Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Navi is working on the laptop when she has FB of Beera getting gifts from a girl and his lectures on love. Navi shakes out of her thoughts and continues working. Megha comes and asks if she will break the laptop. Megha asks her if she is ok. Navi says she is fine and says lets watch TV. They watch a segment in AI which says because of Mohan and Addu few more kidnappers were busted. Navi thinks to herself that she missed all the action thanks to Beera. Addu and Mohan arrive home. Megha does aarti for Addu and Jiji praises him. Addu is pleased. Navi and Jiji take him inside. Megha gives sweets to Mohan for his win. Mohan says now everything is set as Addu is friends with him. Mohan says “we” have won.

Megha on the terrace having FB

of RJ asking her to move in. Mohan comes to the terrace and looks at Megha looking at his old house. Mohan says hi. Megha places her head on Mohan’s shoulders and says our house. Megha tells Mohan that RJ asked her to move in. Mohan says RJ doesn’t know anything about our relation and the fact that I adopted her. Mohan says who will tell her and looks at Megha. Megha says I am sure RJ will understand and Mohan tells her that it is her responsibility.

Navi wonders why Beera hasn’t returned and has FB of her various meetings with him. Navi says I dont believe that love happens on first sight. Beera comes humming and all happy. He is about to enter another house when Navi stops him. Beera tells Navi that Sweety proposed to him and that he is going to the US . Beera walks into the house and falls down. Navi tries to help him but Beera says that she is another woman that Sweety would hate it if she comes to know. Beera shows a pre-nupital agreement which Sweety gave him. Beera tells her that he doesn’t care. NAvi asks him if he really loves Sweety. Beera says the woman I loved did not find me worthy. Beera asks her to come for the wedding as he will wait for her. Navi wonders why she cares so much.

Navi goes to the terrace and sees MM. She asks them to remain that way and clicks a picture. She makes MM sit on the swing and sits between them. Navi asks MM if love happens on first sight and if doesn’t happen on first sight then does it never happen. Mohan asks why she wants to know? Mohan says that Megha has troubled him a lot. Megha says yes which is why you used to follow me. Mohan says aye madam peecha peeche se kiya jaata hain Mohan recounts how he and MM fell in love and how it took time for Megha to accept her love. Navi recounts her meetings and interactions with Beera. Megha says once you love someone then the fear of losing them is bigger. Mohan tells her that love can come because of jealousy. Mohan reminds Megha of Dr. Manav Mohan says like everything else love also tests you. Navi asks if a love cannot stand test of time then? Mohan says then it is not love. Suddenly they hear Addu shouting.

They rush to see what’s happening. Addu is shouting and agitated. Mohan asks Navi to bring his medicines. Megha and Jiji put him on the bed. Navi gives him medicine. Addu shouting Amma Amma and hugs Jiji.

Addu is sleeping with his head in Megha’s lap when Mohan comes in and says there is no one outside. Megha asks Mohan to stay with Addu. Mohan looks around and sees the window open. He notices a pair of scissors with blood on it. Mohan checks Addu’s body for injury. Mohan realizes that there is blood on the floor. Mohan realizes Addu attacked someone with the scissors and injured them.

Munna is shown wiping a wound on his arm.

It is next day and Navi wakes up with FBs of Beera and their interactions. Navi remembers that Beera had decided to sign the paper and meet Sweety in rabri center. Navi wakes up and decides to stop Beera. Navi runs trying to find Beera(Ishaqzade playing in BG). Navi on the way stops to look at a puppet show when she hears Beera praising someone. Navi walks up to him and Beera thinks it is Sweety. Beera asks her what she is doing as there are 24 hours to his wedding. Navi asks him if he is thick. Beera says he is not thick which is why he is marrying Sweety. NAvi says she has come for him and that she is here to stop the wedding. Beera says she should be helping him. Navi tries to convince Beera to back off as he doesn’t know Sweety. Navi says she cannot allow this. Beera says Sweety loves him. Navi says she is lying. Beera says I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t trust Sweety and there is no other person for whom I should be with Sweety. Navi says the reason is in front of you. Navi says no one can love you as much as I do. Navi tells Beera that she loves him. Beera is shocked(Ishaqzaade playing BG)

Precap: Beera asks Navi if love has awakened in her heart. NAvi says yes. Beera tells Navi to go and tell MM to find her a nice boy. Navi is taken aback. Beera tells her that he feels nothing for her and walks away. NAvi is in tears.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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