na jaana dil se door pt 26

Hey guys its sobia back with part 26…let’s start

Recap: raghavi meets laksh and his whole family and her first day as PA
Its 7 pm…laksh says to raghavi that she may go home now…she nods….she goes to leave when the cabin door won’t open…she gets tensed…she tries so hard to open the door but it won’t open….laksh asks her what is the matter? She says sir the door won’t open….laksh says shit I hope it’s not jammed….here let me try….he tries to open but it won’t….laksh says oh god what now?
Raghavi says what do you mean? I need to get out of here….she tries hard to open and laksh gets a little angry and says raghavi the door is jammed….she says no I need to leave….she tries to open the door and ends up breaking the handle….laksh claps and says good job miss raghavi….she pouts and goes and sit…..raghavi says duffer….laksh hears her and says excuse me? Who are you calling duffer? Raghavi says you….he says huh?

Raghavi says arrey you have your phone na then call for help….funny tune plays….laksh says right….he takes his phone and is about to call when he says wait a minute even you have a phone na then why are you not calling anyone? She stammers and says phone? I don’t have one….funny tune plays….laksh says impossible….raghavi says huh what does that mean? Laksh says I called you and it was your cell phone number….she says okay fine I left it at home in a hurry….laksh laughs and says now who is duffer? He laughs wholeheartedly and raghavi gets lost in him….she comes to her sense and laksh too stops laughing….raghavi says now if you are done then can you call someone….everyone already left so we are alone and I cannot stay here….

Laksh says yeah I’ll call…he sees his battery and thinks shit 1%…..raghavi says call na…..laksh says yeah I am…he pretends to fake call and says to raghavi no one is picking up….she says let me try….laksh says no….it’s my phone….raghavi says arrey give me the phone na….laksh tries hard not to give his phone to her….they both fight for the phone when laksh loses balance and falls on his chair….raghavi was with him so she falls right in laksh’s lap….laksh shouts ahhhhh moti padi kitne bari ho tum….mere pau tod liye ragini….now get off me….raghavi thinks ragini but gets off him and laksh without seeing she is raghavi says ragini kitne moti ho tum….aye god ji mere pau thik ho…he looks and realizes it was raghavi not ragini and says sorry….raghavi nods in its okay…..
Raghavi says now what sir? Laksh says to tell the truth we are stuck here…she says what? Call again then…laksh says actually I have no battery in my phone….raghavi says oh that’s why you were saying no one is picking your call….he nods….raghavi still thinks who is ragini? It starts thundering outside….laksh says oh no….suddenly lights go off…raghavi screams and hugs laksh….he is shocked by this sudden move but he feels happy…..a big thunder gets them back to their senses…raghavi says sorry sir I got scared…he says no problem….raghavi knows its awkward so she said I’ll go close the window….he nods….raghavi goes to close the window but the winds are too strong…..laksh sees her not being able to close the windows so he slowly walks to her and comes behind her…..raghavi’s heartbeat gets faster….laksh from behind holds the window with raghavi and both close the window together…..

Jitne paas paas dhadkan ke hain raaz….jitne paas bundon ke baadal…jaise saath saath chanda ke hain raat….jitne paas nainon ke kajal….jitne paas paas saagar ke lehar…utne paas tu rehna humsafar…tu jo paas hai phir kya yeh jahan…tere pyaar mein ho jaaun fanaa….mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere saath ho…..
They compose themselves and go sit down…she thinks how will I go meet him tomorrow morning if we are stuck here overnight….laksh says what are you thinking? She says nothing but I wanted to ask something….laksh says yes? Raghavi says I know I shouldn’t say but who is ragini? Laksh is shocked and says why? She says just curious….if you don’t want to tell its fine…..laksh says I trust you that is why I am telling you…raghavi feels guilt when she hears the word trust….

Laksh says ragini was my finance…we were supposed to get married but so many things happened that we always separated….finally the wedding day came after so many hurdles in our lives…we were going to get married but that day my finance got into an accident….she gave birth to ragya but left this world….he tells raghavi every single thing that happened with her….even about kabir….raghavi was shocked and teary eyed….

She thinks laksh has gone through so much and I will do this with him….raghavi says so does ragya know her mom is dead? Laksh cries and says no I tell her she was the toppest business woman and she is in London and usually travels the world….I thought to tell ragya when she is a little grown up….laksh says now she wants me to call her mom who isn’t even alive for her competition….raghavi says the one she was talking about yesterday at the restaurant?

Laksh nods….raghavi says sir if you don’t mind I can go to ragya’s school as her mom….laksh is shocked and says what? No she says she wants her real mamma….raghavi says has she seen her mamma yet? Laksh nods no…raghavi says simple…I’ll tell her that I am her mamma and I have come just or her but I have to go back to London….it’s not like I will see her after that right? She will be glad she at least knows how her mamma looks….laksh gets glad and says we don’t know each other well but still you are doing this for us….thank you….
Raghavi says not to mention by the way if you don’t mind can I see a pic of ragini…I mean your finance…he says sure….he lights a candle and shows her ragini’s pic….raghavi gets shocked and says she looks….INTERUPTTED….just like you laksh said….she nods…laksh says when I saw you for the first time I thought my ragini is back but later found out you are raghavi….she says yeah….
Laksh says speaking of family what is your full name….she gets tensed and thinks now what to say….she says actually I am an orphan….laksh feels bad and says oh sorry…she says no its okay….laksh goes and sits while raghavi thinks I am lying to laksh who has gone through so much….then she thinks why she really is here for and thinks I have to meet him tomorrow by any way….she fakes a smile and laksh smiles back…

Swara says sanskar where is laksh? Sanskar says laksh isn’t back yet? Swara says no sweety I thought you all were coming together….sahil says bhabhi I’ll call him….he calls but it says phone is switched off because laksh’s phone died….sanskar says I’ll go back in office and check….swara says take sahil….the weather is getting bad too….they leave for office

Laksh says I just hope someone comes and gets us out of here….sansah get to office and they look everywhere….raghavi says if we just sit no one will know…we need to knock…laksh says let’s try…both start knocking when sahil hears some noises…he tells sanskar and the voice leads them to laksh’s cabin…sanskar says jiju are you in there? Laksh gets happy that sanskar came and says yes can you get us out…we are stuck…sahil says we? Laksh says actually raghavi is here too…sansah say ohoo you are fast…laksh gets serious and says shut up…no one can take my ragini’s place….sansah get teary eyed thinking about ragini while raghavi feels bad…

She doesn’t know why but when laksh said my ragini’s place something happened to her but she composed herself and said sir can you please get us out…sansah ask them to relax we will try….they try and finally they break open the door…laksh says finally….he hugged his jiju’s and said okay let’s go home…he sees the time and its 1 am….he thinks how can raghavi go be herself so he says miss raghavi its very late….if you don’t mind we can drop you…raghavi nods…they drop her home and leave for MM
They get home and swautt say bhai finally. We were so worried….where were you? He explains how the door got jammed and all….swara says bhai I want to say something…laksh says yes tell me….swara says bhai ragya was again asking me who will go to her competition…she was very sad…laksh says I know someone who is ready to go…uttara says who bhai? He says raghavi…all get shocked….
They say but ragya? What will we tell her? Laksh says I’ll just say her mamma came for her but she will go back to London…ragya has not seen ragini ever so she doesn’t know who she looks like and ragya doesn’t know her name is ragini…swasansahutt aren’t sure about this idea….sansah says but jiju suppose she finds out that raghavi isn’t her real mom but its ragini than what? Laksh says then we will handle but right now ragya is very stubborn so we have to do this….




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  2. aww plzz ragini not raghavi bcoz for lakshya sirf ragini Ka hai next part soon

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thanks!! Raghavi is look alike of ragini so she is still played by tejaswi in my fanfiction:)

  3. Omg!!! Confusing bt nice…update soon

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  4. Varsha

    OMG di, wat is dis, raglak r cute as usual bt pls dnt separate thm na, again i cnt see thm separated, raghavi i lik coz she is look-a-like ragini n again suspense????? Pls di post nxt prt soon as i wnt 2 c raghavi n ragya togthr n no more separations pls

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      Thanks dear:) haha my story is all about twists and turns. I need dhamaka and twists and turns to make it more interesting:) haha don’t worry

  5. Akshata

    Again suspense??? raghavi is ragaini’s look alike, why is she not ragini. missing my ragini. but coming to the update its awesome as always.

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      Thanks!! Sorry dear:(

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