Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st May 2013 Written Update

Mohan asks Navi who she has fallen in love with. Navi tells him that he knows the person and that it is Beera. Mohan is shocked and Megha is amused watching them. Mohan goes out of the room shouting Beera’s name. Megha tries to stop him. Megha tells Navi that he is Spiderman and he is worried that there is another man in his daughter’s life.

Beera in his room wondering what to wear. Addu is on the bed playing the mouth organ in an attempt to indicate what to wear. Beera tries to wear a shirt, it gets stuck and Mohan comes and helps him. Mohan asks him if he wants to marry Navi and if he loves her. Beera says he loves Navi a lot and would want to marry her. Mohan asks Beera how old is she? Beera says 21-22. Mohan says 21 or 22? Beera

says 22. Mohan asks him how much does he ear? Beera says how much ever he pays him. Mohan asks him how much does he save. Beera says nothing but mentions that he has no debts. Mohan asks him if there is an emergency. Mohan asks him if he has a house? Beera says this house is there. Mohan asks him if he wants to be a ghar jamai.
Mohan looks at the messy room and asks him if he wants a maid who cleans and cooks for him. Beera says Navi doesn’t know how to cook so I will have to cook. Mohan asks Beera if he has ever ventured into the market to buy groceries and if he knows how much stuff costs. Megha intervenes and reminds Mohan about a journalist called Mohan Bhatnagar whom everyone used to doubt. FB’s of MM shown with regards to money. Mohan asks Megha if she is trying to imply that he is like Beera. Megha says Beera is like you. Megha brings Navi forward and says they both love each other and you yourself say that as long love is true it is ok. Megha says I know for no father in this world a man is perfect enough for his daughter. Megha says that Beera would love Navi like they do. Beera too tries to reassure Mohan. Nanhi holds Mohan’s hand and says she won’t do anything without his permission. Mohan asks Nanhi to leave his hand. Addu calls out Ijoo and Megha motions for him to remain quite. Mohan leaves the room.

Mohan comes back and asks Beera if he has money to buy clothes for the wedding or would we have to stitch that. Navi and Beera are overjoyed. Addu is happy and he starts playing the mouth organ in happiness. Navi hugs Mohan and Mohan looks at Mohan with absolute pleasure.

Mohan gets a call from the policeman who tells them that they have arrested Tilakdhari Purushottam aka Dadaji. Mohan looks at Beera. The Policeman thanks Mohan for his help. Mohan says who is wrong should be punished. Mohan disconnects the call and walks back into the room. Megha tells Mohan that they ought to tell everyone about it. Mohan tells Beera that his Dada has been arrested in the kidnapping racket as they had solid proof against him. Beera, Navi & Megha are shocked. Mohan leaves the room and Megha follows him.

Mohan tells Megha that the man Nanhi is going to marry is the grandson of the man who kidnapped Addu. Mohan says when we take decision for ourselves it is ok but when we take decisions for our children then it is different. Megha tries to assure him. Mohan says what if I make the wrong decision but Megha tries to reinstate faith in him by saying that she believes he will make the right decision.

Beera is shocked and Navi puts her hand in hand and says he doesn’t have to give any justifications to her.

Mohan tells Megha that Navi’s life might get spoiled by marrying into that family. NB come there. Navi says for the longest time she never trusted him in spite of repeated attempts by Beera to make her trust him. Navi tells Mohan that if she has become Chavvani today then it is because of Beera. Navi reminds him how it is because of Beera that Addu is between them. Navi says she doesn’t know if Dada is right or wrong but she knows for a fact that it won’t affect her relation with Beera. Navi asks them to trust her trust. Beera says he still feels Dada is not involved in all this and if he is then he would get out of his heart as well. Mohan hugs Navi.

RJ dancing to Jhalak Dikhla Ja promos. Guru asks if JDJ is coming back. RJ promotes the show timings. RJ and Guru dance. Some more promotion of the show.

Navi runs to the terrace as Mohan is ringing the bell form his balcony. Navi looks at him and smiles. Mohan jumps over all the balconies and almost slips over one. Mohan is acting all pricey and asks Navi who will ring the bell now. Navi says she will not get married. Mohan sulks. Navi says she is not going far and will come back when he calls. Mohan says he knows and he is been trying to make himself understand. Navi says we will meet in the office as well. Mohan says yes and asks her if she sure and there is no hurry as they can try more options. Navi says she is not buying clothes. Navi calls him Papa and Mohan says “PAPA”. Navi says Beera is my life’s hero. Mohan says fantastic and turns around. Navi says more than that you will always remain the super hero of my life. Mohan is happy and he hugs Navi. Mohan says he will miss her.

Precap: Voiceover says on one hand there is happiness of NB wedding and on the other side someone is trying to prevent from this marriage from happening. Munna is shown telling Dada that Beera is getting married to Mohan Bhatnagar’s daughter and Dada is taken aback. Munna shown in Mohan’s office. Mohan notices the injury in Munna’s hand.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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