Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th July 2013 Written Update

To clarify I will be referring to the real Addu as Munna and Munna as Jigri. Hope it is clear.

RJ is trying to make puris with Megha and Aarti. RJ tells Megha that once she comes to her house she will make them for her. Megha tells RJ to continue making them as her Papu would be happy to know that you made them. RJ tells MEgha that she will come with her to meet Papu. Megha tries to change RJ’s mind but RJ doesn’t hear it. Aarti tells RJ that Tanu got tickets to an animation movie and asks her to come accompany her. RJ agrees.

Megha gets food for Mohan. Megha tells him that the puris were made by RJ. Mohan says my daughter cooked for me and my wife is feeding me, I didn’t get half this happiness in office or at home. Mohan

asks Megha if she has come with an empty stomach. Both start feeding each other. Mohan’s lawyer comes and tells him that he is back from the magistrate’s office. The cop tells him that his bail has been rejected. Mohan asks the police on what basis have they kept him here when they have no proof or witness. The cop tells Mohan that he has to cooperate with them or they will never let him go. Megha is really upset and asks Mohan why doesn’t he reveal everything to the police. Megha feels sorry for the mother who gave birth to Munna. Mohan asks Megha if she will always trust him this way. Megha nods her head and Mohan says it is easy to say but difficult to do. Mohan asks Megha if truth will win? Megha nods her head and Mohan says then there is no problem as she has fought so many battles and won. Mohan tells Megha to eat and come as he won’t share the next time

Munna taunts Megha on her way out. Munna tells Megha that he will take revenge for each slap given to him by MB. Megha warns him that he might a get a slap or two from God as well. Megha says she feels sorry for the moment she considered him her son. Megha says no matter what he tries they will get Mohan out of the jail and no plan can stop them.

Beera comes into his room to find a note by Navi asking him to come to the ball room. Beera steps into the room and looks at the decorated room. NB start dancing. Navi tells Beera that he has been behaving oddly ever since the came here. Beera asks Navi what she thought that he doesn’t love her and that he married her because of some pressure. Beera remembers Dada’s words and takes Navi’s hand away. Beera tells NAvi what she is thinking is correct and what Mohan told her on the wedding night is also true.

Navi asks Beera if he is joking. Beera says he is not joking and is speaking the truth. Beera says he did all the drama to break the wedding in front of everyone and all that would have been possible if he didn’t apply vermilion. Beera says but Mohan spoiled all my plans by interfering. Beera says if he had not married her then it would have been his insult. Beera says he was looking for the right moment. Beera says he doesn’t love her. Beera says now marriage over and honeymoon is over so there is nothing left for him. Beera says now she will understand how it feels when someone close to you betrays you and you will understand what real insult is like how my Dada felt when you did a sting on him. Beera hands a rose to Navi and walks away.

Beera in a car thinks how he cannot tell Navi why he is doing all this.

Mohan talks to Navi who is weeping. Mohan asks her where Beera is and NAvi say she is no longer hers. Mohan is confused and Navi quickly says that Beera stepped out for a bit. Mohan asks Navi if Beera doesn’t take care of her. Navi says she called him as she was missing him. Mohan tells her to stop being a kid and start adjusting. Mohan also asks her to extend her stay so that she and Beera can spend more time together. Mohan tells Navi that he is in bit of a rush and hangs up. Navi thinks to herself that whatever Mohan told her about Beera was correct. She apologizes to him in her mind.

Precap: Mohan sleeping in his cell. Munna comes there and calls up Navi. Munna tells Navi that he has something important to tell her. Navi asks him to speak up. Mohan gets up listening to Munna. :

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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