Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th July 2013 Written Update
Only updating bits relevant to NBT.

Kishan from Sanskar realizes his wife might be in Mumbai and he decides to go there. The villain has decided to sell Bhoomi(Kishan’s wife). Kishan call his friend and asks for his help. His friend says it is tough to look for people in Mumbai. His friend looks at a headline which says “Vasu’s terror increases”. The guys says it is Vasu and he is top smuggler but he helps people who he thinks are in distress. Shots of Vasu shown. Kishan asks his friend if he knows Vasu. The guy says he doesn’t. Kishan decides to go to Mumbai and approach Vasu for help.

Kishan arrives at a dhabba like place and calls his friend to ask if he could get through to Vasu. His friend says he is trying.


bus has broken down so he is asking for lift from people. HE is offered lift by a person from Uttaran.

Megha at a shop trying to buy a sim card. Suddenly she spots people hitting a man. Megha asks the shopkeeper what is happening and he says that it happens everyday. Megha rushes to the place and asks people to help the man who is getting beaten. She then tries to stop the goons but they push her away. Megha falls down and suddenly a car comes to a halt right there. Everyone whispers that “bhau is here”. Megha gets up and Vasu steps out of the car. Megha looks at him and is shocked as Vasu looks like Mohan(shocker!!! ) Vasu starts walking and Megha is happy seeing him but he walks right by her. Megha is left confused. The man who was being beaten up is at Vasu’s feet seeking forgiveness. Vasu kicks him and hits him. Megha is shocked and upset looking at him. Vasu walks away and everyone chants his name. He walks by Megha again and leaves in his car. Megha shouts out Mohan’s name and runs after the car She falls down and starts crying.

Megha arrives at her house lost in thoughts(female version of tere bin tere bin playing in BG) FB’s of Mohan and Vasu shown. The lady(house owners wife) tells Megha that she has to put up a clothes line for her clothes as she cannot use their’s. Megha walks by her into the room and splashes water on herself. Megha sits on the bed. RJ asks her if she got the sim card as she wants to talk to Jiji Bua. RJ is looking/drawing at a picture of Mohan on a tablet PC. RJ realizes Megha is not paying attention. RJ asks Megha if she is missing Papu. Megha hugs RJ. RJ tells Megha that she only says that we think of people who we forget but Papu is always with us. Megha picks the tablet pc RJ was playing with and looks at Mohan’s picture. RJ goes to get water for Megha. RJ says she will give Megha a head massage, RJ asks Megha if she wants Besan ke ladoo made by Guru. RJ says she is going to get them. The house owner comes tells Megha that RJ is very smart as she sensed her mother is unhappy. He asks Megha what happened. Megha says she faced her past. Megha says she felt a stranger was someone close. The man tells Megha that she would know if he is someone close then fate would bring them face to face again. Megha asks the man if he knows Vasu.

Vasu is stitching up his colleague. Vasu warns him never to get beaten up again. A man comes and tell Vasu that Kishan has come to meet him. Kishan comes and introduces himself. Vasu motions for him to sit. Kishan tells Vasu that his wife has been kidnapped and all other details. Vasu says if he wife has been brought to Mumbai then she would be sold. Kishan asks Vasu to help. Vasu’s man informs Kishan that the guy who kidnapped his wife is someone who helps them and that they cannot work against him. Vasu says he doesn’t understand love and hence he cannot help him. Kishan says he hasn’t loved anyone and the day he does he would understand. Vasu dismisses him.

RJ Mohan’s sketch/picture to Megha. Megha hugs the picture and cries.

Men from Uttaran and Sanskaar save each other and discuss about helping each other. . Kishan praises them for trying to help him and tells them that the person he wanted seek help from is not ready to help. Man from Uttaran asks him who it is.

All the men go to meet Vasu and asks him if he would help them or not. Vishnu from Uttaran asks Vasu to help and tells him about the importance of love. Vishnu and Kishan decide to leave. Kishan says to understand my problem one needs heart. The man from Uttaran says I want to see if he has heart or not. Vasu says if he had a heart he wouldn’t have an identity. The man from Uttaran asks him if he he doesn’t have a family and talks about his mother. Vasu tells them about the place where women are sold and dismisses them.

All the men arrive at the place where the function is on. Vasu comes there draped in a shawl and puts a note in the pocket of each of the three men which says “shamiana/tent”.

The villain is threatening everyone when Vasu comes there playing damru . He lifts the shawl from his face and everyone is shocked seeing him. Vasu tells the villain that he tried not to become enemies with him. Vasu throws color on him.

Kishan, Vasu and Vishnu stand like Tridev. The goons try beating them up but they fight them off. The police arrive in time to arrest the goons.

Rathore tells Vasu that he knew he too had a weak spot and for him it is mother.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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