na jaana dil se door pt 39


Hey guys its sobia back with part 39…I am so sorry I didn’t post and this one is being posted really late….please forgive your dear sobia….now let’s start

Recap: raglak find out about sarya…they hope to find their sarya…raglak moments…..

All 6 break their hands away when mahi and raina come….mahi says papa come let’s leave…we need to get to sarya’s home and finish the project…sahil says yeah beta come and he gestures all to come….everyone leave for bose mansion….raglak are sitting in the back seat with tears and thinking how their ragya might be….swasan hold hands and think about their own samar….sahutt look at mahi and then at each other…..all 6 are lost in their own thoughts…..

On the other side sarya are at home….samar says di what if our mama papa come too? Aryan says samar who cares if they come…we can show them they are not needed in our lives like they threw us out their lives… ragya and samar cry while aryan thinks I will never forget what our mama papa did to us….suddenly the doorbell rings….aryan says let’s see…maybe it’s mahi and raina….they all go to the door….as soon as aryan opens the door they get shocked….ragya and samar under their breath say mama papa while their parents are looking at them with teary eyes….
Aryan doesn’t feel a bit for their parents anymore while sahutt look on with teary eyes….mahi and raina come and say hi to each other….aryan asks swasanraglaksahutt aunty are you all going to wait here for mahi and raina….they wonder why their own kids are calling them aunty….uttara says aryan beta….aryan says yes who are you? And how do you know my name? Sahutt are shocked…ragya says bhaiyya their raina and mahi’s mom….samar says yeah di…..swasansahuttraglak look on shocked….laksh says ragya it’s me laksh…..ragya says sorry I don’t know any laksh….raglak are shocked….swara says samar where were you? Samar says excuse me I was always here and I don’t know you sorry….everyone is shocked….
Aryan says you guys are mahi and raina’s mama papa na so you all can sit in the hall if you want while we go finish our project….samar show uncle and aunty where the hall is….aryan and ragya take raina and mahi with them….samar takes swasanraglaksahutt to the hall when ragini says samar beta you don’t remember you badi maa? Samar says no I don’t have any badi ma….swara shouts samar! He says aunty why are you shouting at me? if I say I don’t know you then I don’t know you? Are you forcefully going to make me accept you? Sanskar raises his hand to slap samar but swara holds it…she nods no….samar runs to aryan’s room….

Swasanraglaksahutt sit in the hall and sahil says did you guys see our own kids refused to accept us…swara says yeah jiju but I don’t understand why they did that? Ragini thinks and says kabir….all look at her confused….ragini says I am sure kabir said something to our kids and they believed him…they were small….laksh says but how can they just believe a stranger…from behind they here a voice and he says not stranger their uncle….they all turn and see kabir with samrat….ragini runs to him and holds his collar….
She screams how dare you? Who gave you the rights to keep our children away from us? Kabir says me of course….ragini gets so mad and says kabir what did you say to the kids….kabir says what do you mean? Ragini says don’t play innocent with me…I know you have poisoned our kids brains with something…..kabir laughs and says why should I tell you? Samrat sees aryan coming with other kids and starts pretending….samrat says hey leave my son’s collar…ragini says no he needs to answer me…samrat fakes tears and says leave my child….sarya hear the noise and run down….they see the whole scene and aryan gets so mad

He runs and pushes ragini and laksh holds her….aryan shouts leave my badky papa…swasanraglaksahutt say badky papa….ragya and samar run and say excuse me miss whatever your name is…who gave you the rights to touch my uncle and badky papa….ragini says beta he is not a good man….ragya screams shut up! Laksh says ragya! She says don’t yell at me mr….ragini says this is your papa…ragya says this is not my papa! I don’t know anyone….why are you all forcing us to accept you….sanskar says to samar beta you know me na….samar says oh gosh how many times do I tell you I don’t know you…aryan yells and says why do you keep saying beta and all….we have only two people in our family….kabir uncle and badky papa….swara says beta….INTERUPTTED…..aryan loses control and says get out…..all are shocked….aryan says get out of my house…..I will tell mahi and raina that you guys had something important so you left….
Come pick them up later but right now I want you all to leave….all are shocked and teary eyed while kabir and samrat smile….ragini says ragya dear please listen to us once….ragya says no and asks them to leave….swasansahuttraglak leave crying and sarya run to mahi and raina….samrat and kabir smile and hi-fi each other….swasanraglaksahutt come home….all are crying and uttara says our kids have changed so much…they don’t even know how to respect elders….sahil says exactly…did you see how our kids were talking with us and aryan he pushed di….how dare he….living with kabir and samrat has changed all our kids….swara says I don’t care I just want our kids to be back with us….laksh says guys I have a plan in which we can see our kids every day and stay with us….all say what…
Laksh says when we go to pick mahi and raina up from their home…we can ask ragini to fake an injury….that way we can stay with them and not go….all like it….they hold hands and scream sarya here we come! All smile



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  1. Varsha

    Super n nice dear, sarya r awsm playing bt wnt to see sarya maahira wid swasanraglaksahutt

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thanks!! No worries:)

  2. its too short but your story is going interesting day by day eagerly waiting for next part soon

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Sorry dear:( thanks!!!

  3. Awesome Haa but please say soon what happened in there lives

    1. Sobiajaved89

      I’ve already said dear why sarya hate their parents:) thanks!!

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  5. Akshata

    awesome, waiting for the twist.

  6. _Angel_

    This was awesome and I hope nothing bad happens in their life already these guys hav faces enough

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Yes dear and thanks!!

  7. Nice, hope for more raglak scenes

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Sure dear:) thanks!!

  8. Sreevijayan

    Nice updste dear but feelng bad fr them

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