Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Mohan bk home and scolding Guru and asking him as to how can he be so careless thats when the maid tells him as to how Rimz teacher helped out and gave Rimz the needed meds and its bec of her that Rimz is better and her fever is in control ,Mohan asks abt the teacher inc her name and the maid says the teacher left and that she has no clue abt her name .Mohan sist next to Rimz and notices a card and he goes for it and opens it to read it obviously

Megha in the auto and thinking of Addu and that who must be taking care of him and she opens her handbag to find her hanky missing

Mohan finds the hanky and looks at it intently and Guru says it belongs to the teacher and that he will return it to her but Mohan says he will do

the needful

Mohan texts Megha a thankyou and Megha says if I had stayed longer I could have met you & Mohan says it will happen soon and I will wait.

Jiji unlocks Tanu from his room. Jiji says come I will feed you something while Renu asks him if love fever is off his head n hits him.

Anu calls Mohan and asks him to switch on his TV and he does so and its the sting operation that is on . Anu praises Navi and Mohan says it is your over confidence n that just getting information is not enough you need to know how to present it & that experience is something. Mohan says Dada must be on his way to the party office and now she should only show his good side.

At Awaz India office Navi says we should show Dada’s good side as he must be going to the party office. At home Mohan watches Dadaji being praised on TV and is impressed with the start.

The Sting operation flows as per how Mohan thinks it should as not so surprising Navika is doing the same as to what Mohan expects and as the sting op progresses Mohan is maha pleased and after showing the good side ..the sting finally shows the other side of Dadaji and there Beera is v happy seeing the first bits and is all set to openly declare his love to Navika and even tells his sis how he was right abt trusting her

-Megha too c’s the sting operation and is worried Ragini watches all this and runs to Beera and tells him the truth. Beera is shocked.

Navi talks on the TV and asks people if they want to hand the reigns of their country to a corrupt man like Dadaji. She says to get this truth in front of you I had to lie and she apologizes to everyone for that. She says when truth comes out only then will India’s Awaz rise. Mohan claps for her and says well done. Megha says Navika was amongst such dangerous people

At the party office Sharma says this is a propaganda by someone to defame Dada but the party chief tears down Dada’s papers. Beera tries explain but Dadaji slaps him and asks him to not say a word

Precap:Voiceover again saying if Beera’s trust on people with suffer from now on and will MM come closer or move two steps further away

Update Credit to: RD

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