Na Jaane Kyon — Ragsan (Few Shots) Shot 3

Ragini was very nervous to talk to Sanskar again by his looks she was sure that he wasn’t happy at all. Ragini was not happy but satisfied that some of her questions will be answered while both of them are working together on the same project. As she was very studious she didn’t want to take any risk in her project therefore she decided to go to Sanskar and take his contact number.
“Landline or Mobile number?” someone asked from behind Ragini
She turned around to look and again shocked to see Sanskar standing behind her. How each time she see him he make her startle was one of her questions.

This time Ragini decided to ask him how he come to know what is she thinking.
“As you wish, by the way Sanskar can you please trouble yourself to explain me how you came to know that I was going to ask you for your contact number?” Ragini questioned him little awkward.
“I told you before you are easy to read. Secondly you are Miss Studious so obviously you will want to discuss about the project as soon as you go home for which you require my number. Isn’t it?” Sanskar answered with an ease.

Ragini felt that after many days Sanskar is back to normal and he has left his Mr. Reserved style.
“I am impressed. Anyway you are absolutely write and I don’t want you to mess with me when it comes to study get it?” Ragini spoke very determined.

“Alright so any thoughts so far Miss Studious?” Sanskar again teased her.
“Not yet but as soon as I get any thought  I’ll ring you up and if by chance something comes to your mind I expect the other way round. Okay?” Ragini replied confidently.
“I don’t think I’ll deprive you of the chance of selecting the project topic but okay I agree. So I am giving you a miss call on your number save it.” said Sanskar
“Hey! Hang on! From where do you get my number?” Ragini asked with another shock.
“Not a big deal. Hospital and your mobile with me helped me I guess.” Sanskar replied

You thief you stole my number?” Ragini was in rage again.
“Stole? Haha. Have I used it? I had no work in the hospital while you were resting there unbothered. So I thought let’s play with your mobile let me tell you my mobile is 10 times better than you and so do the messages in that” Sanskar was talking as if he wasn’t bothered about Ragini’s reactions.

“You read my messages? OMG why me? God! Why am I stuck with this guy?” Ragini was losing it.
“Good question! I think you are stuck with me because you are meant to be with me someday.” Sanskar said casually but his eyes said he meant it.
Ragini didn’t know what to say the words echoed in her ears. That was so deep. Ragini was about to smile living all her anger behind but her inner voice ordered her “Come back.” Ragini was with her angry expressions again.

“You are trying to flirt with me?”
“What do you think? Do you think I’ll waste my time on a girl like you who will make me study even on a date? Nahi!! But I liked the way you thought. So all done then shall I leave?” Sanskar asked for Ragini’s permission.
“I don’t think I invited you to talk to me so no need to ask permission. Bye I guess” Ragini said smugly.

Sanskar begin to leave saying loudly “I’ll wait for your call, bye” which made all the people around to turn and look at Ragini.
Ragini was left embarrassed and she thought “Na Jaane Kyon ye mere hi gale paad gaya.”

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