Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with RJ showing the drawing to Mohan and Megha. MM are shocked to see what Addu has drawn and so is Jiji. Jiji wonders what the drawing means. Jiji points towards Megha and asks Addu that she is his mother then why did he draw that. Addu puts his head on Jiji’s lap. Megha comes forward and says that he may be tired that’s why he drew this. Jiji takes Addu to sleep. Mohan is worried and tells Megha that he is going to meet Addu’s doctor. He tells RJ not to trouble Megha. Megha is worried and Mohan tells her that he is going to be back soon.

Navi praying in the temple when Beera comes there. Navi scolds Beera for saying what he said. Beera says if he had told the truth then? Navi gets all shy and hands Beera a list

which has all the qualities of a man she wants to be with. Navi tells Beera that he anyway loves signing such lists. Beera says someone told me that there are no promises in love and Navi says someone said that he is ready for all promises. Navi takes Beera to a holy tree and say the only promise she wants that her first love should be the last love. NB recite several such promises and keep tying the thread around the tree. Navi says I wish he doesn’t ever leave me.. Beera stops her and asks her to ask for something else as he already is hers. They both tie the thread. Beera holds Navi’s hand says he will never let go of her.

Mohan shows Addu’s medical papers to the family Doctor and asks him if with medicines Addu’s allergies could have alleviated . The Dr. looks at the report and says whose reports are you showing me. Mohan says it is Addu’s report. The Dr. says this report cannot be of Addu’s as Addu’s blood group was B+ and this report says 0+. The Dr. tells Mohan that he is very familiar with Addu’s medical history and asks him to bring the correct reports when he gets them.

Jiji is showing old album to Addu. Jiji shows an old pic of Addu and the old Addu keeps pointing at the picture and gets agitated.

Mohan with the asylum Dr. who tells him that the reports he gave him was correct. Dr. tells Mohan that he has been treating Addu for 10 years and he knows everything about him. Dr. tells Mohan that Addu never had any allergies and that the mistake must be at the other Dr’s end. Mohan is shocked.

NAvi arrives at the office when Beera takes her aside. Navi is about to scream when Beera shuts her mouth and asks her if he is not interesting enough for her. Beera gives a bracelet to Navi and tells her that it is the first gift of love. Navi says there was no need to spend all this and calls Beera mad. Navi tells Beera that she needs to show something to him. Navi takes Beera to someplace. Something is covered with a cloth and Navi asks Beera to take the cloth of and see what it is. It is a bike and Beera is pleased to see. Beera says it used to be my kid but I can’t buy it now. Navi says who buys there own stuff. Navi hands the key to Beera. Beera says he cannot take such an expensive thing from her. Beera says you should have given something small to me. Navi reminds him how he burnt his bike because of “trust”. Navi says now that there is trust between us then he has to accept this. Navi pleads and tells him if he doesn’t like it then she will return it. Navi is about to leave when Beera holds her hand. Beera takes the key from her hand(Ishaqzaade playing in BG)/ Beera puts the key and Navi is riding pillion. NB riding.

Megha is showing some more pictures to Addu but Addu is not interested. Megha’s shows Ved and Saroj’s picture and then Nanhi & Addu picture. Addu is not happy looking at the picture. Megha shows her picture and says Addu’s mummy. Addu takes Megha’s hand and put’s it on a solo picture of Megha’s. Addu is trying to say something and then puts his head on Megha’s shoulder. Jiji tells Megha that she is gonna go to the boutique. Jiji leaves and Addu takes his head away and shouts Amma in Jiji’s direction.

Mohan having of both the Doctors.

Precap: Mohan tells Guru that what the report says is correct that he(Jigri) is not our Addu. Megha on the other hand tells Jiji that Jigri is not their Addu. Guru asks Mohan what they will tell Megha and Mohan tells him that until they come to know where the real Addu is they won’t tell anything to Megha. Megha asks Jiji to promise that until they find something about Jigri’s family they will not say anything to Mohan. Jiji agrees.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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