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Hello guys I’m sobia. I really love the show swaragini and I was a silent reader but now I could not control and so I decided to write my own fanfiction. The name of my fanfiction will be “na jaana dil se door” . I really hope you all love it and I hope the comments I get from people stay throughout my whole story and keep supporting me. Let’s get started….
This is just a prologue guys so please enjoy

It was a rainy night. Clouds were thundering and skies were crying. January 4th 2016. A guy is seen on his knees in the middle of the road crying hard. He asks why god!! Why did you give me such pain? She was my everything but you snatched her. You took her away. He closes his eyes and remembers all the moments they both spent together. He yells WHERE ARE YOU?? WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?? IF THAT INCIDENT HADN’T HAPPENED THAN WE WOULD’VE BEEN TOGETHER…no its not god’s was your fault…you promised me you would never leave me…but today I’m all alone….im sitting in the middle of nowhere in my shaadi attire whereas you left me….but I know that you will return back….you will come back to me….TUM WAPAS AAOGI….zaroor aaogi….mujhe pura bharosa hai ke meri zindagi mujhse door nahi jaa sakti….you will return back to your love and I will wait for that day.

A bubbly girl is seen coming down the stairs tensed…she thinks how will I tell this to everyone…no I can’t ruin everyone’s happiness…I need to control myself and make sure no one finds out that there is something bothering me….
Ap screams beta come here please….the girl who was shown tensed is seen coming to her…she says yes mom you need anything? Ap says yes uttara can you please take these flowers and hang them on the entrance of our door…ladki wale will be coming anytime soon….uttara forces a smile and says maa and thinks “maa how do I tell you that koi ladki wadki wale nahi aane wale…” and leaves
Ap smiles and leaves when suddenly strong winds start blowing from everywhere…she wonders aye bhagwan yeh to inauspicious hogaya….shaadi ke din he itni teez hawa…iss ka matlab kuch bura hone wala hai….coincidently uttara hears her mom and says to herself maa kuch bura nahi hone wala….jo hona tha woh toh hogaya….sab pehle se he bura hogaya…lekin mein aapko kaise bolo…ek toh ladki wali ki tension hai aur doosri taaraf mera tension…

The guy is still on his knees crying when suddenly he sees flashing lights in front of him….he slowly looks up and his heartbeat starts getting faster….he wonders is she back? Is my love back? He slowly gets up and sees the car coming closer….the car is really fast and it leaves in a jerk while the guy is still left shocked….he thinks I think she is back….I knew she would come back….I’m coming for you…he runs after the car….the driver sees him running behind his car and says madam it looks like he is telling us to stop…he probably wants to say something….can I stop the car?
A beautiful voice comes from the backseat and tells the driver okay…I’ll go see what he wants…stop the car….the driver stops the car and laksh also stops running….the girl steps out of the car and her right foot is shown….camera rolls on her feet and we see two beautiful white feet….the guy waits anxiously to see if it is her? The girl slowly comes out of the car….she has light make-up done and is wearing a beautiful blouse like a purple with green embroidery one with a long yellow skirt…..the camera zooms in all her parts….first her two beautiful big eyes….next her right cheek…then left cheek….than nose…than lips….than her two hands….and then her face…..he gets shocked

A girl screams hubby get ready we have to go to your sister’s wedding and my brother’s wedding….I miss him so much….get ready fast….the guy screams back no dear we are not going…..the girl gets a bit upset and asks but why hubby? It’s their wedding we should go….the guy says no means no dear….don’t you remember what happened 2 years ago? I will not go back to that house….the girl is on the verge of crying and says but hubby it’s their wedding….don’t you want to see your sister? The guy gets sad and doesn’t reply….the girl says I know they broke all ties with us but your sister still loves you na….you should go for her….I miss my brother….the guy finally agrees on so many sayings of the girl….okay dear but ONLY for you….I will only meet my sister no one else okay? The girl gets happy and runs and hugs the guy and says aww thank you so much hubby…I love you!!!

The girl is staring at the guy and when the guy sees the girl he gets shocked and says R..RA..RAGINII….

What happened two years ago? What is uttara’s secret? Why is the person blaming fate? To know more keep reading
So guys this was the end of my prologue….I hope you all loved it….please tell me if I should continue or not….I have already decided the pairs….if you all tell me to continue than I will post the next episode….leave your comments and please if you all decide that I should continue than I will also need all of you guy’s support throughout my whole fanfiction….please don’t leave my fanfiction midway and keep commenting and telling me how I do in each part…thanks to you all and I will see you all in my first part if I get a lot of good feedback…..

Credit to: sobia

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