na jaana dil se door pt 44


Hey guys this is sobia back with part 44….I am actually not that busy these days so I will be posting sooner…but I have exams and all coming in between so it will again stop but no worries I will try updating whenever I do get the time thank you to everyone who has been commenting and supporting my fanfiction although I do miss some of my daily readers but it’s okay they are probably busy let’s begin…..

Recap: sarya break all ties with swasanraglaksahutt….mara support their family….sarya feel upset that their own sister/cousin slapped ragya and uttara slapped aryan….they leave and later decide to leave the city….swasanraglaksahutt decide to not give up and explain to sarya about what actually happened….samrat and kabir get a phone call and they smile….
Its evening time and swasanraglaksahutt are on their way to kabir’s other mansion….ragini prays that sarya listen to them….laksh is sitting next to her and he grabs her hand…a tear falls on ragini’s hand….she sees laksh crying and cups his face and says laksh don’t worry…our ragya will listen to us…laksh slowly smiles and says I hope so and hugs ragini….they both are in each other’s arms while swasansahutt look at raglak…..they think so much happened with them but still they are brave….

Ragini was without ragya for 5 years and when they met then ragini lost her memory but when she got it back ragya went away again….they smile at raglak and pray in their hearts that sarya listen to them…mara are playing with aayush and telling him that soon your bhai and behen will be with you….they smile…..

The camera rolls and it shows three kids sitting on the bench…they are sitting lost and nowhere to go…they just have their suitcases….a train attendant comes to them and says bacho where do you want to go? Sarya reply what’s the first train to Lucknow? He says in 30 minutes….aryan says we will take the tickets for that….aryan takes the money he got from home and pays…he has some money left and says to ragya and samar if they are hungry….they want to say yes but nod no…aryan understands but he goes and gets them food….they smile and all three share it….
On the other side kabir and samrat enter a godown…kabir says hello are you here? The person replies yes come in….they walk in…they see the guy in the godown and samrat says bhaisab humne swasanraglaksahutt ko unke bacho se alag kardia aab sirf aayhira ki bari….(brother we separated swasan from their kids now only aayhira is left…..) the man laughs and says good… drama of changing really hurted the kids….all three laugh and the face reveals it is DP…..dp says I knew this would happen….after all I needed my revenge…..he remembers the flashback 20 years ago……


20 years ago a big office is seen….outside says MM AND GM…..the camera rolls and it shows shekar talking to dp about some project….they had clients over and dp was making the clients understand something but shekar interfered and talked against it saying it might be a bad thing….we can suffer losses….dp got mad and thinks that shekar is just a middle class guy who works with him and he is talking while I am…dp says nothing but thinks of something….
The clients agree and they cancel the deal…after the clients leave dp shouts at shekar that because of you we lost such an important deal…shekar tries speaking but dp stops him and says enough you are just a low standard man who works for me and you have that tongue to speak with my clients about me….you did not do good shekar not good….dp says I will have my revenge fir this….shekar fumes in anger and says do whatever you want I am quitting….shekar leaves and dp fumes in anger….he throws the file and says you wait shekar…I will ruin your family so much that even your kids will want to die….


Samrat says so bhaisab we did what you wanted….dp says good now go home and poison the kids minds more because I know swasanraglaksahutt will 100% come to sarya to convince them….samrat and kabir smile and leave….


Swasanraglaksahutt also come there and ring the doorbell…a servant opens the door and says yes….ragini says can we meet kabir? Servant says he is out but he will come soon until then you guys can wait in the hall….swara smiles and they come inside….all of them are feeling anxious since they don’t see the kids….sahil tells mara to go check where sarya are? They nod and leave….they look room to room when raina spots an colorful room…mahi says maybe they are there….they smile and go inside…when they come they find no one….
Mara look around when raina’s eye falls on a paper….she walks to it and reads it….she is shocked….raina slowly moves back and hits a vase…mahi gets alert and says raina what’s wrong? Raina says di…di sarya…mahi says sarya what? Raina says di sarya left….mahi is shocked…she says left? But where? Raina says they left meaning this city…they aren’t here….mara are shocked….mahi runs down and says ma/badi ma/papa/bade papa…all look at the stairs…they see a crying mara and ask what’s wrong?

Sanskar says beta what happened? Uttara sees a note in their hand and reads it….it says…

i know you both will be mad at us for doing this but we had no choice….you guys raised us for all these years and we felt like we were a burden on you so we have decided to leave this city….(everyone is shocked) i am sorry badky papa but not just this but after we saw that video we didn’t want to stay here anymore…we don’t want to see the faces of the people who did this to us….i am sorry badky papa and kabir uncle but we want to leave….please take care of yourselves and don’t tell about this to mr/mrs. maheswari’s……

Everyone is shell-shocked…ragini breaks down and says see laksh our kids left us again…they didn’t even bother listening to us…they just left…where would they be? How would they live by themselves? They are little kids….laksh no matter what happens I want them back…laksh please….at the door samrat and kabir are standing…they are shocked….they run out to the car…samrat says kabir all the plan is ruined…we thought if sarya stay it will be more fun and we can separate aayhira too but how will we do that? And what if they tell about all this to some outsider…no we can’t take this risk….kabir says yes papa if someone finds them and asks them why they left home and sarya tell everything..

No papa we have to do something….they run and leave to check all the railway stations and other transportation places…..they get to the railway station and first check all the trains….sarya are seen sitting at a bench when someone comes behind them in a mask….aryan looks back and says yes? Who are you? The mask guy makes sarya smell chloroform and makes them unconscious…..sarya leave their suitcases and it kind of opens….a picture falls out of it….swasanraglaksahutt feel breezes coming and ragini says laksh I feel something strange…swara tells sanskar and sahil says maybe we should go check the railway stations….they will most likely get a train to leave….all agree and leave for the railway station….mara are crying and looking at aayush….

screen freezes on some masked guy taking sarya away in a van, swasanraglaksahuttaayhira running for the railway station, and the picture that fell out of the suitcase…..
precap: 3 years leap….there is someone tied against a pole in a bad state…sab kuch badal jaega…..kya is nafrat ko kabhi pyaar milega ya nahi?? kya hoga swasanraglaksahuttaayhirasarya ki zindagi ko??? kaun hai woh masked aadmi?? kyun sarya ko lekar gaye??? kiski picture ghiri suitcase mein se? kya swasanraglaksahutt ko pata chalega ya nahi??? kya hoga sabki zindagio ko?? (everything will change…will this hate ever get love? what will happen to swasanraglaksahuttaayhirasarya lives? who is the masked man? why did they take sarya? whose picture fell out from the suitcase? will swasanraglaksahutt find out or not? what will happen to everyone’s lives?)

so how was it?? too shocking? lol sorry if it’s too much suspense but i told before too that i love suspenses hehe i hope you enjoyed this….now i don’t know when i will post the next one but i will soon post it when i get time since i have exams coming up it will be a little delayed…depends on how much time i have but i will surely post it….i am getting less comments these days too so i will post sooner only if i get a decent amount of feedback because then i’m writing but there is not that many people reading it but i will try posting for my readers

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