Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th May 2013 Written Update

Munna tells Ragini that he alive today because of Addu. Ragini asks him why he never tried to go back. Munna says all his memories have now faded and it doesn’t make any difference.

Munna’s Dadi making an appeal to Munna to return and this is being recorded by Mohan & his team. Mohan gets emotional and tells her that her message will surely reach your grandson.

Ragini tells Munna that you both might feel that you don’t need anyone but that is not true. Ragini asks Munna to send Addu to his family. She asks him to let go everything and forget revenge.

Awaz India telecasts Munna’s Dadi’s appeal. Ragini watches this. Megha and Jiji watch this. Ragini is pleased to know that Munna is not an orphan and that he still

has family. Ragini gets up to call Munna but finds him standing behind and listening.

Beera praises Mohan’s drives and Navi agrees. Navi says if he wasn’t so strong headed he would have never been able to marry Mom. Beera thinks that it might have been difficult for Mohan to marry Megha. Navi recounts how it was difficult it was for Megha as well but how Mohan never gave up. Beera tells NAvi that he has a lot to learn from Mohan

Navi tells Mohan that Munna will be definitely be found after this appeal.

Ragini tells Munna that it is because of Mohan Bhatnagar that he got ot know of his Dadi. Ragini tells Munna that it is time he returned to his Dadi and Addu to his family. FB’s of Munna and Addu as kids and Adults. Munna says he never thought that there is still someone who is waiting for their Munna. Munna says it is time for Munna and Addu to meet their own people. Ragini is pleased. Munna says it would be a very happy the day I meet my Dadi but what about Addu.

Megha calls Mohan and says she wants his help. Mohan leaves the office and Guru and RJ arrive at the office to see Mohan leaving.

Guru and RJ go to meet Navi where they see Navi shouting. RJ says they would need a helmet to deal with Navi. RJ spots Beera and talks to him. Navi looks at them and Guru waves at her. NAvi asks them what is happening. Navi drags Guru away. Beera asks RJ why she is here? RJ tells Beera that he has to patao Navi for her. Beera refuses but RJ insists. Beera agrees.

Mohan arrives at a shop. Mohan asks if she called him to get a gift. Mohan suggests that she buy the same gift for Navi and RJ. Megha tells him that Nanhi is now old enough to be married. Mohan is shocked and says there is still 15 years for Navi to get married. Mohan picks up a box of chocolates and says Navi would like this. Megha tells him that Navi would not like it as she is now old enough to be married. Mohan refuses to agree.

Beera introduces RJ as Spiderman’s life and dear to Navi. NAvi is pissed and says she is Spiderman’s sweetheart. Beera tells her that Mother’s day and RJ wants to do something fo rMegha. Navi refuses to help. Beera tells her that you are going to do something for Megha anyway then might as well get together.

Mohan picks up an Indian Barbie doll for RJ and asks Mohan whether he likes it or not. Mohan says RJ is definitely not old enough to be married. Mohan looks alarmed Megha says I am sure RJ is not old enough to marry but she will marry one day. Megha says as a father you have to be prepared to see your daughter married. Megha says even RJ will get married one day. Mohan looks shocked out of his wits.

RJ and Navi bicker. Navi calls her mouse and RJ calls her a khadoos. Beera intervenes and says this space is to small for WW3 RJ snitches to Navi that Beera too calls her a khadoos. Beera tells Navi that the same right she has on Spiderman, RJ has on Megha. Beera asks her not to fight with RJ instead get together with her and surprise. Navi agrees but warns him not to gang up with RJ and call her khadoos. Navi agrees to help RJ but tells her that she would have to listen to her.

MM still in the shop. Mohan brings a pair of earings and Megha asks who it for? Mohan says Navi, RJ or even for the mother. Megha shows him a pen and says this is for RJ, Navi or Papu. Megha picks up a book and Mohan asks who it is for and Megha says Addu.

Munna tries to pacify Jigri.

Mohan tells Megha that once Addu looks at the book he would be happy and he would soon see th e book.

Munna tells Jigri that he is doing what is best for him. Jigri hugs Munna.

Precap: Mohan gets a call from Munna;s Dadi who asks him to come to her place asap as she cannot say what she has to say on the phone. Megha putting stuff into the cupboard when she hears Addu calling out to her. Megha goes running out.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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