Na Jaane Kyon — Ragsan (Few Shots) Shot 4

The same night Ragini thought of some project topic. She decided to call Sanskar but she was very angry with him for first stealing her mobile number then for reading her messages and thirdly for making her feel embarrassed in front of the people around. She decided to simply message him rather than a call. She texted him the topic name and waited for his reply but to her more shock he didn’t reply. Ragini waited and waited the whole night but he didn’t reply. She got little worried thinking why he didn’t reply. Then she thought he did it on purpose as he wants to try her patience so she let go the topic.

The next day when she came to college she was waiting for Sanskar to come to discuss the topic but Sanskar didn’t turn up so she became more worried as to why hadn’t he first replied her and then showed up to college. Ragini was restless thinking about Sanskar. As soon as she was out of college on the way home she called Sanskar. He didn’t pick up, she tried again but no luck. For the third time though he picked up the call but didn’t even say hello.

“Hello!” Sanskar said Ragini
“What?” Sanskar irritated.
“I messaged you about the project you didn’t reply.” Ragini
“So?” Sanskar
“Is everything okay? You didn’t turn up to college today.” Ragini
“None of your business” Sanskar said very rudely
“But the project?” Ragini

“Do hell with it. Please stop bothering me” and Sanskar hung up.
“What was that?” Ragini thought to herself. He was not the usual Sanskar. He was the reserved guy back. Ragini was worried and for the first time she wasn’t angry on Sanskar but worried for about his well being. She knew something was troubling him but couldn’t relate anything.
She decided not to call again and continue with the project. The due date was after a week. The next day in the college Sanskar was present but very quite. Ragini thought of leaving him alone with his thoughts and she continued with her work on the project. Days passed but there was no change in Sanskar. He seemed depressed. In the meantime Ragini finished with the project. Kaavya kept on asking Ragini if they fought over something because of which he has become all over rude again. Ragini denied and told her not to speak about him and it is nothing to do with her. Finally project submission day arrived and professor told to submit the files in the staff room.

Sanskar had no clue what to say to professor. Now that Sanskar came to his senses he was very nervous to speak to professor. Sanskar decided to keep quiet and when professor asks he thought he will come up with some alibi. Sanskar was very sure Ragini was not going to help him in this matter as he was very rude to her so cancelled that option. During the last lecture professor came up with the project marks and all were waiting for eagerly. Professor read out the marks in reverse order from least to the top. Sanskar knew what was coming for him and then professor said something which made Sanskar stunned. “Ragini Arora and Sanskar Mehra 50 on 50the best project.”

Sanskar didn’t know what to say he was too occupied to speak. He just looked at Ragini with a grateful expression and Ragini just smiled in return. Sanskar didn’t knew what should he do. After being so rude to the girl yet she stands up for him and help him. He felt very guilty for his behavior. He decided to apologies to Ragini. While he was thinking of apologizing bell rang and all the students rushed out of the classroom. He couldn’t see Ragini but he wanted to talk to her urgently. He can’t stand more guilt. Sanskar rang her up the very instant.

“Hello” Ragini surprised
“Where are you?” Sanskar worried
“In the corridor Why?” Ragini still surprised
“Can you please come to the classroom for a minute?” Sanskar pleading
“Haan!” Ragini hesitant
“Please just for a minute” Sanskar literally begging
“Okay” and Ragini hung the phone.

Ragini was thinking what happened to Sanskar all of a sudden that he decided to be so nice to her. She entered the classroom nervous and hesitant.
“What happened Sanskar?” Ragini asked
“Ragini I think by now you know I am a jerk right?” Sanskar asked
“Huh! I mean what was that for? Khudki itni tariff?” Ragini said mockingly
“I behaved with you like a jerk and yet you go ahead and help me?” Sanskar asked from Arohi expecting an explanation from her.

“What’s the big deal Sanskar? You saved me from dying and I saved you from professors firing that’s all. I knew you were disturbed and didn’t want to bother you. So I did it myself as simple as that.” Ragini replied casually
“Sorry.” Sanskar apologies

“For what?” Raginii confused.
“You know for what.” Sanskar said
“Listen I forgot that phone hung up program the same day so don’t torment yourself with any guilt but remember next time if we by chance do project together it will be you who is going to take all the responsibility and not me got it?” Ragini said almost bossy.
“Yes Miss Studious sure” Sanskar agreed and a small grin spread his face.
“Okay then bye I think it’s more than a minute and Kaavya is waiting for me outside.” Ragini said looking at the watch.
“Oh! Sorry for the trouble and tell Kaavya I said sorry to her to make her wait.” Sanskar said politely.

“Doesn’t matter but do you know you sound different today anyway bye” Ragini said smiling and she turned to go outside the classroom.

“Ragini” Sanskar called her.
“Haan” Ragini turned back
“Thank you” still guilty.
“What I should say Sanskar, in this case you are not welcome?” Ragini was laughing and Sanskar just stared at her. She was looking so cute while she laughed and for the first time Sanskar’s eyes could be read that he was admiring Ragini.
“What?” Ragini asked Sanskar dubiously

“Nothing cute smile and I thought you are a bookworm but I must say you are smart too. You shot my words back at me, indeed a smart move” Sanskar said praising Ragini’s act.
“Thank you and don’t be sorry. Thank you chalega don’t worry won’t say you are not welcome but please mention not.” Ragini answered him coolly
“Ragini one last question before you leave”
“Shoot” said Ragini bluntly

“Can we be friends?” Sanskar asked Ragini this time more hesitant. It was very clear that he was expecting a no but Ragini surprised him again.
“Was that a formality Sanskar?”
“Sorry” said Sanskar confused.

“You are expecting a No and asking me whether we could be friends don’t you think it’s ironic?” Ragini said smiling
“Now I guess you can read me too” said Sanskar with amazement.
“A little I guess. Anyway of course we can be friends.” Said Ragini and put her right hand forward. Sanskar also put his right hand forward within no time and they shake hands.
“Friends” said Ragini
“Friends” said Sanskar.
Na Jaane Kyon Ragini felt that Sanskar needed her.

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