na jaana dil se door pt 36


Hey guys it’s sobia back with part 36….lets get started:)

Recap: raglak re-united…they accidentally flew to London and some romantic moments between them

The next morning raglak are seen sleeping together. Laksh is shirtless while ragini has nothing on and her head is on laksh’s chest. Laksh is holding ragini from her waist. They were too close. After sometime Laksh wakes up and sees ragini sleeping on his chest and he smiles.

He moves her hair and kisses her cheek. Ragini wakes up with his touch and looks down. She feels nothing on her and laksh and she blushes hard. Ragini is about to get up when laksh feels naughty and pulls ragini from her waist towards him. Her body bumps into laksh’s. She says laksh it’s morning get up

Laksh says so what dear. There is no time for romance. There can be morning romance….afternoon romance….evening romance….even night romance. Ragini hits Laksh playfully and says shut up. He giggles and ragini tries getting up again but Laksh pulls her down and says no sweety. Please give me my morning kiss before you leave. Ragini blushes and says no.

Laksh says then stay on my body until you kiss me. Ragini sees and has no choice. Okay I’ll kiss you. Laksh says arrey wah. Okay now hurry. She makes a cute face and moves to his cheek. She gives him an cute peck on his cheek but she gets so lost in his attractive scent of his cologne. She even kisses his other cheek.

Laksh says arrey wah I asked for one but I got two. Now I want bonus. Ragini says bonus..? Laksh says yup you have to kiss me on my lips. At the end there should be 10 kisses in all. You can kiss me anywhere. Ragini says no Laksh you asked for an kiss but I gave two so that was a bonus.

Laksh says no my bonus will be when you give me 10 kisses in all. Ragini blushes and closes her eyes. She first kisses his lips. They both enjoy it. He has three kisses on his face. Two on cheek and one on lips. Laksh says good now 7 more to go. Ragini thinks what to do. She gets on idea. She looks at his body and gives a naughty smile. Laksh understands and he says no ragini.

Ragini quickly gives him one kiss on his left side of chest. Then right side. Then middle. She goes down to his abs and gives him one on each ab. Laksh is stunned an says ragini I didn’t know you were so good at giving kisses. I asked for 10 but you gave 12 kisses.

Ragini blushes and says now can I go please. Laksh says okay. Ragini says thank god but she can’t move. She looks down and sees laksh’s legs on her waist. She says Laksh what is this now. Laksh says wait I have to give my return kiss na. Ragini says but I don’t want no return kiss it’s enough. Laksh says but I want to give na. Ragini blushes. He puts ragini on her back and laksh goes on top of her. He kisses her on both her eyes. He then kisses her cheeks. He spots her lips and kisses it hard.

Ragini enjoys it and says Laksh…but he doesn’t stop and he goes to her neck and gives her a trail of 5 more kisses there. He gets off her and says now you may go. Ragini blushes and runs inside the washroom. She sees herself in the mirror and notices all the love bites all over her body. The old ones from last night and new ones from now. Outside Laksh goes to the dressing table and sees himself in the mirror and sees all the lipstick marks.

Raglak both smile in their own place and screen blurs….


Kabir says to sarya to go and wait by the tree he will be back with tickets. They agree. Sarya talk when on the other side swasansahutt enter with aayush, mahi, and raina. Mahi spots Aryan and says bhaiyya. She runs to him and hugs him and says thank you that you gave me food last time. Aryan smiles and says no problem mahi. Mahi says bhaiyya what was your name. He says Aryan. Mahi says nice name. From the back swasansahutt see mahi and go to her. Sarya get shocked seeing them. Swasansahutt don’t know that sarya are their kids.

Mahi tells Uttara all about Aryan. Swasansahutt smile and swara says beta what’s your name. He says Aryan. Swasansahutt are shocked. Aryan realizes what he said and says I mean I’m Aryan bose Swasansahutt for a second thought it was their Aryan. They ask for the other two. Aryan lies and says pointing to ragya she is rags. Pointing to samar he is sam. He says this with full hatred and ragya and samar look on with so much hate for their parents. They nod and leave.

As they go swasansahutt feel a strong connection with sarya. In the back sarya have tears in their eyes and are sad. Samar says our parents hated us so much that they didn’t even try finding us. They didn’t have time to find us but they had time to make other babies. Aryan says that you said right Samar. Ragya says but bhaiyya I didn’t see my parents. Aryan and Samar say yeah your right ragya. Maybe they are too busy with their own lives.

Sarya remember all what kabir and Samrat said about their parents and start hating their parents more after seeing other kids with them.


Raglak are done taking an shower and ragini comes out wearing the baby pink dress that was on the bed. She feels so uncomfortable. Laksh sees her and is stunned and says ragini what is this. Ragini thinks she looks bad and Laksh says damn ragini you look smoking hot!!! Ragini blushes. Laksh notices ragini uncomfortable and says if you were uncomfortable wearing it then why’d you wear it?

Ragini says Laksh I thought it was salwar kameez but when I wore it I found it was a small dress. Her full back is showing from the back and laksh thinks ragini is so uncomfortable. He says ragini lets go shopping and get some clothes. Ragini says but Laksh we don’t have enough money. Laksh says we’ll manage. Let’s go. Raglak leave. They go to every store but it’s all western clothes. Ragini says Laksh all the clothes here are western. Laksh says it’s okay ragini. We’ll go to that store. It says Indian attires. We might find something there.

Raglak go inside. When they come out Laksh says thank god we found Indian clothes here. Ragini nods and says yes I’m so glad. Raglak are walking when ragini spots a ice cream place. She says Laksh I want ice cream please. He nods and takes her inside. Raglak are eating when Laksh spots some guys staring at ragini. He gets angry but controls. Laksh says ragini lets leave we will go somewhere else. Ragini says but why laksh.

He says just come. They leave but the guys follow them. He notices the guys are staring at ragini’s backless dress. He puts his arms around her bare back. She feels his touch and says Laksh what are you doing. Laksh says what all husbands do. Ragini smiles but the guys by any means want ragini. They run faster and move laksh’s hands and says hey we saw her first so we will take her

Laksh says excuse me. Ragini gets tensed. The guy number 1 holds ragini’s wrist and pulls her towards him. She says hey leave me. Laksh makes his hand a fist and says leave ragini. The second guy says ragini. Nice name and he holds ragini’s waist and pulls her from her waist. She tries breaking from the guys but their too strong. Laksh notices the guys arms around ragini’s waist and loses control.

He says hey how dare you touch my wife!!!? He kicks all the guys and beats them. Ragini cries and hides behind an car. Laksh beats everyone and they all run away. Laksh looks back and doesn’t find ragini. He gets worried and says ragini. She slowly comes out from behind the car and looks scared. Laksh says ragini. She runs to Laksh and hugs him tight and cries hard. She holds him from his waist and he puts his arms around her waist. Both hug tightly and ragini cries hard.

Laksh consoles her and asks her lets go back to hotel. They get to hotel and he asks ragini to change. She changes and comes out in a golden and red sari. Her belly is transparent and laksh is spellbound by her beauty. Ragini says Laksh how am I looking? Laksh says hot!! She blushes. Laksh comes close to ragini and she moves back. The screen blurs.

Swasansahutt get home and asks the kids to take aayush. They sit on the sofa and swara says sanskar I’m telling you they had such similar names as our kids. Sanskar says it doesn’t mean their ours and our kids died. Swara says but they can be saved. Sahutt say yes jiju I even thought for a second they are our kids. Also Aryan looked like my child. Sahutt says we need to find out.




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  1. Raglak scenes are nice

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    OMG dear its so romantic n i jus thnk dat hatred goes away n fill heart with love, love for lufetime.

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      Thank you so much vaishu dear!!

  3. As usual Awesome part and Raglak scenes are beautiful

  4. Akshata

    awesome update, i have written it beautifully.

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      oops i wrote i instead of u, its you* not i 😀

  5. oo nice raglak are amazing but I want raglak face off with ragya

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thanks!! Yeah sure but give me ideas or suggestions how I can do an face off of raglak and ragya. How do you want it portrayed? I’ll try my best to do it:)

  6. _Angel_

    This was really gud lol read ur ff from part 1 to nw and it is amazing I never read it before and since I hav read it I’m in love with it ???
    Plz post the next part soon will be waiting

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thanks a lot!!

  7. Superb part

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