Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 31st January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with the intro of dadaji and a photographer is shown taking pics of him and dadai is giving different poses, for the pic, and all the people are praising dadaji with jai jai kaar.
Dadaji then speaks up telling that his name should be known in all of indore and even people flying in the flights should be able to see his hording, Some one is saying that munna is taking care of the hording work. Dadaji praises munna and says he’s equal to 100 people, and insults beera saying he dreams big to become the party president.

Beera is shown lighting a match, then a guy screams to dadaji telling fire fire.
Here beera starts his monologue and is dreaming of navika, where he says “only when there is smoke, I can see you, like a fairy walking out of the clouds and telling me that I am your hero” The dream continues and he imagines navika in his room, and she gives him his clothes and indicates that he looks good, tells him to pray.
(dom tana playing in the background, new version)

He then goes to open the door, when dadaji with his men throw water inside his room, beera shouts telling them that they threw water on his dreams. Dadaji is confused, and the guys tell that the smoke is coming from the fragrance stick. Then beera tells that he has decided and dadaji asks what to which he tells that he is going to get married. Dada is shocked and says that he is unable to do one small work properly and has decided to get married.

Dada starts his banter that who will give their daughter to him, as the girl will run away in 2 days. He also says that beera is useless and couldn’t deliver a tv properly and due to his late delivery the opposite party delivered their tv 1st to the client and hes going go against dada’s party. He compares beera to munna and insults him furthermore.
Berra then decides to make dada proud and trust beera again, and goes of to his work

Starts with all having breakfast at the table, when renu comes to serve food and says who opened scent factory at home, and notices the smell coming from tanu and questions him on where he is going all dressed up. Tanu says that he is going for some meeting and nanhi, megha and jiji smirk. She then tells him to drink chocolate milk and go. She also says that she is taking care of him, so that anyother shedevil, not take him away from her. She then asks him if hes going out with any girl, as people in the mohala have been talking about it. Tanu 1st says yes, that he was seen with a girl and will be seen with one, (nanhi, megha and jiji bua are shicked) and turns the topic saying that he is selling ladies purse so will be seen with a girl only. Nanhi then receives a call from anu, she leaves megha telling that she will start the scooty and tells her to come.

Here sathyan, is telling the opposite party people, that since they gave him the tv 1st he will help them out. He also tells that they will raise their voice against dadaji’s illegal hording, Then aarti is shown taking some pluck carts which is against dadaji, and tanu calls aarthi then.

Tanu asks if the purse is nice, to which she says that what will she do with so many purses, tanu replies that she can take one purse everyday.
But aarti says that he gave her only 5 and 7 are needed for her to take everyday, in a week, and tells tanu not to think of gifting the other 2 purses to her, and if he forces then she will say yes, and she adds that he has to meet her to giver her the purse. They flirt for sometime, and tanu asks why not she downloads whats app, to which aarthi says that now he wants to gift her a phone, and she says that since he is forcing her, she says yes to the gift. Tanu is baffled and thinks that now he has to get 2 purses and a phone.

Nanhi drops megha in the school, where megha tells her that she feels like she is nanhi’s daughter and nanhi says tht she is megha’s mom and adds that she will come to pick her up in the evening. Megha walks into the school. Nanhi then says that she doesn’t want megha to meet the mohan bathnagar.

Guru drops rhimjhim in the school and gives her ghungroo, and tells her to study properly. She says that she came to learn dance and that the dance teacher here will be really good. She then happily walks off into the school.
Guru then prays to hanumamji, asking him that rhimjim should not like the kathak teacher and not this place, so that they can leave indore ASAP, before that family influences mohan.

Mohan is in the cabin talking to his team, telling them that this project is very important to him, and that this project is the sole reason why he is in the company and any mistake by one of the staff, will cost them their job. No explanations will be heard and they will be dismissed and if they want to leave this project then they can do it now. None of them want to leave and mohan smirks.

Navika apologizes to anu for not going into the site. She says that she is not responsible. Anu says that she knows her capabilities and that the editor-in-chief is starting a new program for which she had recommended navika. But the editor-in-chief had replied that she cannot be in this program not in this office, and tells her to apologies to him ASAP

Mohan receives a call from his PA, who tells her to wait. The PA tells navika to wait. Navika, says that she made a mistake, and not a crime, which would cost her, her job. This editor-in-chief would get a nice good salary, and would not know about their struggle.

Rhimjim goes and asks a person the directions of class six. She then goes to the class and plays with the ghungroo by throwing it in the air and catching it. Megha who happens to walk behind megha, notices this and catches the ghungroo, and stares at rhimjim, who jumpes to take it from megha’s hold.

Navika is called into mohans cabin. She hesitantly knocks his door and enter his cabin. Mohan’s back is to the door and is writing on the board, hearing her knock he motions her to enter in with his hands. Navika enter in and starts to apologise when mohan cuts in and tells her that if he has to apologies then, she should do it to herself.

Nanhi-mohan small FB:Nanhi remember FB of mohan and there conversation, where mohan addresses her as chavani and asks you!! when he passes by seeing nanhi get some bread from the shop.

Nanhi crosses her finger as mohan speaks telling her that anu has a lot of expectations from her and at least for her sake not to commit such mistakes.Finally mohan turns and looks and navika, when nanhi looses her cool and tears start rolling down, and she gets FB of loosing addu in station.Mohan aks her not to cry and nothing is solved by crying, He then stares at nanhi and ask you, and walk close to nanhi and tells her that he did not expect to meet her so soon, that to in this situation and that its not so long that he has forgotten her.

Mohan and nanhi stare at each other.

Glimpse of mohans new show is shown, and anu is talking on the camera telling that awaz India will do what the system cannot do. It will search for the missing kids from different places and give them back to their loved ones, and addu’s pic is shown. Nanhi is shocked and says Addu.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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