Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Mohan takes Megha inside a room and shuts the door. Mohan tells Megha that finally the entire family is together. Mohan says everyone is celebrating we should also celebrate. Mohan calls her Mrs. Megha Bhatnagar. Megha says he is being very romantic Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar. Mohan says she is always worried about kids and home. Megha says they cannot stop thinking about them as well. Mohan syas it is good to see kids first being innocent and then independent. Mohan gives a pen(gifted to him by Indu) and a bunch of books on cricket for Addu. Mohan opens a cupboard and points out RJ’s clothes and accessories to Megha. Mohan is emotional and says he is tired of being responsible. Mohan hands Megha’s a bunch of keys and says now the entire house

is her responsibility. Megha says if the entire responsibility is on her then what would he do. Mohan says he would become selfish and think about himself. He holds Megha close to him and opens her hair(Mehsoos khud ko playing in BG) Romantic moment between in MM MM hug.

Vyas-Bhatnagar in the bus on a picnic. They start playing antakshri ..Everyone enjoying. Navi sings “maine pyar tumhi se kiya hain”, Beera sings “Ramaiya vastavaiya”, Megha sings “haal kya hain janab ka”. Everyone asks Mohan to sing. Mohan sings ‘koi na koi chahiye” Navi calls RJ and while coming she trips. Addu holds her and Mohan is relieved. Addu goes and sits near Mohan. Mohan tells him that he has grown up and asks him to always look after his lil sister. Addu asks him if he remembers his promise. Antakshri continues. Megha comes and gives some wafers to Mohan. Mohan asks Megha if she is happy. Megha says she is happy that the entire family is together but she is worried that she would herself cast an evil eye on things. Mohan applies kohl to her face. Everyone starts singing Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha. Mohan tells Megha if they keep behaving this way people would throw them out of the picnic. They continue singing. They arrive at the picnic.

Mohan wins the toss and decides to bat. Beera is bowling. Addu tells Mohan that the lawyer has come. Mohan decides to go meet the lawyer. Everyone protests. Mohan says just because of one person the game should not stop. Mohan tells Megha that till he returns she is the captain of the team. Megha asks Mohan to go and she will make sure that the team wins. Jiji announces that the new captain is Megha. Renu asks who will she fight with since everyone is a family member and only he is an outsider Mohan says he is not dying and will be back soon Mohan gives her a flying kiss.

Mohan and Addu meet the lawyer. Mohan asks the lawyer if all the papers are ready. The lawyer asks Mohan what the hurry was. Mohan says one should not delay things as his son is grown up. Mohan says he is transferring his property and problems to his son. Mohan emotionally watches his family playing. Addu looking at the papers. The lawyer remarks that he is a lucky man as his family is together and his son is standing with him. The lawyer leaves. Mohan asks Addu now what. Addu asks him to fulfill his promise as his son has made all arrangements for him.
Addu hands a bag to Mohan. FB of Addu’s condition. Addu says everything in the past 12 years happened because of him so even his condition is simple. Addu tells Mohan if he wants him to return home then he would have to go away from his family and go far away that he can never return. Addu says they can never stay together. Mohan is thoughtful but Addu continues taunting him. Mohan asks if he wants to see what he can do for Megha. Mohan ssays he can do anything for Megha. Mohan tells Addu that the responsibility of the family is now on him. Addu says not to worry about them as soon no one will even remember himAngry Addu says now fulfill your promise and leave from there. Mohan shakes hands with Addu. Mohan looks at Megha and the family. Mohan walks away with tears in his eyes.

Precap: Mohan is walking away when RJ and MEgha stop him. They ask him where he is going. Megha asks Addu as to why he did not stop Mohan. Mohan looks happy seeing Megha-RJ.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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