Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th February 2013 Written Update

Anu talks about “Talaash” on air and everyone claps after she ends Anu goes and hugs Mohan. Others also congratulate Mohan. Navika is teary eyed and tells that Mohan’s nature hasn’t changed a bit, first he hurt her family and now he is planning to hurt many more. Navika is walking in a dazed fashion remembering all her happy moments with Addu. Rimjhim accidentally bumps into Navika but Navika doesn’t react. Rimjhim is worried seeing Navika like that and assumes that Mohan must have scolded her badly. Navika walks out of the office crumpling the accepted resignation letter in her hand and “Project Talaash” echoing in her mind. Just then, Guru crosses her but both don’t notice each other. Navika reaches near Mohan’s old

home at Juna Mohalla and is reminded of old times how she used to ring the bell and Mohan used to respond. Navika picks up a stone and throws at the house and breaks a window pane. Navika reaches home where Jiji and Renu are hooked on to ‘Project Talaash ‘ on Aawaz India. Jiji tells that the project started on the channel where Navika works so, it must be her idea. Navika gets irritated and switches off the TV. Navika shouts that it’s not her idea but it’s a deception just to resurrect someone’s career. Jiji tells that the idea will only help many people and it is a good step towards finding Addu. Renu comments that after 12 years, this idea better work. Navika tells that she has got nothing to do with the project or the channel. Jiji tells that she doesn’t understand her stand as she must have given Addu’s photograph to them. Navika leaves the room unable to give any answers. Renu tells that if Navika is so shaken then it would be hard to imagine what would have happened to Megha. Megha has tears in her eyes and thinks to herself that if Navika’s channel started the project then why does she want to leave the channel. Megha calls up Navika but Navika doesn’t pick up her call. Navika is sitting the steps of a pond and is teary eyed. She tells to herself that she took up journalism to find Addu but even there Mohan Bhatnagar came in her way.
Mohan-Rimjhim-Guru at their house:
Rimjhim is very angry at her dance teacher and refuses to eat till Mohan gives her a piece of his mind. Mohan calls up the school and asks to talk to Rimjhim’s dance teacher. The peon goes to call Megha who is teary eyed and still trying to call Navika. The peon tells Megha that she has got a call waiting for her at the reception. Megha comes there and picks up the phone and says, “Hello”. Mohan’s wind gets knocked out for a moment hearing Megha’s voice and is unable to say something. Megha beckons the caller to speak. But as Mohan is about to speak, the peon rings the bell indicating the end of interval and Megha is unable to hear anything. Mohan tells that he is Rimjhim’s Papu. Megha tells that there is a lot of noise(‘shor’) there. Mohan mistakes ‘shor for ‘chor’ (thief) and exclaims that he is not thief but Rimjhim Bhatnagar’s father. Megha doesn’t hear that and shouts that she can’t hear anything. Mohan asks her to stop shouting. Rimjhim tells Guru that the teacher even shouts at her father. Megha tells that she can’t hear anything right now , he should come and meet her at the School and hangs up on Mohan. Rimjhim looks at Mohan with hopeful face, Mohan goes on scolding on the phone faking it to Rimjhim but during this, his cellphone rings and he finds it was Rimjhim who called him. Guru tells that Mohan has come down to lying to kids. Mohan tells that Rimjhim’s teacher hung up the phone and he didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of her so he feigned scolding the teacher. Rimjhim tells Mohan to come with her to the school as the teacher must be there till now. Mohan agrees to go.

Meanwhile, Beera reaches Satyen Babu’s home. Satyen is having breakfast and her wife asks if he is worried about Aarti. Satyen tells her daughter Aarti is a good girl and she will get good marriage proposals, he is more worried about politics. Beera enters cheering Satyen’s name and notices the Aloo parathe as breakfast and sits down to eat them from Satyen’s plate. Satyen is miffed with his behavior and in response Beera threatens Satyen and tells him to keep his word and accept Dadu’s TV and return the opposition’s gift and grant Dadu the permission to put up hoardings. Beera hands over the paper for Satyen to sign. Beera tells Satyen to bid him bye with respect and drags him out to the veranda. Just then he notices Navika who is riding the scooty and thinks of her as the ‘Black Cat’ or the Unlucky Girl and is sure that his work will go to waste. Just then, Satyen tears the papers and throws it, and tells Beera to get out. Beera blames the ‘Black Cat’ and thinks that he needs to do something drastic to save his image in front of Dadu.

Aarti and Tanu meet at some place. Tanu gifts Aarti a mobile phone. They flirt with each other and Aarti after receiving the phone makes the hot weather as an excuse to leave. Tanu tells Aarti to wait for some time. Aaarti tells that Tanu is planning to buy her an ice-cream. Tanu’s face falls but he agrees. As he is ordering ice-cream from the street vendor, he identifies the street vendor who looks like a hooligan and both greet each other. The vendor asks Tanu if he is willing to join a ‘Hockey Match’ and that the money is good. Tanu thinks that he has to spend a lot on Aarti so he must make some money and agrees.

Navika is on her scooty and waiting at a signal and by her side Mohan and Rimjhim are in their car. Megha calls up Jiji and comes to know that Navika is not at home and is worried. Megha tells Jiji that she saw the program and Navika was also very worried. Mohan is looking at ‘Project Talaash’ poster. Rimjhim snatches that from him and asks what is ‘Project Talaash’ all about. Mohan tells that sometimes some people lose one of their ‘own’. Rimjhim asks who are considered as ‘own’. Mohan explains that Rimjhim is her ‘own’ and he is Rimjhim’s ‘own’. Rimjhim asks that where do they go. Mohan is saddened and tells that he will find out soon.

Precap: Mohan and Rimjhim reach school as Megha is giving Kathak lessons.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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