Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Mohan in the railway station has FB of searching for Addu. Mohan’s train arrives in Indore and he has FB of his promise to Megha & him searching for Addu. Another FB starts, Mohan is show sitting on the road drinking, Guru comes and tries to stop him. Guru says it has been 6 months you have been not doing anything, not going to work. Mohan says its been 6 months and I cannot find my own son what is the use of being a reporter? Guru practically carries Mohan home. Mohan thinking whether Addu got in the train going to Bhopal. He thinks he needs to go to Bhopal. End of FB.

Megha in the station chiding herself mentally for not asking Jiji’s coach number. Megha looking through each window of the train and misses Mohan by a few seconds. Mohan is about to get down from the train, he has FB of Nanhi accusing him of hating Addu. Mohan steps down and “meri adhoori kahani” starts playing in the BG. Mohan and Megha see each other. Megha is happy and they both start walking towards each other. Mohan puts his hand on Megha’s shoulder and wipes her tears with his other hand. MM hug and suddenly Mohan realizes that it was his dream. Megha and Mohan feel each other’s presence but miss seeing each other yet again because of people walking around them.

In Bhopal, Rimjhim wondering why her Papa did not inform her before leaving. Guru pacifies her by saying that he had some important work. Rimjhim says how can there be something more important that me in Papa’s life? Guru thinks he wants nothing else to be more important than her in Mohan’s life especially not those people (Megha &Nanhi). Rimjhim in her room crying, she finds a note written by Mohan apologizing to her.

Mohan walking in the station. Nanhi and Tanu in the station. Nanhi scolds Tanu for letting Megha come alone on this day. Nanhi and Mohan also miss seeing each other. Nanhi asks Megha where her phone is? She scolds Megha for coming to the station all alone. Megha says she is fine and asks Nanhi not to worry.

Mohan in a taxi thinking about the article(the lost kid Raghu). He arrives someplace and is looking around. Mohan asks a man where Janardhan’s(father of the boy got lost) house is. The man points him towards the right direction. Mohan passes by a window where he sees Nanhi with headphones interviewing the mother of the kid. Mohan watches. Nanhi encourages the boy to talk to the camera and she gives him a chocolate. Nanhi asks the boy who he missed the most? The kid says his older sister, Nanhi lost in FB of moments spent with Addu. Nanhi continues her interview when the boy’s father comes there. Nanhi asks him if he too would like to be interviewed. The boy’s father looks uncomfortable and tells Nanhi not here but somewhere else. Nanhi walks out with the father and doesn’t see Mohan.

Mohan enters the house and introduces himself to the mother of the kid. He tells the mother of the kid that he wants their help and they might just need his. The kid recounts how his parents left him in the waiting room and a sweeper there told him his father is waiting outside.. The kid says I went out and someone then put a hanky on my face and he doesn’t remember anything after that. The mother tells Mohan that when they were going to the police a man came and was asking them about a train. She says the man was acting weird. Mohan asks her how he was found? The mother says someone called the father and informed him.

Anu is impressed with Nanhi’s work and tells her that she is now a permanent employee. Nanhi is happy and thanks Anu. Mohan calls Anu and tells her that he is in Indore. Anu asks him if he is coming to the office? Mohan says he is on his way. Anu announces in front of eveyrone to get everything in order as he is coming. Nanhi asks who is coming?

Precap: Mohan gets down from the taxi. There is a collision between Nanhi’s scooty and a guy’s bike. Both have fallen on the road. Mohan is nearby.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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