Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th July 2013 Written Update

Voiceover talks about MM love story being an example and a brief re-cap of MM’s journey and Mohan’s death..

The man(who Vasu beat up)asks a man if Vasu would come. The man says Vasu would never refuse his mother’s order. The man asks him to relax and wait for Vasu to come and bear whatever he dishes out to you.

Megha’s landlord asks the priest if all the preps are done for the ritual.

Megha asks the injured man about Vasu. The man tells Megha that he was not beat up instead fell down while flying a kite. Megha asks him not lie and she saw him getting hit the previous day. The man says he doesn’t know any Vasu. Suddenly Vasu arrives with mother and everyone starts chanting his name. Megha looks at him and walks

behind him.

Rj comes to the temple and shows Megha an article about Vasu and his mother coming to Ganpati chawl to perform the Ganesh Pooja. Megha gets worried and asks RJ to leave. RJ leaves and Vasu turns around. Megha walks to where Vasu is standing.

Aai asks the priest to starts the rituals. Vasu performs the aarti and Megha is shocked looking at him. Megha cries. Ruku’s mom pushes her forward to give the prasad to Vasu. Vasu takes the prasad and walks away. He walks by Megha and doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

A man tells Vasu that the injured guy wants to apologize to him. Vasu goes up to the guy, put his hand on his ear, the injured man holds his ear and does sit ups. Megha is disgusted and shocked. Megha thinks that the man is Vasu and not Mohan.

A lady comes to Vasu with her kid and asks him to name her kid. Vasu names the kid Ganesh. Megha walks behind him but is stopped by one of Vasu’s cronies. Megha says she wants to meet Vasu. The guys says one cannot meet Vasu just like that. The guy asks Megha to leave else he would lose his job.

RJ talking to Megha but Megha lost in her thoughts about Vasu and Mohan. RJ asks her to play cross and naughts. Megha plays but without concentrating. Megha has FB of Mohan refusing to believe in god and Vasu’s belief. RJ tells Megha that she is cheating. Megha says they will play again. Megha thinks that she cannot stop RJ from meeting Vasu. Megha says she needs to do something fast. The house owner comes and asks MEgha if she has met Vasu. Megha says she couldn’t meet Vasu and asks the house owner about Vasu. The guy says it is tough to differentiate between his good deeds and bad deeds. The guy tells Megha to ask Ruku as she can introduce her to Vasu. Ruku comes there and asks her mother for tea. Megha remembers the house owner’s words on Ruku being the only source to Vasu.

Vasu playing football with kids. The cops come and tells Vasu to ask him to load the stuff asap as a senior officer can come anytime. Vasu while playing bumps into one of his men and has FB of bumping into Megha. His man teases him and Vasu kicks him down. The guy says it is ok. The guy warns Vasu about forgiving the injured man as he cannot be trusted.

RJ looks at everyone in the compound doing stuff. Megha asks her what happened? RJ says everyone is busy with their own work and says she gets bored. Megha advices her to make her own friends. RJ sees two pigeons and tells Megha that she can probably befriend one of them. RJ asks Megha how would she know who the right pigeon is. Megha gets lost in thoughts about Vasu and Mohan.

Ruku spits water and RJ is disgusted and says that aloud. Megha goes to Ruku and asks how she is. Ruku is shocked and Ruku says she is fine. Megha tells Ruku that she has something to talk to her. Megha says she had some work. Megha asks Ruku if she can introduce her to Vasu. Ruku asks her why she wants to meet Vasu. Megha says she has an important work which only Vasu can help with. Ruku says she can help but she(Megha) would have to pay a price.

Precap: Ruku brings Megha to Vasu’ s house. Ruku shouts out for Vasu. Vasu and Megha look at each other. Ruku asks Megha to wait outside. The injured man is shown pointing a gun at Vasu. Vasu is oblivious to it.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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