Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th July 2013 Written Update

Megha-Munna confrontation continues. Munna continues berating Mohan. Megha asks Munna what punishment is he talking about? Megha says Mohan is not afraid of punishment and says she trusts Mohan no matter what. Megha tells Munna that Mohan got Jigri home as a father. Munna taunts her saying she couldn’t recognize her own son. Megha asks Munna what has Mohan done to him. Munna says Mohan was never capable of giving happiness to anyone and that he would make sure that Mohan is destroyed. Munna walks away and Megha asks him to stop. Megha tells Munna that she will stop him. Megha says Mohan never broke anyone’s heart and she doesn’t know what his problem with Mohan is. Megha asks him to remember that she will always stand with Mohan and

she will let nothing happen to him. Munna calls Megha by “mai”. Megha has FB of Munna dressed as taxi driver. Munna asks her not waste her time and to go look after her house as he will take care of MB. Megha turns around and gives one hard and tight slap to Munna. Megha asks him not to utter a single word against Mohan. Megha says he wants a fight then he has to remember that he is fighting with a wife. Megha asks him to remember that every time he attacks Mohan he will find her in front of him as his sword. Megha says she will be the one to win. Megha walks away. Munna says even after 12 years nothing has changed and wipes a tear.

Mohan’s lawyer questioning and asking him about the identity of the man who mislead him. Mohan asks the lawyer if there is another way. Megha listening to all this in confusion. The lawyer says there is no other way but he will try for sure. The lawyer leaves and Megha comes to Mohan. Megha asks him why is he not revealing the truth to anyone. Megha tells Mohan that Munna told her that he would destroy Mohan. Mohan asks Megha if she met him. Megha says yes and she knows why he(Munna) is doing all this. Megha says he is the same man who tried to kidnap me, harm RJ and kill you. Megha says he became one of our own and cheated us. Mohan tells Megha that she might be mistaken. Megha says she knows for a fact that Munna is involved in kidnapping racket. Megha says all this is just a way to stop Project Talaash. Megha chides Mohan for not revealing the truth and is about to walk away. Mohan holds her hand and asks her to go home and not to worry.

RJ at home tries to call Mohan. Mohan’s phone with the cop who informs him. Mohan says it might be his daughter;s phone and asks the cop if he could talk to her. The cop says he cannot allow that. Megha comes there and picks up the call. RJ asks her a volley of questions and Megha says Mohan has some work and that they will back soon. RJ is happy.Mohan is relieved and gives Megha a flying kiss.

Ragini asks Munna as to why he is against Mohan now. Munna asks why people give so much importance to love and they overlook their own. Ragini says only a person who is capable of love can understand this. Munna says then he will never understand as he hates love. Ragini notices Munna’s hand bleeding. She ties a cloth around his hand and tells Munna that this is love.

Beera is pouring juice when Navi comes there. Navi is pleased to see how Beera is setting up the breakfast table. Navi asks Beera if all this is because of her love or because of the air Goa. Beera makes Navi sit down and confesses everything to her. He tells her how he intended to cheat and take revenge from her on behalf of Dada. Beera says he couldn’t live with the fact that she was in the dark about everything. Beera tells Navi that it is up to her to either punish him or…Beera gets up and leave. Navi holds his hand and says she is knows that on the wedding day he might have been confused between her and Dada. Navi says she is just glad that he chose her and by telling her the truth he won her trust even more. NB hug and suddenly the bell rings. Beera breaks out of his dream and realizes that he was snoozing. Beera thinks that he will reveal the truth to Navi and start his new life with her soon. Navi asks Beera to open the door as someone is ringing the bell. Beera opens the door and it is Dada with his crony Sharma

Mohan sleeping in his cell and a cop notices him. The cop asks Mohan how can he rest when everyone is talking about his arrest. Mohan says those people don’t know the truth but I know my truth hence I am relaxed. Mohan asks the cop to do him a favor and check on the kid(Jigri) who was kidnapped. The cop is amazed and tells Mohan he will do it. The cop asks the chaiwala to give a cup of tea to Mohan. Mohan notices that the chai wala is Munna.

Precap: Dada tells Beera if he wants to see what state Mohan is in now. Dada puts on the TV and Beera watches the news which announces Mohan’s arrest. Beera tell Dada to forget the past and to get Mohan out. Dada tells Beera that he has to fulfill a wish of his and only then will Mohan Bhatnagar get out of jail.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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