Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th May 2013 Written Update

NB arrive home and reach for the door at the same time. Navi takes her hand away and lets Beera open the door. Navi says she can open the door. Navi chides Beera for calling her rude and ganging up with RJ. Beera calls her a black cat and says she is rude. Aarti meows and NB ask her what she is searching for. Aarti says she is searching for Rs. 2 for Renu. Renu comes and asks everyone to search. Tanu comes with two tickets for a movie and Renu is hurt looking at that. Beera asks her why she is so upset is it because your Rs. 2 is lost? Renu says the person for whom I did so much doesn’t do anything for me. Beera tells Renu that the second ticket which Tanu got is for her as it is Mother;s day. Navi watches and scolds Beera for lying. Renu tells

Tanu that he has proven that she is proud of him. Renu asks Tanu if he would not accompany her. Renu asks Beera if he would like to come with her. Aarti complains to Navi that they(TA) never get a chance to be alone. Navi asks her to get the tickets back and encourages Aarti to go get them. Aarti and Renu bicker and tells Renu that Tanu has thought of a big gift for you. Beera advice’s Renu not to fall for false pretenses. Aarti says she is being honest and says it is a surprise and asks her to wait for the next day. Renu agrees and asks Tanu to get an expensive gift for her.

Mohan walking through Juna mohalla when he looks at Addu’s poster. He gets a call from Munna’s grandmother who asks him to come Shiv Mandir as she can’t say what she has to say on the phone. Mohan says he will be there in 10 mins. Mohan arrives. Munna’s grandmother says you are like a god in my life. Mohan asks her if she got any information on Munna. Dadi asks Mohan to come inside. Munna is show standing and praying. Munna is clean shaven wearing spectacles. Munna turns around and Mohan looks at him questioningly. Munna gives prasad to his Dadi and Mohan. Mohan keeps looking at him with tears in his eyes. Dadi thanks Mohan once again for getting her grandson home. Mohan asks Munna if he is Addu’s friend? Munna nods his head. Mohan asks him where Addu is. Munna tells Mohan that me and Addu have been together since childhood. Munna says I had completely different thoughts on you but after I saw your appeal on TV that’s when I realized people like us have a shot. Munna apologizes to Mohan for thinking wrong about him. Munna tells him that whatever Addu told him was from a step father POV but he is not like that at all. Munna folds his hand and apologizes. Mohan asks Munna where Addu is? Munna says Addu can return but can you come in front of him. Mohan says of course he can come as Addu is his son. Munna says I cant tell you but I can surely take you. Mohan grabs Munna’s hand and asks him to go right away. Munna says he wouldn’t be able to bear Addu’s sight. Mohan says I wanna see Addu. Munna warns him that you might be happy seeing Addu but Addu might not feel the same.

Munna tells Mohan that he teaches kids as he has seen his childhood get ruined. Mohan asks him what happened to him and Addu. Mohan says he know the road and asks Munna what had happened to them. Munna says he will know soon enough. Mohan asks him for how long has he known Addu. Munna says ever since he went away from you.

Megha making pedas. Aarti comes her and asks what happened to her finger. Megha says she cut it while cooking. Aarti asks her not to sweat it out instead orders pedas from outside. Megha says home made stuff is always the best. Megha makes a peda and tells Aarti that she used to make pedas for Addu who used to be pleased looking at them.

Mohan and Munna arrive at the mental asylum. Mohan is shocked.

Navi comes and asks Megha what about her. Navi asks her to feed her pedas. Beera too comes and asks for pedas. Navi rolls her eyes at Beera. Beera praises the pedas. Beera asks Megha if she is thinking about finding out. Beera says he remembers a game of chits from his childhood. Beera brings in two chits and tells Megha that the solution to her problem would be found in either of those chits. Navi and Aarti ask her to try. Megha picks up a chit which says Addu would be back home soon.

Mohan gets down from the car and is taken aback looking at the patients. Munna tells Mohan that Addu is there is the same place. Mohan is upset.

Precap: Mohan goes inside the asylum and someone is trying to pacify Jigri/Addu. Mohan looks at him and calls him Addu.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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