Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd May 2013 Written Update

MM together in Mohan’s house. Mohan tells Megha that there were some responses from the newspaper advert. Megha asks if there is any info. Mohan says he is scared to tell her as he doesn’t know how she will react. Mohan tells her that Addu and his friend were asked to steal wallets in trains. Mohan wonders what all Addu had to face in all these 12 years. Mohan says wish he could not tell her all this. Megha asks him never to hide anything from her. Mohan agrees.RJ comes and says she is ready. RJ tells MEgha that today the world’s best driver is going to drop you home .

Renu is complaining about the heat. TA playing ball and Renu comes and chides them. Renu says she also will play. Renu says she will invite everyone to play this game.

Renu shouts out for Jiji, Beera and Navi. MM arrive at Vyas house. Jiji is outside and Mohan touches her feet. He asks RJ also to touch Jiji’s feet. Jiji invites Mohan & RJ inside the house.

Renu asks Navi to join in the game. Navi says she is not in a mood. Beera asks Renu to tell Navi to make up her mood. Jiji comes and asks everyone not to trouble Navi. Jiji tells look who has come to meet you. Mohan comes there and is surprised to see Beera there. Renu says Beera is her tenant. Beera and Renu explain the ball game to everyone. RJ says she will also play. Beera asks her to play with him and asks her not to be a sadoo. Mohan shouts at Beera and Megha says Navi will play. Navi says I will play only if MM play. Mohan says he is leaving. RJ requests him to stay back. Even Tanu pleads with Megha to play. Beera requests Megha to play. MM agree but Navi tries to say no.

Everyone sitting in the room. Renu brings Papaji’s tape recorder and says we will only stop when the recorder stops. Everyone starts passing the ball(Na Bole Tum Na Main Kuch Kaha playing movie version) and the ball is in Renu’s hand when the song stops. Renu refuses to accept but Jiji says she is out. Beera asks her to pick up a chit. The chit says they have to dance. Renu and Tanu dance on Ainvayi Ainvayi lut gaya. MM laugh.

Aarti lands up with the ball and she is asked to enact someone from the house. Aarti decides to enact Renu. Aarti enacts Renu.

Megha lands with the ball. She is asked to sing a romantic song. Everyone asks Megha to sing. Mohan encourages her as well. Megha sings “Pya Manga Hain Tum Hi Se”. Mohan is surprised. MM scene from lift shown where Mohan is trying to sing and Megha sings “Mujhe pyar karo” Mohan laughs. In the present Megha sings “mujhe pyar karo” and stops. Everyone claps. Mohan is smiles.

Mohan lands with ball and is asked say shayari. Mohan refuses but Jiji tells him that if he has ever fallen in love even once he should say a shayari. Mohan recites a shayari and everyone praises him. Megha is all smiles.

Finally only Beera and Navi are left. Tanu decides to take a chit beforehand to know what the losing person has to do. The chit says that the person would have tell the name of the person they love the most in the world. The game starts and Navi ends up with the ball. Navi protests and says it is Beera. Beera is about to declare who he loves the most but Navi stops him and says she is one who lost. Renu asks them to stop confusing people. Renu declares that NB are joint winners. Renu asks Navi to dance. Navi tries to protest but Renu is adamant. Navi dances and everyone joins her. Renu asks Beera to tell everyone who he loves the most. Navi is worried that Beera will take her name. Beera is about to say

Precap: A voiceover says Munna has decided to bring together all the lost relations. Someone calls Mohan and tells him that she saw his advert in the newspaper. The lady tells Mohan that the boy Munna is her grandson.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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