Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with nanhi at the mandir. Beera is completely in awe of nanhi as she passes by. Some local guys are staring at Nanhi.
They turn out to be local goon type of guys and he says them hows the girl? … they ll swoon over Nanhi and beera says that she is your bhabhi.
Those guys retaliate wht sister in law …?? Beera exclaims that i am your brother ..Big brother and she is ur bhabhi. If u all continue hitting at her
I will hit u all … And he hits them!!

nanhi at home. She looks at the mirror and cries bitterly. She recollects meeting Mohan …
Megha knocks at the room door.Nanhi quickly washes her face. NAnhi opens the door… Megha asks is everything ok? U met ur editor in chief? Nanhi replies yes and
that everything is ok!.. Suddenly light goes. Megha searches for candles. Jiji comes at the door. She overhears their discussion. She tells Megha to not to light
and comments that sometimes darkness and quoteness is nice! Megha says this not a pleasing quiteness .. this is a bad silence!!

Nanhi meanwhile asks megha that you remember that a girl had told bad about papa(Amar vyas). I hit her u remember in school?
Megha says that is an old story. Now what .. you met her and didnt talk to her? Is it that difficult to forgive someone?
Nanhi says it is not that easy to forgive someone. Megha says it is not that tough also!! …Nanhi then says I got a question after this incident..
Maa if Mohan Bhatnagar comes in front of you will u forgive him? What will be ur reaction? Mohan comes at Juna Mohalla. He is walking towards Vyas Niwas and he stops near the Streetlamp.
Megha is stupefied … She is in tears.. she says jiji to tell Nanhi to stop herself.
Nanhi asserts that tell me .. If he comes in front of you will you become weak? Answer me .. You always keep telling me to forget him and move ahead! What will you do?
She goes ahead and opens the window. Megha sees and cries … She recollects how mohan left her and went and then comes Megha’s Nazm 🙂 ..
Megha goes and closes the window and then reopens it. She tells Nanhi it does not affect me anymore whoever comes in front of me!
Nanhi hugs Megha nd says I was simply worried. You are very strong and i am happy knowing this!! Jiji smiles.

Mohan comes ahead and some kids are playing with paper planes.It falls off near Mohan. He picks up and tries to throw however misplaces it .
And he winks!!(Aha! the classic wink is back)… Mohan stares at the open window and leaves.The paper plane comes and settles
at Megha’s window. She goes aand is about to take it nanhi comes and takes it and hugs megha!

At mohan’s home Mohan in black (wOW!!) is thinking about Megha . he says I had to come to the same place which I wa avoiding for so long!!
Meanwhile Nanhi is at the terrace with her Handycam. She does not speak anything but the camera is on! Mohan meanwhile gets up and thinks to himself that Megha
I was so near to you and yet so faraway! Don’t worry its just a matter of some time. then I will bring Addu back to you.. and we will be together a closeup
of Megha is shown. Episode ends.

Precap: Nanhi leaves Megha at the school. As Nanhi leaves Rimjhim comes with Guru in a car.
Nanhi reaches office. Mohan is working. Nanhi crosses her fingers and says sorry! .. Mohan says if u want to say that say it to urself!! … nanhi is again about to cry.

Update Credit to: Susheta

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