Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th May 2013 Written Update

Navi is startled to see Beera and is about to shout when Beera puts his hand on her mouth. Navi asks him what he is doing in her room. Beera says he came as she challenged him. Addu starts shouting “Ijoo, Ijoo”. Megha wakes up and sees someone leaving the room. Megha is about to check and call Mohan when Navi stops her and tells that she knows who had come in. Navi says he had come to meet me. Megha asks her who it was..Beera comes in and says it was him. Megha asks him what work did he have that he came so late in the night. Beera says he wanted to say something to her. Megha asks him to speak up. Beera starts to say something when Navi says that she loves Beera. Megha is shocked and keeps looking at both of them. Beera walks in and stands

next to Navi. Beera tells Megha that Navi is saying the truth and they both love each other. Addu calls Beera “Ijoo”. Megha realizes what Addu was trying to say. Megha asks them who else knows about it. NB say no one. Megha says such a big thing happened and you both hid it. Megha says she will first talk to Mohan and till then they both can;t meet. Beera is about to leave when Addu calls him “Ijoo” and Beera stops. Megha asks Addu to go back to sleep. Navi hugs Megha.

Beera walking in the house and Navi in her room(Dooriyan playing in BG) Both lost in each other’s thoughts

Mohan arrives in Juna Mohalla. Navi is pacing in her room. Beera informs her that Mohan has arrived. Navi thinks that Spiderman will come to know and she wonders how he will react.

Addu is playing with the mouth organ. Megha comes there with food and Addu shakes his head. Megha takes the mouth organ and tries to feed Addu. Addu continues to shake his head. Megha puts her hand on Addu’s eyes and feeds him. Addu is all happy and feeds Megha in return. Mohan watching all this wondering how to tell Megha that Addu is not their Addu. Addu drops his spoon and Mohan gives a spoon to him. Mohan and Addu get into a spoon fight Megha watches them and thinks how happy Mohan looks with Addu and wonders how to tell him that Addu is not the real Addu.

Munna talking to someone saying he is going to be there. Dadi brings tea for him and wonders how he got into the habit of drinking tea. Dada says she has made besan ke ladoo for him and his friend Addu. Dadi asks him to go meet Addu as ever since he has been back he has forgotten him. Dadi asks him to keep all relations strong as they are your own. Munna says he doesn’t believe in anything as relations only give pain. Dadi says relations give us happiness like your relation with Addu. Munna says he will meet Addu when the time is right and the life he leading is because of Addu. Munna says everything is happening contrary to what he had expected. Dadi wonders what he is trying to say and Munna twists it by saying that all he was trying to say is that Addu would love her ladoos.

Mohan feeding Addu when Megha comes there and asks Mohan when he came. Megha says she wants to say something to him. Addu says “Ijoo” and Mohan wonders what Addu is saying. Megha says he is trying to say Jiju. Mohan ask who taught him. Megha says it is anyway time for him to say Jiju. Mohan asks why. Megha says your Navi has fallen in love. Mohan looks shocked and says she is only a kid. Mohan is shocked. Mohan calls Chavvani and walks into Navi room to find little Nanhi all dressed up as a bride. Mohan says what is her mother saying. Navi says she is love and wanted to share this with him a long time back. Mohan asks her how old is she? Mohan gets up from the bed and calls out to Megha. The grown up Navi says she is 22. Mohan walks back into the room with an odd expression. Megha comes into the room. Navi tries to wave her hand in front of Mohan and bring him out of his trance. Navi says this is the age one falls on love with and then marriage. Mohan looks like he is gonna have a stroke. He musters the courage to ask NAvi who she loves Navi tells him that he knows the guy. Mohan asks he who it is Navi turns around and says Beera. Mohan is shocked and he turns Navi around.. Mohan is shocked and unable to take Beera’s name and asks Navi how? Mohan asks Navi how much has Beera studied. Navi says he is 10th fail. Mohan asks her which family his he from. Navi says Dadaji. Mohan is even more pissed. Mohan asks her where does he work and stay. NAvi says he stays here and works in Awaz India. Navi says but he is a genuine person. Mohan walks out calling Beera’s name in anger

Precap: Mohan walks into Beera’s room and asks him if he wants to marry Navi. Beera says yes. Mohan asks him if he has a house. Beera says yes. Mohan says is this how you will keep her. Beera says something when Mohan interrupts him in anger and asks him if he wants a maid. Megha and Navi shown listening to all this.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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