Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Mohan talks to Munna and Addu spots a picture of someplace and gets agitated. Mohan asks Munna if he remembers any place, any person or anything. Munna says he doesn’t remember anything as it has been a while. Munna says all he remembers is that they were in Jhansi but he doesn’t know how Addu reached there and what else happened. Addu gets up from his chair and starts hitting the picture with both his hands. Mohan tries to stop him and Addu goes behind a chair to hide. Mohan is left wondering. Mohan looks at the picture it is of some place called “Gol Bazaar”. Mohan asks Addu if he knows this place. Addu gets agitated and starts drawing something. He draws a picture with lots of people and crosses them out. He then makes another picture

and Mohan looks at it. Munna meanwhile disconnects the call.

Anu gives Navi some stories to discuss with Mohan. Anu asks her to have lunch with Mohan and Addu is his cabin so that both will be happy. Beera says he agrees with Anu. Navi refuses. Beera asks her why. Navi says this is office and I have certain boundaries as Mohan is her boss. Navi tells Beera that she has got Beera’s tiffin as well. Beera says he won’t eat as someone has ordered Chinese food for him. Beera asks her to read a card. Navi reads the card and it says “You look even more delicious”. Beera asks for translation and is pleased when Navi translates it. Navi asks him why he is allowing such things to happen. Beera says first he will eat the food and then reply to the card. Beera says there is right time and place for everything so he going to do that.

Mohan brings Addu to someplace(Gold Bazaaar I guess) Addu gets out of the car and has flashes of the place. Addu starts walking and Mohan follows him. Addu stops in front of a house and points towards it. Mohan tries to open the door but is not able to. Addu goes to the door and starts banging it. Mohan takes Addu away and sits him down.

Beera is talking to some Sweety thanking her for the food and that if she was here she would have kissed her hand. Navi walks and grabs the phone and tells the person that you cannot talk like that. Beera grabs the phone back and says it is his personal call. Beera tells “Sweety” that he is coming to meet her. Beera announces to everyone that he is going for an important work and asks no one to call him. Navi is upset. Beera comes back and asks for her help. Beera asks her to come with him. Navi agrees to go with him.

Munna in the same place as Addu & Mohan. Addu comes and hugs Munna. Mohan comes and asks Munna what he is doing there. Addu pulls Mohan and makes him shake hands with Munna. Munna says he heard everything when Mohan had called him in the morning. Munna says it is odd that Addu remembers the place I don’t remember. Mohan asks Munna to wait with Addu.

Police comes to Gol Bazaar. Mohan and Police break into the house and find some kids there.

Dada and his cronies watch an Awaz India news segment which talks about how PT with the help of Addu found the place where some kidnapped kids were kept. Dada is worried.

Navi & Beera in some shopping mall. Beera tells Navi that he going to meet Sweety’a parents as they are off to the US the next day. He says he has to meet them soon. Beera asks Navi to help him become modern in one day as his marriage might get fixed today itself. Navi is stunned and asks Beera not to rush into things. Beera says Sweety loves him as she cooked for him and said that she finds him “irrustable”. Beera says it is more than enough for him. Beera asks Navi to come along. Navi helps Beera search for clothes(IShaqzaade playing in BG). Beera says the clothes are very mordern and that Sweety would love it. Beera goes to try the clothes on. Navi asks Beera if he is sure of what he is doing. Navi asks him how many times has he met Sweety and that this is not the way one falls in love. Beera asks Navi how does one fall in love.

Beera comes out all dressed up looking dapper. Navi tells him that he is rushing into things. Beera tells her that there is no rush in love either it happens or it doesn’t. Beera shows her a pair of earrings and asks if she would try them. Navi tries them and Beera is pleased. Beera says it looks awesome and asks her to take them off. Beera says it would look awesome on Sweety. Navi is disheartened.

Precap: Navi tells Beera that he cannot marry Sweety. Beera says he doesn’t see why not as Sweety loves him as she said it herself. Navi says Sweety lied to him. Beera says he doesn’t see a reason why he cannot marry Sweety. Navi says the reason is right in front of him.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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