Na Jaane Kyon — Ragsan (few shots) shot 5 and last

Ragini’s whole world has changed. She knew nothing what had happened. Suddenly she became charged up and she stood up. She went to her cupboard took out her one white anarkali, took the car keys lying on the table, her mobile on bed and went out of the house. While leaving the house she told her mom that she is going to the central library in the city. She needed driving. Tensed Ragini always preferred driving. She threw her mobile on the side seat and she drove away. Ragini was so fast that there was hardly anything she could see. She chose a lower crowded area to drive so that there will be less chance of accident. Her cell was continuously buzzing. She drove round and round and stopped her car at a place. She got down of the car and started walking hurriedly the same way she walked almost 3 years back. But this time she wasn’t getting late for the college but she wanted him to come. She was walking madly crying. Tears covered all her face and her eyes were so watery that she couldn’t see anything near her properly. It was her hope that he will come. Her Sanskar will come to save her. “My Sanskar will come “was the only thought in her mind.
“But is he mine?” Ragini questioned herself.
“He is mine”

“No he is not”
Ragini was fighting with herself and she reached the same place, this time she closed her eyes and put her feet to cross the road and just simply said “I Love You Sanskar” and yet again several things happened simultaneously. She heard a horn, she turned to look aside to see a truck, she smiled and said “Now” and someone pulled her. This time when she saw it was her angle again. The same angle that saved her years back. Ragini couldn’t see him properly because of her watery eyes but she could feel him. She was still smiling “I know you shall come” was the only thing she said and then a loud noise came.
Her angle has slapped her.
“Enough is enough Ragini. This is the second time now. Can’t you look after yourself? What you think you were doing. I wish I slapped you the same day first time you did this mistake.”

Sanskar was shouting at her
“I know you shall come” Ragini again said
“Are you gone out of your mind? Just because you knew I would come you did this?” Sanskar rage was hitting his head.
“I know you shall come” Ragini kept on saying
“Fine you are absolutely right. I would come because I am the only idiot in the world who runs after you.” Sanskar didn’t realize till then he was crying too.
“I know you shall come. But how I knew you shall come? Why did you come?” Ragini slowly begin to come to her senses.
Sanskar was quite now.
“Sanskar why did you come?” Ragini was almost shouting and like a manic she started hitting Sanskar.

“Why did you come here you go to your girlfriend. Why do you care about me just go Sanskar. I was your best friend and you didn’t feel it necessary to tell me that you have a girlfriend. You could read me na! Ragini you are very easy to read that’s what you said na! then why couldn’t you read me this time. Why couldn’t you read that I …….” And she trailed off. Ragini was completely exhausted. She simply hugged Sanskar and then Sanskar kissed her softly on her head.
“You are a complete idiot. You claim to be my best friend are you sure you are?” Sanskar asked
“I am dying over here instead of soothing me you come up with a question answer session?” Ragini got irritated.
“You could read me write? So how come you didn’t read me this time? I can ask you the same question. May be I wasn’t a good reader but you were always perfect Miss Studious? You always showed full faith in me to aab kya hua? You must have confirmed with me na about Swara?” Sanskar said with a raised voice

“She announced in front of the whole college Sanskar. Why would she spread a rumor about something like this?” Ragini was in no mood to lower down her voice.
“Idiot it was just a trick. She loved a guy but the guy wasn’t ready to tell her how he felt about her. She knew it and that’s why she asked me for help. How would I know that I was helping her at my personal cost?” Sanskar too was not lowering his voice.
“She is with someone else?” Ragini asked dubiously lowering her voice a little.

“Main gala phad ke abhi kya keh raha tha stupid? I just helped her in getting her love. The moment he came to know that she is seeing me he came to me and told me to stay away from her. Swara heard him and fought with him just like you as to why he is bothered, she can go out with anyone as it’s her life and then the boy got so angry that he said that it’s just not your life it’s our life and you can’t make decisions when I have equal share in your life. So nautanki band kar and come with me. You know I love you and there is no need for me to confess it in front of everyone you get that? And he took her away.” Sanskar stopped narrating. He was relieved by that time Ragini was resting on his chest and listening to him quietly.
She was very calm now because she knew the truth. And suddenly she came to her senses.
“How did you know I am here?” Ragini asked Sanskar, still resting on his chest.
“I was following your car. I called you so many times but you idiot didn’t pick up the call. After a little adventure of swara. Kaavya called me and told me that you were very upset. So I called you again and again when you didn’t pick I thought of calling at home but dropped the thought as I thought aunty would be worried. I came down to your house but saw you driving away I followed you and when you stopped it was a shock for me because it was the same place and then I knew I helped myself by helping swara.” Sanskar was smiling now.
Suddenly Ragini pulled herself back and started walking back to her car.
“Hey Ragini! Wait What?” Sanskar was all confused and followed her.
Ragini didn’t stop she walked straight to her car and when she took out car keys to open the car Sanskar again pulled her to him.
“What do you think of yourself? I told you to wait and you are running away. I want to talk to you.” Sanskar said determined.
“I want to get back home mom will be worried.” Ragini answered relaxed.
“You don’t have anything to say to me?” asked Sanskar
“Nahi!” replied Ragini
“Are you sure?” Sanskar was again getting irritated
“Haan” Raginireplied firmly.
“Okay go then get lost.” Sanskar left Ragini to her car alone.
Ragini watched him going, smiled a little and again turned back.
“By the way Ragini I wanted to give you something” Sanskar again came from behind and startled Ragini.
Ragini turned back but she couldn’t see Sanskar anywhere she thought it’s just delusion. She again turned to open her car.

“Ragini yaar kitni der ghutno pe kada rakhegi muzhe?”
Ragini turned again and stunned to see Sanskar on his knees. He had a ring in his hand a beautiful diamond ring.
“Now before you take revenge on me by flirting with another guy I want to tell you beforehand that don’t you dare to do that because you were, are and always be mine. I LOVE YOU RAGINI and I know you love me too so no cheating. First day I met you I liked you and you remember I told you we are meant to be together someday. This is the day Ragini. I waited just because I wanted to be somebody before I say this to you. Someone who deserves you, someone with whom you want to spend your entire life, but it seems that you don’t want to wait so let me tell you that I cleared MBA entrance so there are full chances that I’ll be a successful person someday. So with all my not so romantic speech I just want to ask you one final question will you marry me?” Sanskar was smiling and Ragini couldn’t do anything but just smile back.
“Hmmm! don’t you think it’s too early?” Ragini replied.
“Kya? I am proposing you on road in front of everyone making fool of myself and you are asking me isn’t it too early?” Sanskar sounded irritated.
“I mean I am just 21.” Ragini replied mockingly.
“Just tell me yes or no rest we will think later it might be too early for marriage but my knees will give up any second. I am not telling you to marry me just now, tell na Will You Marry Me?” Sanskar asked hopefully.
“Okay! Yes! I’ll marry you” and Sanskar  without waiting for another second put the ring in Ragini’s finger. They both were smiling Na Jaane Kyon Ragini felt as though she was complete.
Ragini made Sanskar stand up.
“OMG my knees” Sanskar moaned.
“Kuch pane k liye kuch khona padta hai na?” Ragini was in full mood to pull Sanskar’s leg.
Sanskar again pulled her close to him and said
“tumhare ek muskurahat ke liye main meri saari khushiya de sakta hu Na Jaane Kyon main tumse bus itni si mohabbat karta hu. I Love You”
To which Ragini replied “Agar tum meri muskurahat ke liye saari khushiya de sakte ho to tumhare ek sapne ke liye main meri saari saanse de sakti hu Na Jaane Kyon mai tumse bus itni mohabbat karti hu. I Love You too” Sanskar softly kissed on her forhead and they hugged each other. Sanskar was right they were meant to be with each other someday.
                              THE END

Hey folks!! Thanks everyone for your love and support. I’m overwhelmed the response I got on this ff. Hope u guys enjoyed this part as well. If so please hit like button and do comments and let me know what you liked, what u didn’t like, your favorite scene or dialogue. I’ll update Saadi Love story tomorrow.

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling, be confident & you are beautiful the way you’re….be yourself!!!

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