Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st July 2013 Written Update

Vasu stops Megha from leaving. Vasu grabs Megha’s hand and asks he if she doesn’t understand he asked to stop. Vasu makes Megha sit down and Megha tries to wrestle her hand away from him and asks him to leave her. Vasu grabs Megha by her and warns her if she stops him again then would kill her. Vasu grabs her injured hand and takes the first aid box from Ruku. Megha tells him that he doesn’t need to all this. Vasu pour dettol on Megha’s injured hand and wipes it with cotton. Vasu continues nursing Megha’s wound. Megha keeps going back and forth between Vasu and Mohan’s FB. Megha faints onto Vasu’s shoulder. Ruku is not liking any of it and asks Vasu to let Megha be as she can leave when she regains consciousness. Vasu picks Megha

up and carries her away.

RJ standing in front of the temple praying to god asking him to tell her father that she misses him a lot. Vasu is carrying Megha in his hands. Vasu takes Megha home and places her on the bed. Megha has held on to Vasu’s hand and Vasu looks all confused. Vasu manages to put Megha’s hand away. Vasu is about to leave but he stops himself and covers Megha with a bed sheet. Ruku and Vasu’s crony watching all of this with the former being totally unhappy about it. Ruku’s father comes home and asks what happened to Megha. Ruku’s father asks Ruku if Megha is ok. Ruku says Megha is faint hearted. Ruku’s mother praises Megha as because of her Vasu came home.

Ruku tries to get close to Vasu but he tries to avoid her. RUku asks Vasu as to why he hasn’t held her so close. Vasu says she would get hurt if she tries to come close to her. Ruku says she can die for him as well. Ruku prays to god that Megha leaves.

Ruku’s mother serves tea and pakoras to Vasu but he isn’t interested. Ruku’s father offers an alcoholic drink to Vasu but he refuses. Vasu keeps looking at Megha and lost in her. Ruku’s mother tells Vasu that Ruku always talks about him and his mother. The topic of Ruku’s wedding comes up and Ruku’s mother says they will accept whoever Ruku likes. Vasu is oblivious to everyone and lost in Megha. Ruku’s father notices Vasu’s gaze and cites a prose/shayari. Vasu leaves. Ruku’s mother tries stop Vasu from leaving.

Guddu Khatri is being fed by his Sister in law. The SIL asks her husband why he doesn’t do anything about Vasu. Guddu says he was going to die and chides his brother for being more concerned about the taste of food. His brother asks him to calm and watch what he would do to Vasu. The brother asks Guddu who the woman was who saved his life.

Vasu is leaving the house along with his crony. RJ comes there. RJ is disgusted with the place and decides that once she meets her real mother she would return to Indore along with Megha. Vasu and RJ keep walking towards each other.

Megha wakes up in her bed and asks Ruku who got her home. Ruku tells her that Vasu got her home that too in his arms. Megha is shocked and Ruku asks to stop pretending as if she doesn’t know anything. Megha asks Ruku where RJ is. Ruku says she doesn’t know. Megha is worried that RJ might see Vasu.

Vasu is walking and so is RJ. Megha comes out looking for RJ. Megha searches for RJ everywhere. RJ is walking when a saree falls on her and she is covered in it. RJ asks someone to help her remove the saree. Vasu comes there and wraps the saree even more around her. RJ gets mad and starts shouting. Megha comes there and unwraps RJ. RJ complains that a bad uncle wrapped the saree around her head. Megha looks that it was Vasu. RJ asks Meghs if people here don’t have manners. RJ notices the dressing on Megha’s hand and asks her how she got injured. Megha slips into FB of Vasu asking Guddu to shoot her.

Precap: Megha tells RJ that she is right, they ought to shift from the place and search for her mother. RJ agrees and says once they find her mother they can return to Indore. RJ asks Megha if she met Vasu uncle or not. Megha doesn’t know what to say…

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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