Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th May 2013 Written Update

Beera arrives at Vyas house and haggling with the auto driver for change. Navi watches him and remembers Mohan’s words on never giving up till you want to achieve what you have to. Navi walks to her scooty and looks at Beera. Navi has FB of Beera and her conversation. Navi takes a stole out and has FB Of Beera’s speech on trust and him riding the bike with his eyes tied with a stole. Navi ties the stole around her eyes and starts riding the bike. Beera watches her and then runs after her asking her to stop. Navi keeps riding the bike and Beera keeps chasing her. Beera gets into an auto and asks Navi to stop. Navi says I know this is madness but I trust you and asks him for directions. Beera shouts out instructions to her and asks her

to stop. Navi falls down from her bike and a truck comes. Beera jumps from the auto onto and manages to save her(Tum hi hi playing in BG). Beera scolds her and asks her never to do that. Beera says if something had happened to her how would he have lived. Navi says why. Beera says because he loves her. Beera gets up to leave and Navi stops him. Beera says I have kept losing to you. He syas first I wanted to be close to you but you shooed me away and now I want to go away and you didn’t let that happen as well. Navi hugs Beera. Beera is happy and hugs her back

Mohan arrives in his office to see it in a mess. He looks though a sketch pad(Addu’s) and then puts it away. Just as he about to put it away he looks at another sketch. He calls someone by the name of Sharma into the office, a him the architecture is familiar to him. Sharma says his son goes to this school(Sharda Public School). Mohan thanks him. Mohan has FB of Megha asking Addu not to eat the saboodana vadas.

Navi comes home and looks at herself in the mirror(Bahara playing in the bg). Beera comes into the room and closes the door. Suddenly someone knock the doors and both hide behind the door. It is Addu and Navi goes away. Beera tells Addu that he is his Brother in LAw. Addu hugs him. Navi is overjoyed and is running around the house hugging everyone and dancing.

Mohan talking to a policeman and the policeman is assuring him that they will continue looking for the kidnappers, Mohan says he doesn’t want any more kids to become victims. The policeman says he has doubt on a big man and says he doesn’t have any proof. He asks Mohan to come with the police station with his son. The Policeman tells that they man they are doubting has a 22 year old son who handles everything.

Navi brings noodles for everyone. Megha scolds her for getting food from outside. Navi says it is not from outside as she cooked it. Jiji is shocked to know that Navi ventured into the kitchen. Megha asks her why she is so happy. Jiji says a girl can only be happy when she is getting married or is in love. Navi doesn’t say anything. Beera comes there and asks Navi to answer. Jiji asks Beera to taste the noodles. Beera says the noodles are salty but worth eating. Navi tells Jiji that she is happy that her friend Sweety is getting married. Beera chokes and starts coughing. Jiji asks Navi how old Sweety is. NAvi says the same as her. Jiji says even Naiv is at the age of getting married. Beera describes the perfect the girl and then says who will marry the girl who roams around in her scooty all day and works like a donkey. Beera is all smiling and asks for water. Navi gets water and spills it on Beera. Jiji scolds her for being careless and says it will be tough finding a boy for her. Beera says he is going to change and looks at Navi.

Navi stops Beera and tells him that she will meet him in the temple. Beera asks if she wants to marry him the same day.

RJ wonders why Mohan is not home yet and asks Megha if she could make a call using her phone. Megha asks her to take the phone. RJ calls Mohan and tells him that she is at MEgha’s house and asks him where he is. Mohan says he is at Megha’s house as well and comes from behind. RJ hugs him and Addu who is sleeping in Megha’s lap holds his hand out to Mohan. Mohan tells RJ that he wants to speak to Megha and asks her to take Addu out as well. Mohan tells Megha that the police wants Addu’s help in finding the kidnappers. Megha says he has just returned home and asks him to wait. Mohan agrees and says he is going to meet Addu’s doctor to check on his health and also ask about his allergy to saboodana. Megha is taken aback. Mohan asks for Addu’s file and Megha gives it to him.

MM in the living room when they hear RJ exclaiming over a drawing Addu made. Mohan asks her what the matter is and RJ tells him that he had asked Addu to write something about his mother and instead he drew something. Mohan looks at the drawing and it is of someone lighting a pyre. MM are shocked and hands the drawing over to Jiji.

Precap: NB praying and tying a thread around a tree asking to be together always. Navi prays that the person she loves should never leave her and Beera says he will never ever leave her.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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