Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Beera being carried forcefully by daddaji’s men. Mohan comes and says what are you all upto … so many men hitting one guy!!! .. That guy says you go back otherwise you will also be hit. Mohan says now this is proper .. If you are hitting him only that would be unfair! .. That man tries to hit Mohan using a hockey stick. Mohan ducks at proper time. Then Mohan exclaims that now it is proper.. You are trying to hit me .. But you should have not done that … That guy says what will you do .. Hit me back ?? .. Mohan says I have a team.. that guy says call them. Mohan whistles and his entire press team comes all loaded with cameras, recorders. That man spots Tommy and yells at him. he says to stop the recording.

Tommy continues shooting. That man exclaims saying that if daddaji comes to know he won’t spare you … Mohan exclaims to tommy that record this carefully .. he took daddaji’s name!!! tommy says sir everything has been clearly recorded in the video.. That guy yells at Mohan and says u dont know what ypou are getting into. Daddaji won’t leave you. he covrs his face and walks away muttering that anyways media has hampered daddaji’s image we can;t afford to ruin it more. That guy leaves Beera alone and they go away. Mohan comes near Beera and calls hime .. Says your name is Beera right?? Beera says by now everyone in the country knows that my name s Beera. Mohan says yeah … He asks beera if he can drop him anywhere? Beera says I wish I myself knew where I want to go!! Roght now even I don’t know where I want to go!! So whst should I tell you… Beera says whoever said that in this world no one is actually yours was right! In this world you cannot trust anyone .. Daddaji sent men to hit me and get me back forcefully .. That guy who hit me we have been playing since childhood .. even he tried to hit me!!! Mohan says I can understand but right now you come with me.. Beera points at Awaz India’s logo on Mohan ‘s car. He says that channel is responsible for my situation I an’t probably come with you.. Mohan says you have lost the plot!! .. wht’s your age?? Beera gives his age!! Mohan says at the age of 25-26 you lost all your hopes ??? How will you survive?? Beera says if this would have happened in ypur life .. If you would have seen hate in the eyes of your own people for you then you would have understood my plight! .. Beera exclims now if I want to walk on the right path will anyone let me do that ? No coz everyone knows that I have been assosciated with a wrong person… he says If a person does wrong he has to pay for it!! even I will have to do it. If you would faces the hate of such people then even you would have lost all the hopes. He says now let me go!! Mohan is lost in thoughts of Nanhi … how nanhi blamed him for losind Aditya!! ..Mohan tries to hold his bag and Beera tries to pull it and walk away. Mohan holds it tight and Beera yells at him to leave the bag at once. Mohan pulls Beera towars himself and hugs him tight! .. He thinks in his mind that at such times when you want to cry and if you do not have anyone to hug tightly and cry I know that pirecing pain .. Beera closes his eyes and comforts himself .

Meanwhile Megha buys cloth for rimjhim’s kanha dress and asks jiji to stich it for her. jiji asks for measurements … Megha says she does not have it but her measurement must be same as nanhi’s when she was 9 years old.. jiji says ok it will be done. Megha goes to buy jwellery for rimjhim.

At Awaz India’s office Navika reaches office and sees anu in a very disturbed state. She asks anu if everything is ok?? Anu says ignore me…THis is project Tallash’s fileand all the details are there in this. Now you are a part of Tallash. I said you that Mohan is a fair person. navika smles to herself. Anu informs her that Mohan is leaving Indore and going back to Bhopal. Navi is happy!!! … Anu aks her to go to Moahn once. She exclims what is the need? he is not the lead anymore. Anu asks her to still go! She goes and knocks and enters Mohan’s cabin. Seeing her smile Mohan says by now you must have come to know that I an leaving this office and maybe that is why the smile. navi says yes!! She says that i knew … Mohan says what??? Navika asserts and says I knew you would leave and go away!! … He says to navika before I leave I thought I will give you a gift. He calls in Beera and says you have a new team member, you will be working with him. Navika exlaims it is not at all possible that I will work with him!! Mohan asks her to take a seat, both Navi and beera sit. Navika exclaims saying I know you have come over to create issues for me! But i won’t let this happen. she says Mohan I cannot trust this guy with such sensitive information. Beera says excuse me!! trust ?? .. navika keeps quite but gets up t go and talk to Anu.. Mohan tells her that this is his offer letter which is already signed by Anu. He asks beera to go out. Mohan asks nnahi whether she has not been taught that we should help the weak.. nanhi says yes! I have been taught but I have also seen that same person burning down or destroying everythin … Mohan stares at her.

Jiji asks megha about their plan for Rimjhim.. She asks whether it will work? Megha says since we are thinking so much let us think something good and positive!! … Maybe it will happen.. Navika comes home stomping her feet , jiji asks whta happened. navika says her head is about to burst!! Jiji says let me get my ginger tea it will cool your head down and Megha comes and starts pressing her head giving a massage! Nnahi pulls her and says that her boss has brought a new guy and now she cant handle both of them! Megha sauys let me meet your boss!! I will give him nice firingand then he on’t bother you! nanhi denies . Meanwhile Megha parcels Rimjhim’s dress to Mohan’s place. It reaches there. Rimjhim is busy packing stuff. The woman help says that baby you will find bad people everywhere but that does not mean you will leave every place and go!! Guru tells her to keep quiet. She gives Rimjhim some money as blessings. Guru smiles. Rimjhim asks guru whether she should take the money. Guru signals her that take the money. Rimjhm plants a kiss on her cheek and exclims ‘Blessings!!” … there is a bell knock and rimjhim thinks it is Mohan. However it is parcel (Megha’s parcel).

Mohan comes home with Beera and guru offers him tea, He drinks it with the saucer! Moahn sees and smiles .. The woman asks mohan why are you leaving sir ..If you want should I talk to Rimjhim … Rim comes down and hugs Mohan and says thankyou!! Mohan says why ? rim says for the surprise !! Mohan introduces Beera with Rimjhim! Rim saya hello and Beera replies in a typical tone and Rimjim jokes about it! Mohan says what surprise?? She shows him the dress. Mohan says areh this is krishna’s dress.. rimjhim says how do you know? Mohan says jaan my name is Mohan and it is another name for Krishna .. In childhood my mom used to amke wear such costumes!! Both Rimjhim and guru laugh!! mohan tries to find out who sent it .. he searches for a note and gets it!! It says ‘How is Kanha dance possible without Kanha!!!??? ‘ … Both exclaim ..’DANCE TEACHER’ …!!!!

PRECAP: Nanhi falls down and hurts herself. Mohan and beera look. Mohan goes and ties his handkerchief on the wound. Megha applies medicine on the wound at their f]home and picks up the handkerchief.

Update Credit to: Susheta

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