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Hey guys this is sobia. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to post today an full episode so I’ll give you guys a promo or things that you will see in upcoming episodes:)

10 years later

Sanskar pov:
Why swara. Why did you go? Everything was getting good but still you left….I really miss you and our kids!!! Why did you leave me swara. We made through so many difficulties and we could have made through this too but if the incident hadn’t happened we would have me together. I miss you, our kids, my siblings, my whole family. Where did you all go??? I’m lonely swara please come back….

Sahil pov:
I wish that day that horrible day didn’t come. We were all so happy. Our kids were with us and everyone was there but the horrible day ruined everything. Uttara where are you. Where did my aryan and mahi go. Please come back to me please. I need you all. I have no one. I don’t even know where I am. Please bhai/di and Uttara please come soon. My bacha’s where are you?

Laksh pov:
I am now the top business tycoon and more richer than the old Laksh maheswari. I am no longer that Laksh I am different but what happened that day can never be forgotten. I lost everyone. Why God. Why always me?? Everything me and ragini are happy you always ruin it. We loved each other but then we had some misunderstandings. After that we parched up but then she met with an accident where she lost her memory and I lost her. 5 years later I found she was with kabir. I was looking for her an when I found her she didn’t know me. When she regained her memory we got together but then lost ragya. We spend so much time without our daughter. We were blessed with a boy. But we still had problems but then we figured it out. Then we went to get ragya and so much happened and finally everyone united. We were all a one big happy family. And then that horrible incident happened. We lost everyone. Everything changed. I don’t even know where you…our bacha’s or our whole family is. Everything is ruined.

Ragini pov:
After that day I lost everyone. My own my family. I hate that day so much. Why did it even come. We were all so happy but no that day just had to happen. But I will find them all. I changed myself for them. I will find out who ruined that day. I know it’s someone near us. If it wasn’t then everyone would have been gone but we were the closest one and only we were hurt and no one else. Those eyes…that voice seemed so similar so I will find out. I changed myself from that ragini to this new one. I am now the world’s famous bike racer who made a new name. I know if I become a famous bike racer everyone will talk about me. I’ll be on tv and all. I know my family will find me. I will never forget that day ever in my life.

Swara pov:
I am lonely. I need you in my life. Please come and find me. I don’t know where I am. Who the people are I just need you sanskar please. I miss you, my samar and raina. Please sanskar I want my family back. We were such an happy family that day but he ruined it. I am damn sure the person who did this to us is him. He said he will be back for revenge. I hate that man to the core of my heart. I will never forgive you for what you did with us. I saw that same bracelet on your hand which you had. Once I find out where I am I will definitely find you and you will see the worst of me. This is swara maheswari’s promise.

Uttara pov:
Everything is ruined. I will never forget that incident. Sahil and my bacha’s. Please where did you all go. The incident separated us all. I want my happy family like it was that day. After that incident happened the person who did it separated us all. They took us and put us in different trucks and send us to places. Our kids and everyone is gone. I really miss you all please come back. I really need you all.

what happened 10 years ago that changed everyone’s lives?? what incident are they talking about??? where are all the kids??? where are our swasanraglaksahutt??? why is everyone in their own world and living differently..???? what had happened????

guys this is just a promo of what is to come in upcoming episodes. haha like i said twists and turns are fun for the story hehe:) i will post soon no worries:) keep smiling everyone:)

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  1. Yashasvi

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really scaring promo sobia draling………………… will b waiting fr ur epi n mujhe maaj kr dena if i dnt comment kyoki i’m busy with my own 3 fffs n also mom ko nhi pta h toh aaj kal mere peche hi padi hui he ………hehehehe

    Awesome dear ……………………………. will be waiting…………………………..

    LOVE u my dear darling friend……………………???????????????????????????

    keep smiling n stay blessed………..???

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thank you so much!!! Hehe it’s okay:)

  2. Varsha

    I thght to see nxt epi bt its a promo so sad dear, cm up soon

    1. Sobiajaved89

      I’m so sorry vaishu:( I will post next episode soon:)

  3. omg what happened waiting for next part eagerly I think u write better than CVS story writter

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thank you so much nikky!!!

  4. Awesome

  5. Sreevijayan

    Shocking promo..

  6. _Angel_

    OMG wat a shock literally so sad to read this promo although the promo was amazing but sad to see they r seperated hope they get back together and can’t wait till the next part

  7. Hemalattha

    amazing and Interesting

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