na jaana dil se door pt 16


Hey guys its sobia back with part 16…thank you so much for all the lovely comments and feedbacks I got now let’s get started….

Recap: masti at beach house
@living room hall in beach house
Laksh: ragini…ragini wait na please
Ragini shyly continues walking and while walking says no laksh you know how embarrassing it was….laksh runs to her and grabs her shoulders and says ragini listen to me….I know it was embarrassing but think about the thing you did at MM under the dining table…..we were embarrassed too na…..c’mon yaar it’s just a dare…..ragini turns around but she is red as a tomato and says laksh how come you feel so comfortable with this? Yes you are a huge flirt too but when I kissed you it was like you enjoyed it…laksh laughs and says of course I did….but then realizes what he said and looks down embarrassed…..ragini puts one eyebrow up and says oh really Mr. Maheswari……
He naughtily looks up and says ohoooo miss godadia you are in a mood today huh? She blushes and says why aren’t you while running her fingers down his right side cheek…..laksh feels butterflies in his stomach and says ra…ragini I think…I think….ragini completes it for him and says you think we should wait until marriage right? He nods and she brings his face up and looks into his eyes and says laksh look here…..he doesn’t…..she says laksh baby look here…..he slowly looks in her eyes…both share an cute eye lock for a few minutes…..ragini says laksh I trust you….laksh looks at her in shock….he says ra…ragini are you saying….INTERUPTTED BY RAGINI….she says yes baby I mean we should you know…..laksh naughtily smiles and says oh really and grabs her waist and pulls her towards his chest…..both their chest hit each other and ragini feels really shy now…..

Laksh goes to kiss her lips when ragini says laksh room….he comes out of the kissing mood and says room? Ragini laughs and says laksh let’s go to a room…..laksh’s eyes widen and he screams ROOM!!! While ragini puts her hand on his mouth and asks him to hush or else someone will hear…..he pulls her closer from her waist and says so then let’s go na…..she smiles….both get to room…..laksh takes ragini to the terrace from the room and ragini asks him to sit…..both sit down and laksh just looks at her lovingly….she says laksh you okay…..laksh says ragini you will always be there with me na…..she gets serious and says of course laksh…..he smiles…..ragini leans in closer and closer when their lips are just inches apart…the song saanso ko saanso mein daine do zara plays
Ragini pulls laksh’s collar towards her and kisses him…he reacts to it and soon enough their kiss turned into a passionate and hungry one….saanso ko saanso mein daine do zara, dhimmi si dhadkan ko badne do zara, lamho ki guzarish hai ye paas aa jaye, hum hum tum, tum hum tum…..laksh grabs onto ragini’s waist and tightly holds it….they break the kiss after some time….laksh’s lips have ragini’s lipstick marks on them…..ragini shyly looks down….laksh puts her chin up with one finger and says ragini I really think we should wait….she nods but laksh senses that she doesn’t want it to stop….he says okay ragini we will do it….she smiles and hugs him tight and says I love you laksh….he holds her from the back and more tightly pulls her towards him…..ragini turns around and now her back is facing his chest….

She says laksh I know you like my hair open and I wanted to keep it open but then I thought that you just open my hair for me…he smiles….laksh slowly gets her hair and unties it….ragini’s heartbeat gets faster….the song humnava plays…ae humnava, mujhe apna bana le, sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de, hmm hoon akela, zara haath badha de, sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de….laksh slowly brings his hand on her shoulder….she is wearing a sleeveless dress where there is a gap between her belly so you can see her belly from the gap in the dress….she gets nervous and quickly falls backwards in his arms….her back is touching his chest…..
Laksh slowly moves his hands on her shoulders and goes down to kiss her neck…..he starts from the neck and ends at the shoulder….ragini is holding onto laksh’s legs…..ragini turns around and makes laksh lie down….she lies on top of him and starts kissing his cheeks, eyes, forehead, and then lips….ragini is about to take his shirt out when laksh says ragini wait until after marriage please….she smiles and says okay laksh…anything for you….laksh turns ragini over now he is on top of her….he takes his hands and moves them through the gap between her dress where her belly is shown….

She gets butterflies in her stomach….laksh goes down and kisses her belly….he is about to undress her and continue but stops and says sorry ragini….she smiles….laksh says I’ll wait after marriage…he lays down besides her and ragini comes on top of him and sleeps in his chest….she says I love you so much laksh….laksh puts his arms around ragini’s waist while she is on top of him and says I love you too ragini…they sleep in each other’s arms

Sanskar says swara come with me to the terrace I have something to show you….she says what sanskar….he says just come na….swara laughs and says okay baba let’ go….dramatic music plays….screen shows raglak hugging in each other’s embrace while swasan coming up the stairs….sanskar takes her to the middle of the terrace….there is a curtain between raglak and swasan’s area so swasan still didn’t see raglak….

Sanskar says swara now come…she sees all the decorations….there was a table set up with red and white roses….far away we saw a screen with a moon showing….the whole place looked like heaven….swara is amazed with all the preparations and says sanskar did you do all this for me….he smiles and says yes sweety….after all we are husband and wife and we are lucky to be getting married again with our siblings….swara smiles and runs and give sanskar a tight hug…..

She says thanks so much sanskar….he hugs her tighter and says anything for my dear….she breaks the hug and comes closer to sanskar….sanskar says dear getting naughty and all huh? She blushes and says shut up sweety…sanskar pulls her closer and says ohhh my dear got annoyed….swara says now cheer me up….sanskar winks at her and says I know how to do that in one second…..swara says really sweety? How? Tell me?

Sanskar pulls her closer and says I won’t tell you…I’ll show you….swara confused asks huh? Sanskar says like this? He immediately kisses her lips….she gets shocked….the song sanam re plays…they kiss for a very long time….tere kareb jo hone laga hoon, toh toote saare bharam re, sanam re, sanam re, tu mera sanam hua re, sanam re, sanam re, tu mera sanam hua re, baadalon ki tarah hi toh, tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai, baarishon ki tarah hi to, tune khushiyon se bhigaaya hai, aandhiyon ki tarah hi to, tune hosh ko udaaya hai, sanam re, sanam re, tu mera sanam hua hai…..swara breaks the kiss and runs to the rails of the terrace and is breathing heavily….

Sanskar slowly comes to swara and holds her shoulders from the back….she gets nervous….he moves her hair to one side and starts kissing her….she turns around and hugs onto sanskar tighter….sanskar says by the way swara nice s*xy dance today in the game….she looks down and blushes hard…swara says I love you so much hubby….sanskar hugs her tight and says I love you too sweety….they take their clothes off and consummate their marriage…(REMEMBER SWASAN ARE MARRIED GUYS FROM THE BEGINNING)

Sahutt are in sahil’s room when uttara says sahil come na let’s go to the terrace….sahil agrees and says come…they go….they get to the other end of the terrace….swara tells sanskar that she feels like someone came…he tells her it’s no one swara just chill…both are in hugging position sleeping restfully…uttara says wow sahil look at the stars na….they’re so beautiful….sahil says yes just like you….uttara blushes….sahil goes on his knees and asks uttara for her permission to speak with his child….she nods in yes….sahil smiles and put his hand on her belly….he says beta once you come out then we both will teach your mom a lesson….

She’s always bossy na….we will dominant her…uttara pouts and says hawww sahil what are you telling our baby….sahil smiles and says I’m just joking…both laugh….uttara shouts….sahil asks what happened? Uttara says it looks like our baby is even laughing…he/she just kicked….sahil gets overwhelmed and says what? He touches her belly again and this time he feels the kick…both smile….sahil puts his head on her belly and says aww my beta wants to play with papa na….sahutt laugh….
Uttara hugs sahil and both fall asleep in each other’s embrace…..the song subanallah plays….meri khaamoshi se baatein chun lenaa, unn ki dori say taareefein bun lenaa, kal nahee thee jo aaj lagtee hoon, taareef mere hai khaamakhaa, tohfaa hai teraa meri adaa…

Hmmm tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namaazi ban gaye
Ek dooja mein yun dhal ke
Aashiqana aayat ban gaye
Main aur tum
Kaisi dil lagaai kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaai bann gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo

Thoda sa dono bhar gaye
Main aur tum
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai

Mujhe tumse…pyaar hai
The screen slowly starts to fade away

Precap: swasanraglaksahutt are shocked….


Credit to: sobia

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    It was so romantic and lovely dear, of course it was a lengthy one but want a more long, waitin fr nxt part update soon

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    1. No dear when sahutt told their family about themselves then Ap told dp and everyone about her. They all know she is pregnant.

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    Very nice and next ep will be funny ???

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  13. Awesome episode

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