Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th July 2013 Written Update

Ragini asks Munna who is he. Ragini says she kept thinking all this while that he is Munna but he is not. Munna says it doesn’t matter as it doesn’t make a difference to her and the person who it should make a difference too is happening.

Mohan tells Megha that she seems like a mother who has come to drop of her son at the hostel. Mohan asks Megha not to worry. Megha tells Mohan that if he were in her place he would worry as well. Mohan asks her if he should put a bed for her as well. Megha tells Mohan that Navi is returning. Mohan tells her that he told Navi to stay back as her returning would mean her getting involved in all these problems. Megha says by the time Navi gets back you will be out. Megha says there must be some angel

who will help us.

Beera arrives home and asks Munna & Ragini where Dada is . Beera says he has done what he was asked to do. Beera asks Munna to bail Mohan out. Munna says he won’t bail out Mohan. Beera says it is Dada’s orders. Munna says he won’t follow any order not unless Dada signs some papers. Beera asks Munna to come with him to the jail and bail Mohan out. Munna asks BEera to stay away as it is between him and MB and he would never bail him out. Beera holds Munna by his collar and says he is between them and will see how Mohan is not bailed out. Sharma tells Beera and Munna that Dada will be back the next day.

Megha notices Mohan try to adjust himself in the jail bed. Megha is upset looking at him(De re na playing in BG). Mohan notices her and turns to sleep on the side she is standing. Mohan motions for her to leave. MM exchange flying kisses. Megha is in tears.

Megha leaves but Mohan is not able to sleep and is upset.

Navi arrives at Vyas house and is in tears. She is about to walk in Vyas house when she has FB of her bidaai. She walks back and goes to Mohan’s old house. Navi has FB of being with Beera in the house decorating it. Navi has FB of Beera breaking up with her.

Munna arrives at the police station and calls up Navi. Navi picks up the call. Mohan wakes up hearing Munna’s voice. Munna tells Navi that he is the same Munna who did all the rituals at her wedding. Navi asks Munna if there is anything urgent. Munna says nothing as he just wanted to inquire about her well being. Munna tells Navi that he has something to tell her. Mohan grabs Munna and tells him to keep Megha & Navi out of their fight else he will forget their relation. Munna says he would never let him forget as their relation is so special. A cop comes and asks what is happening. Mohan says Addu was walking without looking and bumped into something.

Megha is restless and trying to sleep. She wakes up to see the light switched in Navi’s house.

Navi is resting when Megha comes there. Megha looks at a crying Navi asks her when she arrived. Megha asks her why she didn’t inform and why she is crying. Navi hugs Megha and cries. Megha tries to pacify her. Navi starts to speak and says Beera he…Megha says she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it and that is why she didn’t want to tell her. Megha tells Navi that Mohan has been arrested. Navi is shocked. Megha says they didn’t want to disturb them but now that they are here they feel stronger. Navi asks how did everything happen. Megha says there is a lot you don’t know. Megha tells Navi that Addu was not their real Addu and that it was all a plan to trap Mohan. Megha tells everything to Navi. Megha says iit will take time for her to digest everything but she is their strength. Navi says they have dealt with so many ups and downs and that they will deal with all this somehow. Megha asks where Beera is. Navi says he has stepped out and will be back soon. Navi asks Megha to give details and they will get Mohan back the next day itself.

It is next day and Beera is sleeping. Navi throws a bucket on Beera Navi says this was your plan to take revenge. Navi says you married me and then you got Mohan arrested. Navi continues to ranting. Beera asks Navi if she had come to bathe him or abuse him and asks her to talk on the matter. Navi says she has come to say that they will lose and she walks away. Beera thinks that it is what he wants.

Megha tells Mohan that Navi is back. Mohan asks her to keep NAvi away from all this. Navi comes and says it is because she is no longer his daughter. MN hug through the jail bars Navi says so much happened and you didn’t tell me. Mohan says nothing happened that her Spiderman cannot handle. Navi syas this is not your fight alone but all our fight. Navi says they will all fight. Navi holds MM’s hand. Navi says they will fight against the person who is coming between them and their happiness. Mohan puts his hand on Megha-Navi’s hand. Megha asks what they will do as Munna has planned everything. Navi says then they too will plan and get Spiderman out. Mohan touched Navi’s chin.

Precap: Mohan, Megha and Navi are shown stepping out of the Police Station. Munna comes there and Mohan asks Megha-Navi to go on and that he would come soon. Mohan asks Munna to end everything and come soon. Munna says he will stop only when Mohan loses. Munna tells Mohan that there is another surprise waiting for him at home.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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