Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th May 2013 Written Update

Mohan remembers his convo with the doctors about Addu’s blood report while entering his house. RJ comes running to him and tells she has a surprise for him. She asks him to close his eyes and makes him drink juice that she made. RJ tells Mohan that Dance Mam will come and stay with her. She tells Mohan that they will have to buy a bigger house now.

Guru says RJ has gelled so well with the new family. Mohan asks Guru to stop dreaming.

Megha puts Jigri to sleep. She has tears in her eyes. Jiji asks whats the matter. Megha says she feels like her dream shattered.

Mohan shows Addu’s reports to Guru. He says that the reports belong to two different people. Guru asks how is that possible. He says Munna was himself a kid

when he met Addu so there must be something that he missed.

Megha says that the album that we showed Jigri is not his family. Jigri is not Addu but God sent. Mohan also says that he is not Addu and that he should start searching for Addu afresh. He says he will find him somehow. Megha says as I interact with Jigri I understand that he is not our Addu. Addu was so adamant. Jigri’s memories of his mother is her pyre. For him we are just Addu’s family. Mohan says we will not tell Megha about it. Jiji tells we should tell Mohan about it. Megha tells she does not want to upset Mohan anymore who has got some peace after so long and asks Jiji to promise not to tell Mohan anything.

Next morning, Megha sees that Jigri did not drinking milk and she and JIji coax him to drink milk. He drinks milk. RJ comes to meet him in the morning. She gets him games, books, mouth organ. Megha is upset watching all this. jiji consoles her. Megha says she is worried about RJ too who has got along so well with him. How will she handle RJ when Jigri is gone. Jiji says leave it God.Megha says I am worried for Jigri’s family who must have missed him in the last 12 years. Jiji says lets enjoy with kids till then.

Nanhi and Aarti in kitchen. Renu asks what she is doing in the kitchen. Nanhi asks Renu how to make Rabdi. Renu teaches her how to make Rabdi. Renu asks why is she asking she intenting to get married. Beera enters. Renu asks Nanhi who will marry you. There is nothing girl like in you. Beera agrees. Nanhi says I will find someone if not you help me in finding one. Aarti says I will find one. Nanhi is confident somebody will fall in love with her.

Mohan calls Megha. Megha thinks for a while before picking his call. Mohan asks her how is she and if RJ is there. Megha says she was there. Guru came and took her back. Mohan asks if everything is alright. She says yes. She asks if everything is fine. Mohan says yes. Megha says I understand things without you telling me. Mohan says nothing, just keep a glass of tea ready tomorrow morning, I need to talk to you about something. Megha says okay.

Nanhi gets Beera Rabdi that she made for him. They are on the terrace. Beera and Nanhi do the staring at each for ages routine! Beera comes to kiss her, she feeds him rabdi. Then they chase each other. Addu comes to the terrace playing his mouth organ.

Nanhi and Beera make him sit on the swing. Beera asks him to play some Bollywood song on his mouth organ. Beera teaches him to call Didi referring Nanhi. Beera says I am yoyr Jiju. Nanhi hits him and Beera says I cannot confuse him by teaching Bhaiya now and Jiju later. Addu calls him Jiju and Nanhi says loving you is so risky and walks away. Beera challenges her that he will kiss her. Nanhi rubbishes it and walks away. Beera enters her room in the night and kisses her on the forehead. She wakes up and tries to scream. Beera shuts her mouth with his hand. She asks him what is he doing there. He says you challenged me and I came here. Addu wakes up and starts calling Jiju.

Precap: Megha says I want to tell you something. Addu comes out calling Jiju. Mohan asks Megha what is he telling. Megha says Nanhi is in love. Mohan is shocked to hear this and goes to Chavanni’s room. He finds Ashnoor in Bride’s costume.…

Update Credit to: sumiswap

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