Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 228th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 228th January 2013 Written Update

Megha asks for a job as a Kathak Teacher at the same time Mohan asks if a Kathak Teacher is available. The Principal and vice-principal are both shocked hearing Kathak’s name. Mohan taunts the Principle if she has even heard the name of the dance form while Megha tells the vice-princial about Birju Maharaj eminent Kathak dancers, and if he has ever heard about them. A very different new Derena song is played. The vice-principal tells Megha that there is very less demand for Kathak so they have no vacancies. The Principal tells Mohan that it is difficult to arrange a Kathak teacher only for a single student. Mohan and Megha leave from the respective rooms. They walk slowly sensing something with the new song playing. As they slowly turn towards each other, some peon carrying a big mirror come in between them thus Megha and Mohan just see their own reflections in the mirror. Mohan waits for the mirror to pass but by then Megha is gone. The principal and vice-principal come rushing to Mohan telling that just now there was a Kathak teacher who had come asking for a job. Mohan tells them to stop the teacher immediately. As Megha is walking out from the school, Guru who is waiting outside the school in the car sees Megha’s reflection in the car’s rear view mirror and is shocked. Just then the watchman comes rushing and stops Megha. The Vice-Principal comes running to Megha, panting heavily and tells her to join the school as a Kathak Teacher. Megha is surprised at the sudden change of fate. The Principal is on the phone with Rimjhim. Rimjhim enquires about the school as to how big is the playground, is there a different toilet for girls and if they teach Kathak. the Principal answers to all her queries positively. Mohan who is in the same room while the Principal is talking over the phone with Rimjhim, smiles at this. Rimjhim tells that she will now talk to Mr.Bhatnagar. Rimjhim asks Mohan how her Kathak teacher is. Just then, Megha’s resume flies and falls into Mohan’s hand but Mohan sees only the backside and returns it to the Principal and replies that the new Kathak Teacher is ‘MAST’.

Megha walks into the school with the vice-principal asking how come he changed his mind. Vice-principal tells that its a matter of life and death for him. The principal asks Mohan to wait for some time as the Kathak teacher will be there soon. Mohan tells that he has no time and tells that the Principal better arrange the Kathak teacher soon otherwise she can forget the large donation soon enough. Mohan is just coming out of the principal’s room when Megha is about to enter the vice-principal’s room. The principal tells that Mohan should wait for a bit. Mohan replies that he has no time. Megha hears Mohan’s voice and just stops. Megha is about to turn to look at Mohan just then her cellphone rings. Megha answers the call fron Nanhi and informs that she got the job but she has to end it soon as the vice-principal’s calls Megha inside as its a matter of life and death for him. Nanhi rejoices due to the happy news and goes and prays to Ganesh ji.

Mohan and Guru are in the car. Mohan tells Guru that he is feeling something strange. Guru is startled and asks that he felt the same. Mohan asks what does he mean by that. Guru avoids the question. Mohan asks Guru if he was in the car the whole time. Guru tells that he doesn’t want to step out of the car. Mohan tells that he will feel strange if he keeps sitting there. Just then, Mohan spots the Raghu’s father and has flashbacks of the events which made him suspicious. Mohan rushes out of the car but just then a truck intercepts them. Mohan goes after Raghu’s father and Guru goes behind Mohan. Mohan tells Guru to go back and he is not after the person whom Guru thinks is. Mohan rushes after Raghu’s father leaving Guru who prays for Mohan’s safety. Mohan sees Raghu’s father at Gandhinagar and calls Anu to bring tell her reporter who worked on Raghu’s story to reach there ASAP.

Meanwhile, at Megha’s house, Nanhi reads Megha’s joining letter. Tannu congratulates Megha and Jeeji becomes teary-eyed and emotional as Megha’s achievements feels like her own. Renu comes there and tells that she is happy that she won’t be hearing the noises of the Ghungroo anymore. Just then Navika gets a call from Anu who tells her that she needs to go follow a lead of the story and the new Chief is waiting for her and gives her Mohan’s number but hangs up the phone without telling Navika the Chief’s name.

Mohan is waiting at Gandhinagar, his frustration rising with passing time. Nanhi is at a traffic stop when Beera comes there as a mask vendor and irritates her and deceptively punctures Navika’s tyre. Navika recognizes Beera by his peculiar jeans. Beera teases Nanhi and as he gets on his bike, he looses balance and falls with the bike breaking another LCD. Nanhi is happy seeing this and she does a little victory dance. Mohan meanwhile gets irritated calling Anu up and asking where her reporter is. Nanhi is irritated that she is late at her first assignment with the new chief. Mohan loses patience and walks from there. Just then, Navika reaches there. Mohan and Navika pass each other but do not notice each other. Navika is dialling a number, just then, Mohan’s phone rings and Mohan exclaims ‘Arey yaar’. Navika stops as ‘Arey yaar’ phrase reminds her of Mohan and she has flashbacks of Mohan saying ‘Arey yaar’. Mohan answers the call from Rimjhim and tells her that he is busy with an important work. Navika recognizes Mohan’s voice and slowly turns to see Mohan’s back.

Precap: Mohan turns in Navika’s direction and Navika is shell-shocked.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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