na jaana dil se door pt 17


Hey guys its sobia back with part 17…let’s start…

Recap: swasanraglaksahutt romance and moments
@morning at terrace
The camera rolls on raglak…they were sleeping so peacefully….the screen shifts to swasan….in each other’s arms they were smiling and talking about their second marriage….screen shifts to sahutt….they were in each other’s arms with sahil having his hands on uttara’s stomach and feeling the baby….all three couples were peacefully in each other’s arms when they heard a cough….sanskar said swara are you okay….she smiled….

Raglak and sahutt wondered who is at the terrace….next they heard a sneeze….ragini said laksh you are fine na….do you have a cold? Laksh laughs and says no ragini….swasan and sahutt wondered who that is? Next they heard a scream….sahil said uttara you are fine na….she smiled and said yes sahil the baby just kicked that’s why….all three couples were confused where the noises are coming from….

Swasanraglaksahutt got up to see who it is….there were curtains between the couples….raglak walked towards their curtain….swasan walked towards their curtain….and sahutt walked towards their curtains…..swasansahutt were coming towards each other and raglak were coming behind them….suddenly we hear a crash…the curtain rod fell down and all the couples fell on one another…..sahil was at the bottom on his belly….on top of him was sanskar…..swara was on top of sanskar’s back…..uttara fell on top of swara…..
Laksh fell on top of swara…and ragini fell on top of laksh…..poor sahil was squished…..all screamed at once and said TUM??!!?? Laksh said arrey moti mere upar se hato (aye fatass get off of me) ragini said see swara your bhai is calling you moti….swara said bhabhi not me but you….ragini said huh? Laksh said ragini get off me….she realizes she is on top of laksh and gets off him….laksh gets off next and says to ragini….moti padi gosh kitne bhari ho tum and makes funny faces (fatass gosh you are so heavy) ragini pouts and says shut up laksh and help me get this donkey’s up…swasansahutt say shut up ragini at once…..

All are finally up….swara screams what the hell are you all doing up here? Raglaksahutt together say um we can ask you two the same…..swara quickly says oh sanskar haha he got me up here because we came here on a date…..sanskar puts his face in his palm and thinks swara shut up…if you say more I’m gone….swara says bhai you know what he got me here and we ate food and then we kissed….(raglaksahutt giggle and sanskar thinks meri maa chup ho ja please)…swara continues saying and then we….INTERUPTTED…..sanskar says and then we slept…..
Swara says but sanskar didn’t even….sanskar says slept…swara we slept remember….he pulls swara closer and whispers in her ears are you planning to tell them everything that happened between us last night…..swara looking down embarrassed realizes how much she already said so she says no hubby….laksh laughs and tells sanskar jiju my sister doesn’t keep anything hidden….she has a habit of saying everything haha….sanskar says I know I saw…..swara pouts and looks down….ragini says waise laksh do you know why sahutt were here?

Laksh gets she is teasing them so he says no ragini….laksh says sahil jiju why were you here with MY sister….sahil stammers and uttara says bhai we just came here for fresh air you know…..ragini says oh really then why are their nail marks on her hands? Sahutt blush and says nothing bhabhi but bhabhi can I say something…..ragini laughs and says yeah uttara what is it? She says bhabhi what were YOU and BHAI doing here huh? Raglak get stunned and run on words….uttara gestures sahil to see ragini’s clothes and laksh’s neck….both laugh and swasan also see…..swasansahutt start laughing when raglak say what’s so funny? All four say no nothing….uttara says bhabhi I asked something na….what were you and bhai doing here?
Ragini says I told laksh I wanted to see the view from the terrace so we came….sanskar says but di if you just wanted to see the view from the terrace then why are there…..sahil says kiss marks on laksh jiju’s neck? Raglak get embarrassed and swara says bhai you came here to show ragini the view from the terrace right? Laksh embarrassed nods yes…..swara laughs and says really bhai? He says chipmunk shut up…..swara says I will bhai but first explain to me that just to see the view how can someone’s dress be ripped and halfway down from the shoulder’s huh? Raglak look at each other and says together shut up swara/chipmunk….swasansahutt laugh and raglak run away…..they hi-fi and laugh…..

Uttara says waise sanskar jiju why are your lips red like swara di’s lipstick….sahil says yeah bhai got any explanation…..swasan look down embarrassed and says shut up uttara and run away…..sahutt laugh and they also go down to freshen up…..all are present at the breakfast area…..sahil says to shekar papa today is the second day of our family vacation so I was thinking we should all go camping in the woods you know….ragini says yeah bhai great idea…..papa can we please go….please papa….all agree and say okay we’ll leave in the evening around 7…..all get happy…..suddenly ragini gets a phone call…..looking at the name she gets tensed…..laksh sees her and says ragini are you okay…..she tensely nods yeah…..sanskar sees her face and thinks what happened to di?
Sanskar says di can I speak to you please….ragini says yeah sanskar…..he takes her away from the table….sanskar says di I saw you were so happy at the table then what happened all of a sudden….I saw you looked at the caller and got tensed…..ragini says sanskar remember 3 months ago…..near the pani puri stall….that incident happened….sanskar says yeah ragini and he tried….Ragini tensely nods yeah sanskar…..sanskar says di I won’t spare him this time….

Last time he got away….ragini says but sanskar why is he calling me after such a long time? I hope he doesn’t come back in my life….sanskar says di I will make sure he doesn’t trouble you again….be happy we are going camping….ragsan hug and says yeah…..sahil was standing there and he heard everything…..di he said….ragsan break the hug….sahil says di I also am going to make sure that person doesn’t come near you….nothing will happen to my di….all three hug and share a sibling moment….

Precap: an unconscious ragini….a worried sanlaksah…..a mysterious person…..what will happen only time will tell…..?
What happened with ragini 3 months ago? Why is she unconscious? Who is the person?


Credit to: sobia

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