Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Addu asks Mohan to leave as he has made all arrangements for the same. Mohan tells Addu that the responsibility of the family is now his. Addu asks him not to worry as soon no one will even remember him. Addu asks him to fulfill his promise and leave. Mohan takes the bag and walks away. Mohan hears the family enjoying themselves and stops. Addu asks him not to turn around as from this day on everything including RJ is now his. Addu says the condition was that when Megha is happy he would leave. Addu says goodbye to Mohan and asks him to leave and never return. Mohan has FB’s of Megha, RJ, Navi and his “saat pheras” with Megha. Mohan stops and is unable to walk as he has FB’s of his wedding with Megha.

Mohan is walking away

when RJ comes with Megha and stops him. They ask him where he is going. RJ says she caught him and chides him for leaving. Mohan says he has an important work and he has to go. RJ refuses and asks Mohan to come play with them. Megha supports RJ and says the time they are spending together is important. Megha scolds Addu for standing and watching Mohan leave. Megha asks Addu why he allowed Mohan to leave. Addu says Mohan told him that he committed to someone. Megha says to back out of the commitment and drags Mohan with her.

Everyone starts playing again. Beera hits a ball high in the air and Mohan walks backwards trying to catch the ball. Everyone tries stopping him but he doesn’t listen. Addu says he will go and check. Everyone continues shouting but Mohan pays no heed. Mohan topples off the cliff and Megha shouts out to him. Everyone rushes to where Mohan has fallen. Addu reaches there. Mohan somehow manages to hold on to something. Mohan is about to slip when Addu comes and holds Mohan’s hand. Everyone comes there and asks Addu not to let go. Navi asks Beera to get rope. Addu tells Mohan that Megha loves him a lot and that he was a fool to try separate them. Addu says no matter where he goes his mother(Megha) will find him. Addu says how far will he go a few kilometers? Addu says wherever he goes Megha will find you. Addu says he hates him, always has and always will. Addu says I cannot tolerate you being in my mother’s life. Addu says he(Mohan) has to go where even his mother cannot find him. Everyone is worked up, Beera and Tanu return with rope. Mohan is aghast hearing what Addu has to says. Addu lets go but Mohan tries to hold on to him using his other hand. Mohan tells Addu not to take his death on himself. Mohan says he is right nothing can separate him and Megha not even a few kilometers. Megha keeps asking Mohan to hold on. Mohan has FB of his first meeting with Megha(Khajrana mandir scene), Megha confessing his love, dancing in Nepal, moments at Mohan’s house, marriage. Mohan smiles looking at Megha. Mohan lets go!!! Mohan’s nazm playing in the BG. Megha is shocked. Mohan slowly falls down. Megha is shocked and shouts out…and wakes up

Two years later
Megha shown waking up in a train from a bad dream. Megha spots a boy trying to steal her bag. RJ wakes up and shouts out thief thief. The thief threatens everyone with a knife not to come near him. Megha throws a bed sheet on him and hits his hand with a bottle. Everyone beats up the thief and take him away. RJ is scared and Megha tries to pacify her saying if someone is wrong they ought to be shown the right path. RJ asks her why she had to take such a risk as she is not Papu(Mohan) to take such a risk. Megha says sorry to RJ and asks her to sleep. RJ sleeps on her lap. Megha takes out a wallet and looks at her and Mohan’s picture.

Precap: Megha arrives at some colony/chawl like place. The new girl shown talking to someone on the phone talking about the relation she shares with Vasu. Megha is filling her pot with water when the girl comes and shouts at her. Megha says it was her turn so she filled up her pot. The girl is mad and shouts out for Vasu. Silhouette of Vasu shown.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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