na jaana dil se door pt 4


Hey guys its sobia back with part 4…I really hope I am not disappointing you all now without wasting time I will get started so here we go……

Recap: raglak separate because of dp’s decision
Precap: Kya iss nafrat ki khel mein kabhi milege humare swasan aur raglak?

@the night in MM
Camera rolls to the room…it is shown a guy is crying hard…it is our laksh…he is crying and remembering all the moments he had with ragini….same situation is at ragini’s home…both cry and think about their moments together….the song sau dard hai plays…
Sau dard hain (a hundred pains)
Sau rahatein (a hundred pathways)
Sab mila dilnasheen (I got it all my love)
Ek tu hi nahin (I just didn’t get you)
Swara is crying and sanskar is trying his best to console her…swara stop crying you know na I hate tears….swara smiles a bit and says sanskar papa itni nafrat kyun karte hai tumse…I know you are Bengali but that doesn’t mean you are bad right…what is wrong with papa….if I ask bhai he won’t tell me…sanskar says why won’t laksh tell you…he is your brther na….swara cries and says I don’t know can you please help me find out the reason papa hates you….sanskar says of course my dear but for now please sleep….swara hugs him and she falls asleep in his arms while sanskar thinks why dp hates him and bengali’s….
Camera rolls on his bedroom window…laksh is still crying on his bed when someone from the window tries coming in his room…the person sees him and says laksh…he thinks ragini…and turns and it is our ragini….he smiles and quickly goes to the window and helps ragini come in…he asks ragini you here….what if sumi aunty finds out…ragini puts her hand on his mouth and says shhhh laksh I’m here to see you and you are worrying about maa….first stop crying she wipes his tears and gives laksh a tight wala hug….laksh slowly puts his arms around ragini and pulls her closer to him so their bodies are touching and both are still hugging each other….
Ragini then breaks the hug and says you know na I can’t see tears in my future hubby’s eyes….laksh smiles but then gets sad and says but dad said no so how do we marry?….she says lets runaway and get married…laksh is shocked and says are you crazy? We can’t marry without our parents approval….ragini says why not? laksh says I don’t want families to break apart…ragini assures him nothing will happen…they will get married but keep it hidden until they don’t make both families unite again….laksh thinks than says but we need witnesses….ragini says I know someone….laksh says who?
She says bhai of course…sanskar and swara can come and be witnesses….laksh half-heartily agrees….laksh tells ragini to go now…she says no I will stay with you the whole night…..she holds laksh’s hands and takes him to bed….she asks him to sleep…he sleeps and ragini closes the lights and goes to the other side of the bed and puts her head in laksh’s chest and sleeps….she is holding him from his stomach and laksh has his hands on ragini’s waist….ragini kisses laksh’s cheeks….then they both fall asleep….
Swasan were still sleeping when suddenly sanskar gets a phone call….he wakes up and sees the caller and its none other than his sister ragini….yes di tell me what happened?….bhai can you please come to the temple with swara…he asks why but she just says come…he replies okay…swara wake up…she says let me sleep sanskar please….swara wake up, ragini called and she wants us to meet her at the temple….
Swara wakes up with a jerk and says temple? But why?…he says I don’t know swara….swara thinks something and says sanskar I have an feeling they will do what we did…sanskar says what do you mean?…swara says I mean we married in the temple without telling anyone….I don’t know why but I think they are about to do the same thing….
Sanskar says no swara we can’t let that happen…lets go fast…after 2 hours they are at the temple…they see raglak waiting in wedding attire….swasan know they want to get married but they won’t let that happen….laksh says swara its good you came…me and ragini have decided to get married and that to today….swara says no bhai you can’t do that…raglak get sad and ask why…
She says because sanskar and I did that and everything got ruined….raglak get shocked because they did not know they also ran away and married….ragini asks what? But I thought they willingly let you marry… ragini I don’t know why but papa hates bengali’s and sanskar was a Bengali but we both loved each other and I was pregnant too….raglak get super stunned and both in chorus PREGNANT???!!! Swasan nod yes and raglak ask but where is your baby? Swasan get teary eyed and look at each other….raglak want answers so they ask them…swasan nod to one another and decide to tell them…..
They narrate everything that happened two years ago
A boy is seen sleeping…he gets an phone call….it says swara on it…he picks it up and says yeah swara my sweetheart what’s wrong? Do you miss me? Swara replies sanskar listen to me….we have to get married and that to soon…sanskar asks but why my dear? We said we will convince your dad first right….swara says we don’t have time for that and I know my papa he won’t agree…I don’t know why but whenever he hears the word Bengali he just gets angry….
Sanskar says but swara what’s the hurry….we can try to convince your dad….swara gets a little mad and in a strict tone says SANSKAR WE HAVE TO GET MARRIED SOON!!! Sanskar gets a bit scared and says swara chill why are you getting so mad? What’s the hurry why can’t you wait? BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT SANSKAR!!! He wakes up with a jerk and says pr…pre…pregnant b..bu…but how swara? She says remember that night we both were drunk….sanskar says yeah….swara says well we were not in our senses and we made love….I think that’s how I got pregnant….sanskar says oh shit but how can I get you pregnant….oh my god….swara says this is why we have to get married soon or both our reputation will be at stake…..he says okay swara meet me in the temple in 1 hour I will reach there….she replies okay and hangs up
Sanskar is freaking out and he is waiting for swara….she leaves home but someone sees her leaving and thinks where is she going?….the person follows swara and they reach the temple….swara sees sanskar and says come lets go get married….sanskar says I still can’t believe I got you pregnant….The person is there listening to their conversation….he thinks swara is pregnant….this boy I told swara not to trust him….he gets mad…he thinks I have to do something before she ruins my reputation….even if I have to kill her….he is stern and face is shown….it’s dp….he looks angry and has red boiling eyes….swasan get married and leave temple….
They reach home and they have a little talk….sanskar is somewhere feeling happy that he is going to be a father whereas swara is excited because this is a feeling of becoming a mother for the first time….6 months pass and swara tells sanskar to take her to the hospital for an check-up….they see the doctor and he tells everything is fine and they are expecting not one but two kids…twins…
Swasan get really happy and are overjoyed…but little did they know that something bad was going to happen….they leave the hospital while a truck comes behind them…swara dropped something so she bends down to pick it up and sanskar is a little ahead of swara…he thinks where did she go so he turns around and sanskar sees the truck and shouts swara…she says what but before sanskar could answer the truck hits her and she falls down in a pool of blood….
He is standing their shocked…he runs to her and says don’t worry swara nothing will happen to you…he asks her to open her eyes but no reply…he picks her up and takes her to the hospital….sanskar is really worried while swara is being operated in the ward…2 hours later the doctor comes out and says who are you? Sanskar replies her husband….sanskar asks how swara is and the baby….doctor replies swara is fine…sanskar gets happy….doctor says but…sanskar says but what?
Doctor tell me what’s wrong? Doctor says we saved swara but we couldn’t save the babies….sanskar breaks down and says doctor you should’ve tried…doctor says we tried our best but we couldn’t save them I’m sorry….sanskar goes to meet swara and she is inside just looking in shock…no tears…so reaction…nothing…just a lifeless body….
Sanskar says s..sw…swara….but she has no reaction….sanskar wants swara to cry or she will be like this forever….all swara can say is sanskar our kids…sanskar cries and says their dead…swara again says our kids…he feels bad for doing this but he has to give pain to swara so she can cry….swara our kids our dead they aren’t with us….swara shouts NO SANSKAR OUR KIDS OUR ALIVE….sanskar gets mad seeing swara suffer like this and says NO SWARA THEY ARE GONE AND YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS…
OUR KIDS ARE NOT PART OF THIS WORLD ANYMORE DO YOU UNDERSTAND…..she finally cries and says sanskar our kids…how can they die….meanwhile on the other side someone gets a call…he asks did you do what I said? The person replies yes sir…I hit her with my truck even if she didn’t die her kids would have died…the person on the phone laughs and says good I’ll give you your money tomorrow….they hang up and his face is shown….it is dp….he says sorry my beti I had to do this so our image doesn’t drop in front of the society….he laughs loud…
Swasan are still hugging and then they break the hug…swara asks sanskar who can do this to us? They both get thinking and swara can think of only one name….DP….swara says yes sanskar I am 100 percent sure it was papa who did this…sanskar says no swara…I know he hates me and you for going against him and still meeting me secretly….but I don’t think he can do that…swara says we need to find out who it is….they get to thinking….
Raglak are standing there in shock and are crying….laksh asks swara so was it papa who did it…swasan reply yes…raglak get stunned and say but why does dp uncle hate Bengali so much? Swara says I don’t know ragini but you both cannot get married without the consent of papa because we don’t want the same thing to happen with you both….when me and sanskar found out it was papa who did it I told him let’s leave this city…we left and moved to Lucknow…raglak are still crying while they respectively go to their siblings and hug….swalak are hugging and crying about what their dad did and ragsan are crying and thinking about what happened with sanskar and swara….

Precap: will raglak ever unite? What will be dp’s decision…stay tuned to know more


Credit to: sobia

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    hey dnt dare to end it.. it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i’m enjoying it tooooooooooooo toooooooooooo much.. u r a very good writer and it’s ur first ff so dnt get sad dear surely people will like it n comment tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awww thanks so much Yashasvi!! I love you too much yaar:))

  4. Varsha

    SwaSan, RagLak, RagSan, SwaLak scenes were good and jus waitin fr their union pls u wil unite RagLak na? pls dear i m jus afraid whethr if dp doesn’t accpt

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