Sanskar did this to her. She wanted to ask him. She wanted to hit him badly and that’s when she took a pen and paper and begins writing.
The memories of these three years came running to her and she cried more and more. She wanted to shout at Sanskar why did he did this to her. But then after crying a lot she realized that she never told Sanskar about her feelings and so do Sanskar. She was just a friend to Sanskar. She has no right to question him what he does in his life. Ragini’s phone was ringing continuously but she didn’t reply. She wanted to forget everything. It was very hard for her. She slapped herself for not telling Sanskar what she felt. At least he should have known. Rgaini hugged her teddy more tightly.
Na Jaane Kyon! Ragini was feeling that the whole world has turned upside down. Na Jaane Kyon! Sanskar couldn’t read her this time. Na Jaane Kyon! She couldn’t tell Sanskar this time. She never hides anything from Sanskar but Na Jaane Kyon! This time everything is different.

Precap: last part

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