Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with an angry jhilmil shaking her ghongroo in front of the camera and guru translates that rhimjim is angry and wont talk to him. Mohan again says sorry but rhimjim dosen’t budge, so mohan finally says that he din have dinner, listening to this, rhimjim says that he is not a small kid and to have dinner. So mohan takes a plate of food which is kept nearby and eats, and simultaneously rhimjhim has her milk. She then asks why he left even without saying bye, to which mohan replies that it was urgent work.
He then says that he needs to take an important decision and is really confused, and without her free advice, he cannot take any decision. Rhimjim asks why is he soo tensed, mohan says that he cannot come to a decision and rhimjim advices him that when he is not able to decide using his brain, the to listen to his heart and go by it, and that is the best decision. So mohan says that he has decide and tells her to pack her stuff, and rhimjim asks if they re going on a holiday? And mohan replies that yep, on a long holiday and to indore. Guru is shocked.

Nanhi is seeing the video clip containing the inteview with the kidnapped kid, where he says he missed his sister a lot, and is crying. Megha who comes to give nanhi kheer, notices this and becomes nostalgic. Megha then give the sweet and nanhi breaks down and cries that they got theirson and they still din’t get back their addu. Megha tells that their fate that they got their son back and that Their fate has only pain stored for them but nanhi says that, that kids dad went and got his son back and the person who promised to return back with addu itself went away forgetting them and she warns mohan batnakar not to come in front of her.

Mohan tries to convince rhimjhim saying that in indore also there are a lot of friends , and their house will be double the size of the actual house with a big lawn, windows. Guru discourages mohans idea and mohan and guru argue, where guru is against going to indore and mohan tells the benefits of shifting to indore. Rhimjim listens to both their arguments but says no to mohan and runs away, but mohan says that even a kathak teacher is available. Rhimjim is convinced and asks him to look out for one.

Nanhi is sitting down with taanu when he asks nanhi that how is aarthi and nanhi gives him a confused look and finally confesses that he likes her. At that time bua comes and nanhi teases him and ultimately tells bua about aarthi, but taanu complains that his mom wants a girl as beautiful as aishwarya and should be as rich as ambani. He also curses that aarthi Is the same girl who conducted a sting operation on renu. At that time megha comes and advices taanu to settle first and then marry, renu enters and taunts megha and tells her not to give any advice to her son, and 1st look after herself. She again starts the same story of megha and nanhi living on her husband’s money. Finally nanhi gets irritated and pushes a mosquito coil placed on the table to renu’s side and renu burns her hand. All suppress their giggle.

Mohan calls up anu in the middle of the night and enquiers about kathak teacher and the house with a huge lawan and says that these are the conditions for re-joining awaz india. Anu is super happy and anu conveys mohans requirements to nanhi and tells her to complete her work.

A new day, a new morning starts with meghas aarti.

Megha doing aarti and nanhi with her poetry teases megha, and megha chases nanhi, around, when tanu shows up dressed in a weird dress with goggles, and nanhi teases him further and he bumps into renu. Renu scolds him and says that her friends are coming home and they have kept a sale of imported things. Bua makes fun of her, when taanu says to nanhi that hes going on a date with aarthi and needs some tips. Bua says that nanhi has no experience in date and stuff and that she will give him tips, and says that girls like flowers and stuff and the guy should profess his love late and not immediately on the 1st date. She says this much is enough for today and asks him to leave.

Anu is happy that mohan joined awaz India. She says that her best reporter is looking for the kathak teacher and even the house is finalized. Mohan is baffeled that anu sent her best reporter, to that anu says that here we work as a family, not as a military regim.

Nanhi is in the auto with megha, going to the office and megha gets down in the middle as she has some work. After megha gets down nanhi takes out her camera and starts recording, she says that she knows her mom goes to the police station every 2nd day to ask about aadu, and the person who promised to bring back aadu is not bothered about them and must be happily living elsewere and would have forgotten them by now.

Back to aawaz India were anu and mohan are having a conversation.
Anu asks mohan to sign the contract, as she’s offering him everything house, salary, kathak teacher, and whatever he ask’s for. Mohan says he needs some peace, and that he is going to work on a project and he needs a team and that will be hand picked by him, and the project he’s going to work on is based on a scam going on. He even demands for full financial support and no interferane from the board of directors. Anu agrees.

PRECAP: Nanhi – rhimjim face to face.
Anu asks nanhi to decorate the new chief’s room(mohans) and the arrangements have to be simple, and not very grand as he(mohan) doesn’t like over decoration. Nanhi goes to the room and sits on the chiefs chair when rhimjim comes and tells her to get up as its her papas chair. Nanhi rhimjim fight…

Update Credit to: gunjan

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