Na Jaane Kyon — Ragsan (Few Shots) Shot 2

NA JAANE KYON! Ragini kept thinking of the guy who saved her. His deep eyes, his attitude, his personality, and the way he talks there was something in him that made Ragini think he is mysterious.
The next day neither did Ragini want to be late nor she want to meet another stranger so she got up very early (she didn’t sleep the whole night). When she and Kaavya entered the classroom there was no one in the class except a guy who was reading a book. Ragini couldn’t make out who the guy is because it seems he wasn’t from her class. Ragini thought the guy sitting there came to the class by mistake so she went to enquire.
“Excuse me!”
The boy put down the book covering his face.
“Haan” the boy replied and Ragini’s straight face turned purple first and then almost red.
He was the same guy Ragini’s survivor.
“Sanskar!” Ragini almost shouted.
“Oh wow! Tum! I must give you the credit for your sharp memory power. Just once we met and you remember me perfectly. Raat bhar mere bare me soch rahi thi kya?” Sanskar said coolly.
‘OMG!!! how come this guy know I didn’t sleep last night’ Ragini was in her own thoughts.
“Hello!” Sanskar interrupted her train of thoughts.
Ragini composed herself.
“How come you are here?” Ragini questioned Sanskar
“Why? Only you can go to college? By the way I am new student of this class.” Sanskar replied.
“New student in college! Strange!” Ragini asked surprised.
“Strange but true.” Sanskar replied smiling.
“I must say Ragini your will power to meet me was very strong that’s why I got admissions here. Now we will meet every day.” Sanskar teased Ragini.
“Huh!” Ragini is very much irritated but he was right she wanted to meet him. She wanted to know what kind of person he is but she was very surprised to see him reading all her thoughts. ‘Am I so easy to read?’ Ragini asked herself.
“Haan” Sanskar replied.
“Sorry” Ragini couldn’t understand.
“I think you are easy to read” Sanskar answered her silent question.
Another shock crossed Ragini’s face. What was it? Is he a vampire or something who can read minds? Ragini was confused and slightly smiled at her foolish thought composing herself quickly. By the time they had this little talk, students started filling the empty class. Kaavya was listening to the talk between Sanskar and Ragini. Students entering the class were busy throwing uptight looks at Sanskar and Ragini. By now everyone guessed that Sanskar is a new student but the entire class was more interested in Ragini talking to Sanskar. The topper of the class talking with new comer was the hot topic ever since.

Days passed, Ragini was firm not to go and talk with Sanskar as she didn’t want to draw any attention towards her so also Na Jaane Kyon whenever she saw Sanskar she begins to remember the incident and felt that they both are connected somewhere. On the other hand, Sanskar turned a reserved guy. The first day Sanskar was quite different from the present Sanskar which made Ragini curious to know about him but she controlled her inquisition for the obvious reasons.
After some days Computer professor announced that students are supposed to do a mini project on anything related to computers. Each student will be put in a group and group will have two students a boy and a girl each. Everyone was murmuring about who they will get as their partners. Professor started announcing the names and Ragini had more shocks waiting for her. When the names were announced it was she who grouped with Sanskar and she was stunned. Na Jaane Kyon she had no choice then to face Sanskar when she wants to run away from him. With her corner of eye, she looked at Sanskar who was staring at her as if he is been told that you are fired from your job. Sanskar was with the expression “Not Again!” whereas Ragini with a face
“No Option!”

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