Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th May 2013 Written Update

Renu encourages Beera to tell what is in his heart. Tanu also encourages Beera. Beera tells that the person who he loves is….just then Mohan gets a phone call. Beera stalls for time and Navika gestures not to take her name. Beera tells that he loves ‘Rabdi’. Renu doesn’t understand about ‘Rabdi’. Mohan excuses himself and picks up the call. From the otherside, the caller identifies herself as Munna’s grandmother. Munna’s grandmother tells that Munna’s parents had met with an accident 12 years ago and Munna was with them. But after the accident, she didn’t find Munna so she assumed that Munna had died. She adds that when she saw the advertisement she felt very happy seeing his grandson, Munna

alive. Mohan is sympathetic. Munna’s grandmother asks where Munna is now. Mohan tells that he will find him really soon.
Scene shifts back to the living room where Megha smiles and tells Beera that if he wants to eat Rabdi then she will give it to him. Navika blushes. Beera tells that it was all he wanted to hear from Megha and, he waits for the day when Megha will herself give him Rabdi. The game concludes as everyone leave. Beera taunts Navika that she did not want to play but they ended up on the winning side and tells her that she should try to venture in her life and will find it very rewarding. Megha goes to Mohan who informs her that he got on phone with Munna’s grandmother and he got to know that even Munna has been missing since 12 years. Mohan tells that slowly all pieces will come together to find their answer. Megha tells that on their journey of finding Addu they might also end up giving happiness to others sharing the same pain as them.
Navika comes to Beera’s room and asks him what he was trying to achieve. Beera tells that he was just trying to achieve a win but it ended in a ‘tie’. Navika tells Beera knows what she is asking about. Beera tells that he was just expressing his feelings for her. Navika tells that Beera can’t to such things here. Beera tells that it’s a free country and everyone has freedom of expression and speech. Navika leaves from there flustered but Beera holds his hand and insists that she should say what she came to say. Navika tells that she came here to apologize to him for suspecting him and mistrusting him. Beera gets a shovel and digs up some part of the ground. Navika is confused and asks Beera what he is doing. Beera tells Navika that when he was young, he used to bury all his questions written in a paper in the ground so he got answers to the results or the questions got buried. Beera encourages Navika to do the same. Navika thinks of which questions to write. Navika thinks that she would write why Beera went out through the window but rules it out saying that Beera didn’t want to disturb anyone. Navika then ponders over the missing CDs, Daddaji’s man meeting him, or the kidnapper identifying Beera but overrules every question by dismissing them as coincidences. Navika gives the paper to Beera who buries it in the ground and tells that Navika should go to sleep as her questions have also gone to sleep. Both wish each other a goodbye.
Munna gets a call from the asylum that they aren’t able to control the patient. Munna is irritated over the staff and tells that he is coming. Ragini who overhears this, asks Munna about it. Munna tells Ragini that today he will reveal the ugliest truth about himself and takes Ragini with him.
RJ’s friends visiting her at her house tell her not to feel bad as they are celebrating Mother’s day as they have Mothers and RJ doesn’t. RJ gets angry and tells them to go and shuts the door on their faces. Mohan and Guru arrive there and Mohan cheers up RJ saying that Kanha has his Yashoda Maa. RJ tells that she wants to do something good for Megha on this Mother’s day but doesn’t know what will make Megha happy. Mohan immediately suggests that she should take Nanhi’s help. RJ makes faces thinking that Navika has a lot of attitude but she has to take her help to make Megha happy. RJ goes to call Vyas’s landline number. Guru warns that Mohan’s idea might backfire. Mohan tells that this time Moter’s day will turn into Diwali as both laugh. RJ calls but Megha picks up. Megha asks why RJ called so early. RJ thinks that if she reveals that she wanted to talk to Navika then, all the surprise will be spoiled. So, RJ lies that she wanted to hear her voice and then bids bye. Megha tells that the father-daughter duo are the same. Megha then gets a call from Mohan. Mohan tells that she looks beautiful smiling. Megha is surprised and asks that how does Mohan know that she is smiling. Mohan informs Megha that he is going to meet Munna’s grandmother. Megha tells Mohan to hold and prays to God and lights up a ‘diya’. Mohan asks if Megha finished her ‘puja’. Megha looks around and asks that how did Mohan know. Mohan tells that just knows Megha that well. Megha tells that if Mohan knows him so well then he must know that Megha is really happy today. Mohan says that he knows. Megha tells that she feels that this time Mohan will get back Addu. Mohan asks that how did she know that. Megha smiles and replies that she knows him that well.
Ragini accompanies Munna to a patient’s room where the patient is punching the wall with a lot of anger. Munna calms him down and it is shown that the wall has a drawing of a man having a peculiar resemblance to Mohan. Munna wipes sweat of the person using his hanky and the person also does the same for Munna. Munna gives him a medicine and the person goes to sleep. Ragini asks who the person is. Munna replies that the person is Aditya Bhatnagar, Addu.

Precap: Everyone watches the advertisement from Awaaz India of Munna that her grandmother is looking for her. Ragini watches that and tells Munna that he should return to his Grandmother and Addu should return to his family. Munna tells that she is right and its time that both Munna and Addu return to their respective families.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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